December Newsletter 2011

December Newsletter 2011

Welcome to the final newsletter of the year. Yes, it is the December newsletter and it is loaded with treats, so you will need to read it very carefully because, as ever, it is completely bonkers. All you need know from me is that nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing and when you share some of the most cutting edge and pioneering products in the world, then that makes it even better. So just a few more words from me and then we are ready to go.

It has been a fascinating year in so many different ways, including the launch of our new site earlier in the year, and we will be looking at a month by month review of the life and times of VH in 2011 together with various highlights and launches. There are treats scattered throughout that section and more treats later in the newsletter, but before that I am going to write about three of my favourite supplements, followed by Shabir’s.

Be Like Me (Gill)

I take so many supplements that I rattle! It is always slightly embarrassing when anybody asks me what I take because I could sit reeling off the list for rather a long time. I also have a strong sense of responsibility because there is no way I am going to recommend a whole load of supplements that will break the bank each month or fail to have an impact. So I’ve chosen three supplements that I have droned on about all year, but they do make a massive difference and if I wasn’t in this business, then these are the three that I would beg, borrow or steal for. They are of course Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the most crucial anti-ageing supplement in our opinion, Skin Restoring Ceramides, exceptional for dry skin conditions and Sibergin, my daily dose of rocket fuel, without which I would collapse.

The Treat: I think I will need to feed drugs to Shabir and sit him down in a quiet corner before he reads this, but because I know what an impact these three supplements will have, I want the entire world to take them and so if you buy all three in the ‘Be Like Me’ package, I will knock off just over 20% (G-U-L-P) until 5 December only and no amount of crying, bribery or arm-bending will make me extend this offer, unless of course you wish to see Shabir execute me!
Be Like Me (Gill) £60 (includes HA, Skin Restoring Ceramides and Sibergin – RRP £75.49)

Be Like Me (Shabir)

Let me tell you a secret (actually it’s not a secret now!) about Shabir – he takes more supplements than I do, but hides them in various places so the stash doesn’t look so bad. Quite frankly I get a bit fed up when people continually tell him how good he looks for his age (98 and holding!), but he takes more or less the same supplements as I do, with some added extras. So here are Shabir’s must-take supplements, but with a twist. Hyaluronic Acid, just because we are in complete unison about this being the most crucial of anti-ageing supplements, Superior Joints because it has spectacularly performed in easing his creaking wrist and he is pretty vocal in recommending it to anybody and everybody who suffers from arthritis and/or joint pain. The third supplement is the Power of Krill and if he tells me one more time that Krill is massively superior to regular fish oils, he might be the one who is executed, but I do have to bow to his greater pharmaceutical knowledge because he is the qualified clinical pharmacist and I’m not!

The Treat: Game on! Who is going to win the battle of the treats? Shabir would also want the entire world to take these three supplements, most especially if you want an anti-ageing insurance package, which focuses on the protection of joints. He has an unfair advantage in that he has written an article about the new innovative ingredient, Egg Shell Membrane (Superior Joints), but I will just have to live with that and I will do the same thing and knock off just over 20% (double G-U-L-P) on the same terms and conditions as above, i.e this is only available until midnight on 5 December.
Be Like Me (Shabir) £70 (includes HA, Superior Joints and the Power of Krill – RRP £89.90); Read this if you are taking Glucosamine and suffer from painful joints

Right, nothing like starting off a newsletter in a rather dramatic way, so having set the scene, I am about to raise the tempo as we review the year. As mentioned above, there are treats scattered throughout this section and, as ever, they are offered in the spirit of giving and sharing. Let’s go:


Given that the December 2010 newsletter was not really the place to launch new products, I had only briefly mentioned Bergamonte, the impressive new supplement for helping to lower cholesterol in that newsletter together with the launch of the Konjac Sponges in the UK on the Addicts Bulletin. One year later, we have had stunning success with Bergamonte, Shabir wrote an article about it (read here) and your feedback has been pretty incredible. So for anybody who needs help in lowering cholesterol, please do try this supplement because it works.
Bergamonte £24.95 for 60 Capsules (V)

The Original Japanese Konjac Sponges have become a legend in their own lifetime and a cult product that most of us fell head over heels in love with. I have used mine religiously throughout the year and will continue to do so forever and a day. We launched three different types, the White Round, which is the one I use, the White Body and Bamboo Charcoal; each will gently clean, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin and they can be used either on their own or with your favourite cleanser. For over a century the Japanese have been using the Konjac vegetable as a beauty treatment for their delicate skins and now we understand why!
Konjac Sponge White Round £12; Konjac Sponge White Body £12; Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal £12

Treat: The first 50 people to order Bergamonte, together with the first 50 people to order any of the Konjac Sponges, will receive the bestselling Konjac Sponge, Bamboo Charcoal, as a gift. That means we have 100 Konjac Sponges to give away (each worth £12), so you need to be fast! That aside, a Konjac Sponge would make a fabulous stocking filler and if I found one in my stocking (and I wasn’t VH), then I think I would be over the moon. There are times that Shabir wishes I was over the moon and then he would never have to see me again – seriously!


Another month, another exclusive UK launch and this time it was Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid, which was originally destined to be a Limited Edition, but thankfully went on to become an integral part of the Lanolips range because it was (and is) so loved. This ultra-rich, creamy whipped lanolin treatment, with organic lemon oil, helps naturally exfoliate the dry dead skin on our lips and is a true winter hero product. Following the amazing success of the cult Lanolips 101, creator Kirsten Carriol did it all over again.
Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid £8.99; Lanolips 101 Ointment £11

On the February newsletter we also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Deep Relax from Aromatherapy Associates, which scooped a Green Beauty Bible Award and we found ourselves in the midst of a Fennel Famine after Vogue applauded its role in appetite suppression. Thankfully the famine didn’t last too long because it would have stressed me beyond the beyond and I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on the launch of our Twitter and Facebook initiatives, which at the time petrified me and I was scared rigid. Ten months on and I could almost do it blindfolded, so thanks for bearing with my early mistakes (many of them) and to all our followers, please check out our Facebook page because within the next couple of hours I am posting a fabulous treat on there, so if you don’t already follow us, you might like to because I would hate you to miss out.
Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates £37 for 55 ml; Fennel Capsules by Swanson £7.99 for 100 Capsules; Facebook

Treat: To continue the celebration of Deep Relax, I have TEN Limited Edition Christmas gifts of ‘Perfect Partners’ by Aromatherapy Associates. Highly acclaimed by beauty editors all over the world, this effective bath oil duo combines luxury sizes of the bestselling cult blends, Deep Relax and Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oils. Both of the oils do what they say on the bottle and the Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oils is an essential must-have for the morning after the night before. The first TEN people to spend £30 (or more) on any Aromatherapy Associates products will receive ‘Perfect Partners’ as a gift, each worth £15.
Perfect Partners by Aromatherapy Associates £15


A momentous month. It was on the March newsletter when I first started screeching about Skin Restoring Ceramides and I haven’t stopped since (see ‘Be Like Me’ above); we pre-launched The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible (now a bestseller of course); a VH Addict told us that we really needed to stock Nail Magic because it was the best product she had ever used on her nails, so we did and the rest is history as you will read later in this newsletter (The VH Hall of Fame – look out for it!).
Skin Restoring Ceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules; Nail Magic £9.95; The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible £12.99

This was also the month that I made a confession after we spectacularly failed to list Eyes Wide Open from Temple Spa, so with many thanks to the customer who pointed this out to us, this refreshing solution for eyes went on to become another bestselling product. Eyes Wide Open is a soothing eye care lotion with witch hazel, green tea, cornflower and eyebright brings instant relief for tired, puffy eyes and contains botanicals that help reduce inflammation and sensitivity. Rather brilliant if you can’t open your eyes in the morning (that would be me!) and when I do long-haul flights I soak cotton pads with it (changing the pads every hour) just because I don’t do blood-shot, puffy eyes. PS: I don’t do jet lag either, so if you are travelling this Christmas, I highly recommend Flight Spray and Jet Lag Management Tablets, both by Jetzone.
Eyes Wide Open by Temple Spa £15 for 150 ml; Flight Spray £12.35; Jet Lag Management Tablets £13.40 for 30 Tablets

Treat: I am going to get well and truly shot for this treat, I’m not sure who is going to do the shooting because it could come from a few different directions, but I have got TEN signed copies of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible and I’m giving them to the first TEN people who buy Eyes Wide Open and one other Temple Spa product. Just two things to say at this point, The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible makes a truly magnificent gift for anybody who is serious about anti-ageing (that’s most of us then) and if you want to check whether any of these gifts are available at the time you place your order, then please call our Customer Care team on 020 8951 4144.


I can’t believe it only happened in April, it feels far longer, but this was the month when I made a stand and threw a manufacturer to the wall for trying to increase the price of HA by over £10. The result couldn’t have been better because we put our trust in another American manufacturer and since that time we have all been on a staggering therapeutic dose of 200 mg of sodium hyaluronate, which is the most active form of HA. So it was a month of celebration for all of our faces and more celebrations were on their way as we fully launched our new website and our editorial team.
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength by NHS Labs £35 for 30 Capsules

April was the month that we also launched Lichi Super Fruit Diet to the UK, which had been going rather bonkers in California and represented a synergy of clinically proven natural ingredients renowned for their effectiveness in weight management. With the party season just about to go full swing, we recommend a quick course of either Lichi Super Fruit Diet or 10 Day Downsize, either of which will give you the opportunity of being able to squeeze into that LBD (given that you are female of course).
Lichi Super Fruit Diet £30 for 90 Softgels; 10 Day Downsize £27.50 for 60 Capsules

Before I write about the treat, I just want to thank each member of the VH Editorial Team for the amazing articles they write each month. Each are of course leaders in their respective fields and later in this newsletter I will be writing about their December articles, but for now I applaud each member of the editorial team for helping enhance our website, and all of our lives, with their incredible knowledge and wisdom.

Treat: Now you will need to read this very carefully because this is all about toning up your body with a little help from the fabulous people at Zen Lifestyles. So the first thing I am going to do, just in case you don’t know, is to write two of their bestselling products first and the treat will follow, so stay with me:

I don’t think that either of the two above products need much introduction to our regular customers, but if you are new to VH I just need to tell you that The Reviber Plus is the lazy girl’s way to getting fit (that’s me!) because all you need do is stand or sit on it, turn it on and off you go. I have heard reports that it is absolutely brilliant for helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, so I’d say that one of these machines will be on most people’s wish list for Christmas. The Reviber Bodywave, which we launched in the UK last year, is the clever little machine that can help relieve back pain, postural problems and stress, whilst it is also rather brilliant for aiding lymphatic circulation. Check out the online videos for both of these and that is not me demonstrating them!
The Reviber Plus £243.70; The Reviber Bodywave £135

Treat: Please read this very carefully. The first person to order either Lichi Super Fruit Diet and/or 10 Day Downsize together with The Reviber Plus will receive a second Reviber Plus as a treat and we will get it shipped to your nominated person together with a message from you. The same applies to The Reviber Bodywave, the first person to order either Lichi Super Fruit Diet and/or 10 Day Downsize together with The Reviber Bodywave will receive a second Reviber Bodywave as a treat and we will also ship this to your nominated person together with a message from you. Two conditions apply: the first is that if you are a VH Addict, I am sorry but we cannot apply your discount onto these two treats and the second thing is that this treat is only applicable for UK mainline customers, I’m so sorry, but my hands are tied. Finally please do not do this online because it could all go horribly wrong, so it’s the first two people to call Customer Care on 020 8951 4144. Get those fingers on the dial!


May was the month where the world was turned inside out and upside down and nothing was ever going to be the same again. I don’t think that I will ever forget this month for as long as I live because something quite extraordinary happened and I am of course writing about the launch of NUDE Skincare’s Replenishing Night Oil (RNO) on VH. Skincare history was made when Sarah Stacey revealed in YOU magazine that RNO had just won a Beauty Bible Award and I followed that feature with the following two paragraphs on the May newsletter:

‘There are many products on the market that claim to transform skin overnight, but in all honesty I think I can name only a few that live up to the promise. Having said that, there are of course some amazing products that work over time, but for overnight skin transformation, please allow me to introduce you to NUDE’s Replenishing Night Oil. This facial oil is instantly absorbed into the skin and is blended with pure, active oils including macadamia, raspberry, apricot kernel and kukui, together with super-rich omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, which help restore cellular function. Just apply two drops at bedtime for an overnight facial.

This is serious skincare and I know that is a loaded statement, but of the 10,000 products ever tested by real women for the Beauty Bible series of books (over 14 years), Replenishing Night Oil has just achieved the highest ever score, a remarkable 9.65/10. Sarah and Jo say that the product was up against some of the most high-tech products in the industry, yet out-performed all of them, which is quite something. Their testers were unanimous too, saying that it delivered truly consistent results and it was a ‘real’ anti-ageing product.’

The month belonged to NUDE and to be quite honest each month since has belonged to NUDE, as month by month we introduced you to the rest of the range. There were two pinnacles to come later in the year, the first was that VH was given the exclusive global pre-launch of the outstanding Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser in September (which I will write about later in this newsletter), but the most special moment was when Anna Ghee, MD of NUDE Skincare stated ‘the success of Replenishing Night Oil on VH was astounding and helped make it NUDE’s bestselling product in the brand’s history’.

I don’t want to get myself over-emotional and sloppy, but we would never have achieved this without Sarah, Jo and the Beauty Bible testers and of course each of you who trust and believe that when we all hold hands and tell you that a product is truly remarkable, then it really, really is. My final thanks have to go to Anna, Phoebe and Katherine at NUDE Skincare, whose support has been immeasurable and who constantly let me have treats for so many of you. Girls, you really rock, thank you x
Replenishing Night Oil £44 for 15 ml

Treat: Now this treat is going to create a riot, so I think it best if we do this on the Customer Care phone line, which is 020 8951 4144 and NOT online. The first TEN people to buy the Replenishing Night Oil and one other product from the NUDE Skincare range (it can be anything, I don’t really care!) will receive another Replenishing Night Oil free, which is of course worth £44. Please note that you need to buy RNO as a stand-alone, it doesn’t count if you buy it as part of The Radiance Collection. Having said that, The Radiance Collection could be your ‘one other product’ because I consider Cleansing Facial Oil to be the ‘holy grail’ of all cleansers and the money you save on buying the collection is truly a treat in its own right and would make a fabulous Christmas gift. Hope our phone lines don’t crash!
The Radiance Collection £49 (saving £19); Cleansing Facial Oil £24 for 100 ml


We rolled into June on the crest of a NUDE Skincare wave as I introduced you to another four products in the range and this is where I declared my love for their Cleansing Facial Oil and Advanced Eye Complex. This is the eye cream that tightens up the skin under the eyes instantly – magical! However, I cannot overlook other significant happenings, such as Lanolips 101 picking up three big awards. We all thought it would happen, but when the news was announced, Kirsten and I were dancing on our desks, Kirsten in Sydney and me in London – oh and we were screaming on the phone at the same time, of course!
Advanced Eye Complex £62 for 15 ml; Lanolips 101 Ointment £11; Lanolips Lip Ointment (Colours) with SPF 15 £7.99

In time for the summer holiday season, we launched The Airogym, endorsed by the world-leading consultant surgeon, John Scurr, The Airogym is completely brilliant if you suffer from swollen ankles or muscle/joint pain, but was originally designed to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on plane journeys of more than four hours. Being small, it is easy to carry around and it got a ‘Five Star Rating’ from The Sunday Telegraph and was voted best DVT product. If you are flying long haul this Christmas, do take this with you.
The Airogym £11.99

Finally, this was the month we released Shabir’s article, ‘Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral We All Overlook’ (click here to read). We had been recommending Magnesium Oil Original Spray and Magnesium Oil Joint Spray for a couple of years and had hundreds of testimonials praising the efficacy of these products for conditions such as joint pain and restless leg syndrome. Then along came the Magnesium Oil Original Flakes, which are particularly beneficial for people suffering from compromised skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, but above all else they are like knockout flakes, so we are all pretty addicted to having a magnesium bath when we are stressed and aching, and if you suffer from insomnia, do look at each of the magnesium products because they are amazing.
Magnesium Oil Joint Spray £12.30; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg;


Treat: Take three girls from our editorial team, Sarah Stacey, Jo Fairley and Kate Shapland. They have several things in common, one is that they are all award-winning journalists, the second is that they are passionate about the work they do and the third is that they are all completely in awe of Magnesium Oil Original Flakes. Kate sends me an email every single time she is about to have a magnesium bath (so that’s a whole lot of emails), Sarah, who is of course Health Editor of YOU magazine, completely adores all things Magnesium and often writes about each of the products on Health Notes and Jo just sighs with relief knowing that she has a great big box of magnesium flakes by the side of her bath because her addiction is absolute.

Given that we are all singing off the same page about magnesium, the first 30 people to buy any two magnesium products by Better You will receive a bottle of Magnesium Oil Original Spray (worth £12.30) which is the perfect partner for the flakes and comes with love and kisses from all of us. You can do this online. Tra la la!
Magnesium Oil Original Spray £12.30


Another month, another NUDE Skincare launch on VH and this time it was the Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum, which completely sold out within a week of its global launch. A completely stunning, targeted treatment serum, there is a lot to say about high performance skincare products, but I will save it for later in the newsletter where you will discover another NUDE Skincare treat.

Meanwhile we had another big launch in July, Operation Glam, the amazing hair care range created by Lulu, Gail Frederici (think John Frieda, she created that range) and genius scientific chemist Dr Joe Cincotta, who formulated the John Frieda range, including the late, lamented fabulous Funky Chunky. A few things to say here, so please bear with me because they need to be said:

It is no secret that Lulu is a friend of mine and quite honestly we would be friends whether or not I listed her products on VH, that’s just a plain fact of life. I am not into celebrity, I never have been, I never will be and in this case I kind of wish that Lu wasn’t a ‘celebrity’ because more than anything I want her to be recognised for her remarkable achievements in developing three sensational ranges. They are the hair care range (Operation Glam), Time Bomb, her skincare range and Bombshell Body, which includes the bestselling Hand to Hand Combat Hand Cream and Super Sexy Quenching Oil.
Hand to Hand Combat £13.75 for 75 ml; Super Sexy Quenching Oil £18.50 for 150 ml

What most of you won’t know is that these products do not form part of one of those gratuitous ‘celebrity’ ranges, where said celebrity waves his/her approval on products they have had no involvement in whatsoever, nothing could be further from the truth. I could write reams about this subject matter, but I need to control myself and hold back. The story needs to be told, but it can wait for another time because we need to head to the treat:

Treat: This is a double whammy treat, so you need to read this carefully. I have TEN Smart Balm Eye Creams (De-Crease the Years) to give away (each worth £21) to the first ten people to buy any two products from either Operation Glam, Time Bomb or the Bombshell Body ranges. Lulu carries Smart Balm with her wherever she goes and it has been dubbed by beauty editors as ‘the new lip gloss’ because it can be applied throughout the day, even over make-up. Just thought I’d tell you that!
Smart Balm Eye Cream £21 for 12 ml

That’s the first part of the treat; the second part is that once the ten Smart Balms have gone, I have 100 (yes, you read that correctly!) handbag size Hand to Hand Combat Hand Creams (30 ml) to give away when you buy any two products from any of Lulu’s ranges as above. Check out High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray and Larger-Than-Life shampoo if you have dull, fine hair because both will help give you BIG hair and we love a bit of ‘big’.
High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray £16.50 for 150 ml; Larger-Than-Life Shampoo £16.50 for 250 ml


This is the month when I introduced you to Samantha Chapman, a professional make-up artist, turned beauty blogger, turned internet phenomenon, who has successfully captured the attention of beauty aficionados around the world through her expert make-up tutorials that demonstrate the step by step techniques to looking fabulous. Little did I know at that point that Samantha’s ‘Real Techniques’ brushes would become instant bestsellers and the trend has continued, gaining momentum month by month.

The mission behind the range is very simple; high-tech make-up brushes and industry quality make-up tutorials go hand in hand to make you the expert and of course the most popular video is the ever popular smoky eye. With the party season upon us, do check out the videos and then waltz around town with pixel perfect make-up! The Core Collection is our bestseller, closely followed by The Starter Set and the amazing Stippling Brush. I’m putting the link to the videos here and then we go straight to the treat.
Samantha Chapman Tutorials; The Core Collection £20.99; The Starter Set £20.99; The Stippling Brush £10.99

Treat: Here is an unexpected twist! The first 30 people to buy any two products from the Real Techniques range will receive a Bee Sting Lip Plump from Valerie Beverly Hills, each worth £21. This is the lip plump that I use and love, so if we are doing smoky eyes, let’s have fabulous lips too. I’m thinking that if you prime your lips with Bee Sting and then slash your lips in red, you could be the talking point of the season. Yep, let’s do it girls!
Bee Sting Lip Plump by Valerie Beverly Hills £21


Hurray for September! We won an award from Harper’s Bazaar for the second year running, the first was for Best Health & Beauty Website and the second was for Best for Supplements and Service, but I had another big announcement to make and that was the Global Exclusive Pre-Launch of NUDE Skincare’s Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser (ACRM).

In my book, result driven skincare is paramount and having been completely bowled over by the effectiveness of the Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum, I was up and ready for ACRM, which was specifically formulated to use in conjunction with the Serum. The results were of course stunning, but I was not alone in my train of thought because I had ten customers test ACRM alongside me and with the exception of one customer who preferred NUDE’s Age Defence Moisturiser, the feedback was pretty spectacular. I loved the customer who told me that if she was testing for Beauty Bible, she would definitely give it 10/10. So once again, NUDE Skincare went on the map smashing records left, right and centre.
Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum £68 for 30 ml; Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser £78 for 50 ml

Treat: There is nothing I like better than a global launch and in recognition of your amazing support, NUDE Skincare have another exclusive treat for each of you and we are the only people in the whole wide world to have this! Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum joins Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser all wrapped in tissue and packaged inside a bespoke ‘seatbelt bag’. I have fallen in love with the bag, which is made from recycled seatbelts and I know you will adore it too. The recommended retail value of the two products is £146, but it is being offered to VH customers only at a special price of £130, so I hope that these two wonderful products bring joy, happiness and immaculate skin into your lives.
Advanced Cellular Renewal Gift Exclusive £130


Oh no! I’m holding my head in my hands because we launched so many new products on the October newsletter, that this newsletter is in severe danger of going on forever and a day. I can’t ignore any of the launches, with the exception of Superior Joints, which I have already written about, so I’ll try to keep it brief, but I’m sure you will forgive me because there is of course a treat at the end of each of the products I am about to write about, so let’s go:

This was the month where I told you about one of the weirdest products that had ever landed on my desk and all I knew was that it was so completely bonkers that I knew I was going to fall head over heels in love. An understatement! The Facialift is a sculpting facial massager that mimics the unique fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of the legendary facials given by Sarah Chapman, who recently picked up an award for the ‘Best Skin-Transforming Facialist’ in Harper’s Bazaar. I knew it was going to be extraordinarily popular, but I was stunned at the response and the amazing testimonials I have received since launching it together with Overnight Facial, the potent cocktail of vitamins, peptides, omega oils and skin brighteners that Sarah recommends using with The Facialift.
The Facialift £25; Overnight Facial £45 for 15 ml

Treat: I’m not entirely sure that there are many of you who are not rolling away the years with The Facialift, but all I know is that it makes THE most amazingly different Christmas gift. We all love a bit of ‘uplift’ and this delivers. So if you buy any two of Sarah Chapman’s products before midnight on Sunday 11 December, your name will be put into a prize drawer and we will electronically select one very lucky person who will be treated to a bespoke facial with Sarah Chapman. Given that all the top beauty editors flock onto her treatment bed (I’ve been too, but I’ll write about it in January) this is a very, very special treat, worth £165. Just to say that Sarah’s clinic is in London and I’m afraid we can’t support travel expenses.

SilkSkin pillowcases, eye masks and head bands. I have written so many superlatives on this newsletter (probably because we will only ever recommend the very, very best products in each of their respective fields) that I am going to have to repeat myself and write some more here. Sleeping on silk is an experience that I now can’t live without for several reasons but my favourites are that I don’t wake up with creases down my face, which is not a particularly good look; my hair behaves itself and doesn’t look like I’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards, but mostly I know that the numerous night creams and oils that I massage into my face will penetrate my skin throughout the night and not penetrate a boring old cotton pillowcase, which incidentally tends to dry skin out too. In a nutshell, I am saying that it is LOVE and I am fixated with the eye mask (with organic lavender) and the silk head band too.
SilkSkin Pillowcase £36; SilkSkin Luxury Eye Mask £30; SilkSkin Silk Head Band £19

Treat: The demand for this entire range has been completely unbelievable, but then I suppose that always happens when you are the market leader and SilkSkin’s products are in a league of their own. By the time you read this there is probably going to be a waiting list for the pillowcases and eye masks and I would suggest you get on the wait list rather urgently if you want to give these as gifts for Christmas. We are anticipating that the next consignment will arrive around 10 December, or just before, and we will get them out to you immediately, but the stock is limited, so you need to be quick! The SilkSkin treat is competely magnificent, so the first TEN people to order two SilkSkin Pillowcases will receive a SilkSkin Silk Head Band as a gift with loves and kisses from Linda (who created SilkSkin) and me. I’d love to post a picture of Shabir wearing the Head Band, but you would probably die laughing and that would be tragic!

I have a serious uncontrollable obsession with candles and I could easily burn my way through our entire stock of the amazing NEOM candles, but my ‘guilt gene’ holds me back. I am actually going to refer you to everything that I wrote about NEOM on the October newsletter because it is a whole lot easier than trying to shorten it down for the purposes of this newsletter. So click hereto read all about NEOM and why I completely adore the range. The one thing I will add is that Nicola Elliott, the founder of NEOM, is our guest contributor this month and her article about how and why she created NEOM makes fascinating reading.
NEOM Candles; My Lightbulb Moment by Nicola Elliott

Treat: The idea of placing one of NEOM’s Travel Candles at each place setting for Christmas lunch, or dinner parties just thrills me. Equally thrilling would be to find one of the Travel Candles in a Christmas stocking, so the first FIVE people to order any three Travel Candles, will receive the Sensuous Travel Candle (worth £13) as a gift. I think you will need to be pretty quick for this treat!


If you received this email today, which is 29 November, you will of course realise that we are still in November (is that stating the obvious- who cares!) and so you will know that this month we had the global exclusive launch of the new Lanolips product, Golden Ointment. My love goes to Kirsten Carriol, creator of Lanolips, for allowing us to launch before her homeland, Australia, and even though the product has only just been released, we have already had amazing feedback, which speaks volumes for the efficacy of the brand and Kirsten’s professional brilliance.

This is of course the girl who single handedly put lanolin back onto the beauty map when she launched Lanolips 101, which contains ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin and she is now on the second phase of her journey as she launches the ‘Lanolips Lovely Lanolin’ range of products. Golden Ointment was the first to launch and we have two more launches at the beginning of next year, so do watch out for those and in the meantime do take time to read Kirsten’s story here.
Golden Ointment £17.99; All Lanolips Products

After the runaway success of Sarah Chapman’s Facialift, I introduced you to her Intensive Hydrating Booster (IHB). A topical combination of HA and anti-inflammatories, my skin absolutely adores being drenched with IHB and I use it as the first step in my skincare regime. I’m not alone; writing in The Saturday Times magazine, Sarah Vine said that ‘Intense Hydrating Booster provides the perfect cocktail for thirsty skin …. sadly I can’t keep Sarah in the bathroom cabinet, but this is the next best thing’. I agree!
Intense Hydrating Booster £57 for 30 ml

Treat: I let it slip, and I think it was on our Facebook page, that there would be an extra special Lanolips treat on this newsletter and I then got inundated with emails about it! So, take a deep breath as I introduce you to Lanolips Lip Ointment in the colour Mulberry. It is a one-off Christmas 2011 colour, it gives your lips a gorgeous sheer tint and you can apply more if you want it darker. It’s the colour of Christmas and it was seen everywhere during New York Fashion Week. You cannot buy this colour in the UK and I am not accepting bribes or bids! I have 30 (actually 31, I’ve got one on my desk of course) and they will go to the first 30 people who spend £30 (or more) on any Lanolips products. Top Tip for a fabulous Christmas Gift: The Lanolips Collection – check it out!
The Lanolips Collection £50

So that brings us right up date, but I’m not finished yet because there are a few more things that I need to tell you about and I’m not finished with the treats either, so as I gulp down two Sibergin capsules to keep me going, let’s continue:

The VH Hall of Fame – Health

If you follow the life and times of VH, I think it is pretty obvious what our bestselling products are, but with a listing of over 10,000 products on our site, it takes an awful lot to get an entry onto our Hall of Fame. Some of the products are just completely stunning and have been around for a long time and some of the products have only launched this year, so it is a remarkable achievement to get a listing and even more remarkable to get into the top five bestselling products. Here are our top five health products, followed of course by a treat:

1/ Hyaluronic Acid: I can’t write any more about HA on this newsletter, I just can’t, but if I ran a competition and asked you to name our bestselling product, I know that everybody would guess correctly. Just stunning.
Hyaluronic Acid High Strength by NHS Labs £35 for 30 VegiCaps

2/ Femergy: Absolutely and completely loved by everybody who takes it, including the Beauty Bible girls who tell me that they just can’t live without it. This is the supplement that was created for busy women to help maintain a feeling of energy, mental clarity and sexual awareness. It just works.
Femergy by Better You £10.25 for 60 VegiCaps

3/ Superior Hair: There are so many hair loss supplements on the market, but this is the only hair loss product that Shabir ever recommends because it is in a league of its own and in his opinion, nothing comes close. Whilst I’m on the subject of hair loss, we are really loving the new Chinese Herbs Simulating Shampoo and Conditioner and we have just launched Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Nutrient Mist, which helps fortify weak, fragile hair, with an additional benefit of adding volume to fine hair.
Superior Hair by Food Science of Vermont £25 for 90 Capsules (V) ; Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo £16 for 250 ml; Chinese Herbs Stimulating Conditioner £16 for 250 ml; Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Nutrient Mist £18 for 177 ml

4/ Skin Restoring Ceramides: Launched earlier this year and completely loved and adored by me. I’ve written about it above, so I’m not writing any more except to tell you that I had tea (no, it was a latte) with Sarah Stacey last week and I’m not sure why she stroked my hand, but she did and she couldn’t get over how soft my hands were. I just said three words, Skin Restoring Ceramides!
Skin Restoring Ceramides by Life Extension £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

5/ Sage Complex: I knew Sage Complex would make it into the top five, I just knew it, because this is what every woman should take from the age of 35, ideally for the rest of our lives. Shabir has written an outstanding article about Sage Complex so click here to read it and then we will head off to the treat.
Sage Complex £23.95 for 90 Capsules

Treat: Because I know how important it is for me to take Sage Complex, most especially when my hormones are hanging in the balance, I am about to give you a Sage Complex treat, which is probably pretty timely bearing in mind the mood swings that just might make an appearance over the Christmas break. So in line with the treats at the beginning of this newsletter, Sage Complex is on a double pack special offer until 5 December. Order two bottles of Sage Complex and instead of it costing £47.90, the two bottles will cost £40, which means I’ve just gone and knocked 16% off. Eeeeek!
Sage Complex Treat £40

The VH Hall of Fame – Beauty

I’m always fascinated when it gets to this time of year and I pull up the stats to see which beauty product has come out on top, but this year I knew what it would be before I even looked. It is completely obvious; it completely deserves to be first because this is the one beauty product that has made such a dramatic difference to all of our beauty regimes:

1/ Replenishing Night Oil: Like HA, I just have no words left to write about this truly outstanding skincare product. For sure, I’ll write more words next year, I won’t be able to help myself, but for now Bryan Meehan and Ali Hewson, thank you and wow oh wow! And Ali, perhaps you could ask your husband if he would like to sing to all of us who use RNO – that would be pretty damn cool! (It’s Bono for those who don’t know).
Replenishing Night Oil by NUDE Skincare £44 for 15 ml

2/ Lanolips 101: Of course. Just completely and utterly thrilled. Kirsten, let’s drink champagne x
Lanolips 101 £11

3/ Nail Magic: I truly think I’m running out of words because Nail Magic only launched on our site this year, so I’ve already written about it above. The only thing I will add is that you need to read the treat!
Nail Magic £9.95

4/ Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal: As above, without the treat bit, that came at the beginning of the newsletter.
Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal £12

5/ Miracle Lotion: I actually would have cried if Miracle Lotion hadn’t made it onto this list because it is so special and it’s one of the first beauty products I ever wrote about. Call me sentimental, but I am immensely proud that it is constantly in the Hall of Fame and it will remain there forever just because nothing beats Miracle Lotion in the body lotion stakes.
Miracle Lotion £14.50 for 237 ml

Treat: With a great big thank you to John at Nail Magic, I have 50 bottles of Nail Magic to give away, each worth £9.95. It is the express wish of both John and I that this treat is viewed in the spirit of sharing. Nail Magic delivers what it says on the bottle, it helps nails grow stronger and longer, so the first 50 people to order Nail Magic will receive a second bottle free. Here comes the sharing bit. Whether you are buying it for the first time, or you are hooked on Nail Magic, if you are lucky enough to be in the first 50, please, please give away the second bottle to a friend so that they too can share the magic. I can’t make you do this, but it would be ever so nice if you would. Thanks.

Right, we are nearly at the end, so I am going to write about this month’s editorial and then I will end in style, with a treat for 1500 of you. Stay with me!

VH Editorial

As ever, the editorial team have been completely fabulous and I love this month’s articles, so I hope that you enjoy them too. We kick off with Shelley von Strunckel and her December Health Stars; Jo Fairley gets busy mixing lotions and potions in her kitchen; Kate Shapland is having her own personal Christmas Knees Up (the girl can’t be controlled, it has to be said); Lulu talks about oils; the Beauty Bible girls are on a lip mission and finally Shabir writes all about Bamboo Extract, the new buzz supplement that he hasn’t stopped talking about for the past few weeks. In case you wondered, it’s for hair, skin and nails!
VH Editorial; Bamboo Extract £16.95 for 60Capsules

The End – With A Treat

Just a few more words to say before we reach the end of this mammoth newsletter; the first thing I am going to say is that I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. I don’t normally slot a product into the end bit, but if you don’t take any other supplement to help support your immune system, please, please take Triple Flu Defense because just 20 drops a week should keep you away from the sick zone and it’s just miserable to be ill over Christmas.
Triple Flu Defense £22.95 for 30 ml

So, together with Shabir, the VH team and the VH Editorial Team, I thank each and every one of you for your amazing support throughout the year. Your loyalty and trust never fails to touch me and before I lose it altogether, let’s end on a very happy note as I announce that I will be dropping a little tube of This Works Stress Less into every order over £50, irrespective of whether you have other treats in your order or not. This roller ball is so cute and you can’t buy it, but if you could it would cost £12. I’m doing this on a first come, first served basis, but I do have 1500 of them, so with love and kisses from me, we have reached the end! Glory Hallelujah!

With love

Gill x