December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Welcome to the December newsletter, the last newsletter of the year and what a year it has been. Traditionally this newsletter has always been the bonkers one where I appear to take leave of all my senses, review the year and then fill the entire newsletter with gifts and treats. Except I have a problem, and it’s a very good problem to have; the year has been dominated by NIOD, The Ordinary and most recently Stemm.

So I’m changing things around; we are going to begin with two new product launches, both of which I wrote about on the most recent Addicts Bulletin (hello VH Addicts!); I said that I wasn’t going to launch one of them to the rest of the world until January, but it sold out within a few hours of me writing about it, so I’m eating my words (not for the first time) and putting it on here because it’s important; oh and it’s back in stock, which helps!

Following through from that, I am going to highlight some of our bestselling products of the year and then I will follow through with news and new launches from The Ordinary. That done, we are going to head into some special treats, interspersed with some interesting products, so please read very carefully; each of these treats are limited editions and once they are gone, they are gone, so please check our site for updates. Let’s go:

Around this time every year we release Triple Flu Defense by Dr Nenninger, which so many of you swear by. Each year it is formulated dependent upon on the most current data on viruses ensuring maximum effectiveness. So Triple Flu Defense (2016-2017) has arrived. It is brilliant and we know it works. It should be used at the first sign of flu and a maintenance dose can be used throughout the flu season.
Triple Flu Defense (2016-2017) £26 for 30 ml

We launched Florassist Mood a couple of months ago; this was the probiotic supplement that helped relieve anxiety. The response was incredible, its efficacy is amazing and I’ve listed Shabir’s article about it below in case you missed it. Now we launch Florassist Oral Hygiene, a probiotic for dental health and this is the product that sold out within a few hours of releasing the Addicts Bulletin.

Based on scientific research, an innovative approach has been developed to achieving maximum oral health by delivering friendly bacteria that colonize the mouth and inhibit the growth of problematic microorganisms that can affect the health of your teeth and gums. It contains the advanced, clinically researched probiotic strain – S.salivarius BL15 M18. So now you know!
Florassist Oral Hygiene £14 for 30 Lozenges; Florassist Mood £26 for 60 Capsules; VH Editorial: A Probiotic Supplement To Relieve Anxiety

Because this is the December newsletter, I thought I would pull up the stats of our Top 50 selling products across the board. I think most of you could easily guess which brands have dominated the year, so I’m doing three main headings here; one on health products, one on NIOD and one on The Ordinary, with a surprise entry after that, so I guess that makes it four:


We have launched some pretty spectacular new supplements this year; ground-breaking in their research I could write so many accolades about each of them, but yet our top five bestselling supplements still remain the same as last year, Hyaluronic Acid, Mega Probiotic ND, Sage Complex, Magnolia Rhodiola Complex and Superior Joints.

I suppose it is a testimony to their brilliance, but Shabir and I still consider HA to be the single most crucial anti-ageing supplement, I think most of you take Mega P because it is an amazing broad spectrum probiotic (we do too); Sage Complex does the mood swings and kind of knocks menopausal symptoms on the head; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex is a true champion product for stress and anxiety and Superior Joints eases joint pain rather fabulously and it’s all because of NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane).
Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules; Mega Probiotic ND £19 for 60 Capsules; Sage Complex £25 for 90 Capsules; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules; Superior Joints £30 for 60 Capsules


Of course! This year’s bestselling products are not the same as the overall stats on NIOD, but that doesn’t surprise me too much. I know they will be different next year too and although my lips are sealed, rock on February 2017!

So this year the top five products are: Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (MMHC) with its twelve forms of Hyaluronic Acid, followed by Flavanone Mud, Copper Amino Isolate Serum 30 ml (CAIS), Hydration Vaccine and Sanskrit Saponins. I’ve taken this on individual product sales, so CAIS would have won had I lumped every version of CAIS together, but I didn’t! And can we just talk about Sanskrit Saponins for a moment. The first yešti product to launch under the NIOD umbrella; it was an incredibly emotional launch for me and Brandon; it encompasses all we believe in and will always have a very special place in our hearts – it also happens to be a pretty sensational skin cleaner too.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary launched twelve weeks ago. Twelve weeks and it has just won Best Breakthrough Brand in Grazia’s Beauty Awards 2016 (thank you Grazia!) and it is dominating our Top 50 product listings. Every single product is on there and I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before. I wrote what the top five bestselling products were on the November newsletter, but this is constantly changing, so whatever I write now, may not be true by the time you read this.

Although I am a NIOD girl through and through, I know that many of you have either slotted individual products into your NIOD skincare (or other) regimen and I thank you for all your emails letting us know the products you are using. Too many to mention here, so all I will say is that together with Brandon, I thank you for your emails and for your support. I would say we are blown away, but we both need to keep our feet firmly on the ground as we have so much more to do and you can read more about that in about two minutes.
The Ordinary


The youngest of the DECIEM brands (albeit by only four weeks) has made it onto our Top 50 product listings for the year. It is a mere eight weeks old, but yet it is there. I think you all pretty much know the story; we launched it, DECIEM couldn’t because we went first and we sold two months of projected stock in two days. And then it knocked some really prominent products out of our Top 50 list, which took some doing, but it did it.

As with The Ordinary, this is only the beginning of the Stemm journey; there is so much more to come and I’m wondering whether Density Stimuli will still be the hero product this time next year; I am pretty sure it will be because I think it may be the single most advanced scalp treatment available on the global market and in time it really, really makes a difference to the health and condition of hair. I know I run the risk of eating my words again, but I’ll take that, because if there is a product that is going to beat Density Stimuli, I will be dancing the dance of all dances with Brandon – except he hates dancing – what is the matter with him. Don’t answer!
High-Amino Shampoo £25 for 480 ml; Black Fulvic Conditioner £28 for 480 ml; Gold Fulvic Conditioner (For Blonde Hair) £28 for 480 ml; Density Stimuli £35 for 60 ml

The Ordinary

The Ordinary. Part Two. This is where I am going to tell you about the new product launches, but before I do that I just want to say a few things.

Most of you will have seen the extensive press coverage about The Ordinary; the brand has captured the imagination of the media and hundreds upon thousands of you are now using the products. Ingredient led, there is no specific skincare regimen, although we do have examples of one or two regimens on our site. As we grow the brand, it is inevitable that there will be changes, but these will happen organically and we will announce them as they happen.

As I wrote on the November newsletter, Brandon and I know what we need to do and we are doing it, however daunting that may be. I say daunting because the moment we list a new product, which is almost always on pre-release (meaning that it is not available, but will be coming soon) we suddenly have thousands of orders even though it may be several weeks until the product is available. As I have also written previously, in line with company policy, we do not debit any monies from your account until the day your order is processed and sent, so in other words, no financial transaction has taken place and of course that is important.

So I find myself torn; I really want to share with you the products that we will be releasing in the future, but when I do that it creates an expectation that the products will be available within two or three days and that is not the case. It is for this reason that I am writing about two new products which we have literally just listed on our site because I was too frightened to list them earlier, and another product, High Adherence Silicone Primer, which we did list and has such a long wait list it is giving me heart palpitations; I haven’t even written about it yet, but that will change in a minute or two.

All of these products should be available within the next seven to fourteen days, but I’m not writing that in stone because demand is outstripping supply right now; this despite the fact that the factory in Toronto is operating on a non-stop basis, so please bear with us, we are all doing our very best on both sides of the Atlantic.

The brand is still a baby and going forward things will normalise, although there is nothing normal about watching that bad, bad boy Wayne Goss put out a video on his YouTube channel calling Azelaic Acid his product of the year; we had literally released it 24 hours earlier and in a heartbeat it was his best product of the year. Another night without sleep, but OMG I love him and he doesn’t know how to stop, so I guess he won’t. That’s what bad boys do – they don’t stop because they have no boundaries!
Wayne Goss Does Azelaic AcidAzelaic Acid £5.50 for 30 ml

And this is the moment that I tell you about the two Ordinary products that I use; I promised I would reveal them on this newsletter and I think many of you could have guessed that one of them would be High Adherence Silicone Primer, but you wouldn’t have been able to guess the second, because we hadn’t listed it. It is called High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, so yes, we are releasing two primers at the same time, they are both very different, they do different things and I’m using and seriously loving both:

High Adherence Silicone Primer: This is a blurring surface smoother and primer and it uses advanced adaptive silicones to act as a matte, hydrating blurring primer for make-up that looks higher in definition and adheres for longer. The formula can also be used alone as a non-greasy hydrator that reduces the look of pores and of imperfections. It has a cream/gel feel and I use this primer when I am using heavier make-up than normal and when I don’t want it to shift, because I don’t have time for it to shift. Use as the last step in your skincare regimen either on its own or as a make-up primer. An amazing product.
High Adherence Silicone Primer £3.90 for 30 ml

High-Spreadability Fluid Primer: This is a lightweight surface smoother and primer; it has a serum texture and offers a liquid dewy finish on the skin, so a different finish and look to High Adherence Silicone Primer, but because I don’t want to be wearing the same clothes every day, I don’t want my skin to look the same every day either. But wait, that’s not all, you know where make-up tends to collect in lines, particularly the ones around the eye area, well this kind of diminishes that scenario because it’s very clever and I love clever products, whatever the branding. Bringing skin alive, face by face in an extraordinary and exceptional way. This product will become iconic, trust me!
High Spreadability Fluid Primer £5.50 for 30 ml

100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil: A daily support formula for skin and hair, this is one of a very few oils that actually has a significant antioxidant value and as such it could be said that Marula is one of the best anti-ageing natural oils; it has a much lower density than most other oils and therefore penetrates quickly.

There is also some data available that indicates that it may firm the skin and make it tighter, which could be why Marula Oil is the cornerstone of many skincare brands, although it is difficult to understand how high price points on ‘said brands’ are justifiable. Let’s leave it at that. I want to live and so does Brandon. The mission will be continued in January.
100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil £8.10 for 30 ml

The Rest

Right, that done we are heading into the treats; I am keeping each treat sweet, short and to the point; as I mentioned above, there will be a few product mentions in-between and a few features from Shabir, each of which are pertinent to the time of year. Let’s do it:

Mega Probiotic ND

Our bestselling probiotic and as you will have seen above, it is also in the Top Five bestselling health supplements; I think it is there for about the third or fourth year in a row; I seriously can’t remember when we launched it, but who cares really. It does what it says it will do and as Shabir and I both believe that everybody should take a probiotic, this is the broad spectrum probiotic we recommend, aside from the targeted Florassist probiotics as above. So the Mega Probiotic Twin Pack arrives, it is £28 for the Twin Pack, which means that you save £10. Stock up while you can and if we run out, we run out, please don’t shout or send me horrible emails, they upset me!**Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Mega Probiotic ND Twin Pack £28 (Two x Mega Probiotic ND 60 Capsules); Mega Probiotic ND £19 for 60 Capsules

Daily Immunity

Shabir always recommends taking Daily Immunity from the first day of Autumn until the first day of Spring; it’s not too late to start because it is such an important supplement and we always get the most amazing feedback from it. If you read this newsletter regularly, you will know that we have also been recommending ChitoRhino ColdClear, which is pretty stunning oral mist for a multitude of reasons, including soothing sore throats and nasal packages. We’ve put them together, called it the Daily Immunity Treat and wiped £9 off in the hope that it may save many of you from horrid viruses over the next few weeks.**Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Daily Immunity Treat £30 (Daily Immunity 60 Capsules; ChitoRhino ColdClear 30 ml); Daily Immunity £25.50 for 60 Capsules; ChitoRhino ColdClear £13.50 for 30 ml

Sage Complex Duo Pack

The dancing hormone conquering supplement; this is the one we believe every woman should take from the age of 35 right the way through to post-menopause, and in a lot of cases for some time after that event – if you can call it an event. We know all about the mood swings, the hot sweats, vaginal dryness, the irritability and the irrational moments (although heaven knows we will NEVER admit to them). So hello Sage Complex Duo Pack once again; we have done this before, we are doing it again now, with a warning to those rocking and rolling hormones. Get on it and save £10 in the process!**Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Sage Complex Duo Pack £40 (Two x Sage Complex 90 Capsules); Sage Complex £25 for 90 Capsules

The Champagne Bubbles Gold Wet Brush

I love this brush. I love that it is called Champagne Bubbles. I love that it jumped right off the page when it was featured in The Sunday Times and I love it because although I have a collection of Wet Brushes, this one makes me smile the most. If you don’t possess a Wet Brush, this is the one to have and if you don’t know about the Wet Brush, this is the brush to use when you step out of the shower with wet hair – actually I don’t suppose it really matters where you step out from. Gifting sorted in a glam kind of way.
The Champagne Bubbles Gold Wet Brush £13.99

Absolute Fundamentals

Whenever we do this, it goes completely wild, which is why we are doing it again now. This is Shabir’s choice of three products which he believes are really important; they are My Favorite Multiple Energizer, Virgin Krill Oil and Mega Probiotic ND. Ah, look, there’s Mega Probiotic again; my top three would be slightly different, but last time we went head to head with our three favourite supplements, he won although I’m still not convinced that he didn’t manipulate the stats. More on that another time, so all you really need to know here is that Absolute Fundamentals is £45 and you save £16.**Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Absolute Fundamentals £45 (My Favorite Multiple Energizer 60 Tablets; Virgin Krill Oil 60 Softgels; Mega Probiotic ND 60 Capsules); My Favorite Multiple Energizer £17; Virgin Krill Oil £25; Mega Probiotic ND £19

Complete Bliss by NEOM

If you are a subscriber, you will know that we send out e-blast treats most weeks, with two exceptions, the week the newsletter gets released when it is replaced by 60 Seconds and the week when I release the VH Addicts bulletin, which is where I often pre-launch products amongst a whole load of other things. I’m not going to write about the benefits of being a VH Addict here, but will just put the link underneath this if you want to join – we have the best fun and it costs £30 annually – actually it has been £30 forever!

Back on point, I love candles and I love sharing the things I love, so we often send out ‘must-get-it-right-now’ treats from NEOM; I think this is the first time I have ever put one of these treats on a newsletter (if I’m wrong there is always someone, somewhere who will correct me) so here it comes. Complete Bliss. A three wick candle; scented with rose, lime and black pepper; uplifting; 50 hours burn time. It should be £45, except now it’s £24 and if it lasts until the end of today (29 November) it will be a miracle as we have a limited volume. Fingers on the keyboard. Fast! **Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Complete Bliss: Luxury Scented Candle £24 (RRP £45); Become a VH Addict

Active Serum by iS Clinical

A special edition of Active Serum from my LA boyfriends; Active Serum remains the bestselling serum from iS Clinical and is much loved by legions of iS Clinical followers. It tingles when you first apply it, but that soon goes and this is the one that has been highly-acclaimed and endorsed by many physicians and leading skincare experts. It really needs no introduction from me, other than to say it is presented as some kind of an ornament; I’m not too sure how to describe it, but I guess the important thing is that instead of £68, it is now £50, so you save £18, which wasn’t too hard to work out! **Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Active Serum Limited Edition Ornament £50 for 15 ml (RRP £68)

Cracked Corners Around The Mouth

Every now and then, we all complain about our lips cracking, but it is a more common condition than people realise and it’s medically referred to as angular cheilitis or perleche.

Angular chelitis is an infection, bacterial or fungal, characterised by inflammation around the corners of the mouth, often due to excessive licking, leading to irritation. This health concern is further characterised by redness and cracking of the skin around the lips.

There are many possible causes for angular cheilitis and often these causes are associated with what is going on around, or inside, the mouth. Other possible causes include a weakened immune system, chapped lips, stress and a lack of essential fatty acids, particularly omega 7.

Because angular cheilitis may be associated with a bacterial or fungal infection, we tend to recommend Lysine Lip Therape with Monolaurin, a topical lip balm, which should be applied to lips and to the dry corners of the mouth several times daily. Normally used for preventing and treating cold sores, this emollient lip balm contains lysine, an amino acid with anti-viral and antimicrobial properties. Monolaurin, derived from coconuts, is a potent antibacterial and antifungal agent helping to eradicate numerous bacterial and fungal species including candida, the most common infective organism of angular cheilitis.

If the infection arises from within the mouth, then it is likely to recur if only the corners of the mouth are treated with emollient lip balms and we would always recommend using a good antimicrobial mouthwash, such as Peri Gum Mouthwash Concentrate. This oral rinse contains seven herbal extracts with varying properties and is a secret little wonder worker; it helps relieve tooth pain too, in a rather spectacular fashion.
VH Editorial: Cracked Corners Around The MouthLysine Lip Therape with Monolaurin £8; Peri Gum Mouthwash Concentrate £17.95 for 29 ml; Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil £18.95 for 60 Capsules

Temple Spa

We love Temple Spa (an awful lot of loving going on) and let me tell you why I personally love them. Many, many years ago they let me include their fabulous brand onto our site at a time when nobody else was allowed to have it online. I wanted it because it stood out from the norm and I wanted it because Liz and Mark are so passionate about everything they do and that energy literally oozed from the products they created and continue to create.

I promise I am not having a soapbox moment (however tempting that may be), but there is a world of difference between a bunch of products created to satisfy an investor’s bottom line and products that are niche and created for the better good. So with my utmost gratitude for the ongoing love and support we are given, let me tell you about two products.

The first is Restitude (the name!) and it is a relaxing and comforting spa-like bubble bath; they say it has lashings of heart and soul and it is loaded with Mediterranean essential oils of patchouli, geranium, sweet orange and vetiver. I will have to believe them (and of course I do) because as most of you know I have a horrid allergy to essential oils and I wish upon wish that I could use this because it smells divine and I adore geranium, which is incredibly uplifting.**Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Restitude £18 for 300 ml

The second Temple Spa product I want to tell you about is the Truffle Luxe Quartette. When Skin Truffle was first launched, it created quite a stir and went on to be award-winning. It was followed by Body Truffle, Truffle Noir and Eye Truffle. So four truffle products in one collection; each are travel sizes, but if you have ever used any of these products you will know a little goes a long way and if you haven’t used them before, this is the perfect introduction to the range. **Sorry this promotion has now ended**
Truffle Luxe Quartette £50

The Rainbow Brush Sharing Pack

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve written about the Rainbow Brush. This is the one I found in Hong Kong because I was drawn to its madness; this is the one that went right across the press, everybody was talking about it and I laughed my head off when India Knight called it a plastic throwback to childhood in The Sunday Times. The thing is that it works, however crazy, it puts volume in your hair and I still haven’t really worked out why, but who cares. And don’t we love the mirror on the back of it.

There is an entire contingent of people (editors perhaps!) who walk around with this brush in their handbags, two years after the event. The Rainbow Brush is an epic product and a huge conversation piece, still. So it’s £12, put two together, knock off £5 and we have The Rainbow Brush Sharing Pack for £19. Oh and for the avoidance of doubt, I have not become fickle – I use this and the Wet Brush.**Sorry this promotion has now ended**
The Rainbow Brush Sharing Pack £19 (Two x Rainbow Volume S Brush); Rainbow Volume S Brush £12

Three Feature Articles

This is Shabir’s moment. Throughout the year Shabir writes numerous articles, basically they are mostly about health issues, in some he takes an in-depth look at new and cutting edge products, in others he will drill down on certain health concerns, often demystifying and writing about them in terms that we can all understand.

This work is important, really important for so many reasons. Not all supplements are created equally, they never have been and they never will be. It is a minefield of information, disinformation and myths. Cutting through all of this is crucial for our health and wellbeing. In each and every category of health, we will always recommend the product we believe is best in class, irrespective of brand. I’ve written often that we are totally unbiased in the brands that we list and recommend, but once chosen we become incredibly biased because efficacy is key.

Anyway, enough of the preamble, here are three articles which we have published before, but I’m putting them on this newsletter because we believe they are relevant right now. They are all about cold sores, treating cold hands and feet and helping to alleviate constipation, which although is an ongoing health concern, it is always really prevalent at this time of year.
VH Editorials: The Prevention and Treatment of Cold Sores; Treating Cold Hands and Feet; Alleviate Constipation Naturally

Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray + Gift

It is a fact that we are mostly magnesium deficient. Magnesium is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, but mostly we love it because it promises relaxation and wellbeing and helps relieve muscle tension. Topical magnesium can be absorbed up to five times faster than if taken orally and we love Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray because it has been formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and it really helps replenish magnesium levels.

We launched Magnesium Oil Original Flakes for Better You several years ago, since which time it has always been in our Top 50 bestselling products; we always recommend them if you are suffering from insomnia, because a handful of these potent flakes thrown into a warm bath just before you go to bed will really help your sleep pattern.

We have a limited volume of Magnesium Oil Original Flakes (250 grams) to give away with every purchase of Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray. If you have never used the flakes, you will love them except be careful, they become somewhat addictive. **Sorry, this promotion has now ended**
Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray £12.20 for 100 ml + Free Magnesium Oil Original Flakes (250 grams) whilst stock lasts

Ameliorate Body Lotion

Oh look, another brand we launched. I think I need to write a book about all the brands we have ever launched and give you a behind-the-scenes account of the campaigns, together with an update of ‘what happened next’. What fun!

Anyway, back to it and Ameliorate now has a massive following; it was formulated to help alleviate Keratosis Pilaris, but it is also used as a body lotion for sensitive skin. We’ve done it before, we are doing it again. We have called it the Ameliorate Body Lotion Bonus Pack where you get two products, Ameliorate Body Lotion in the 200 ml size and the 100 ml size, which is pretty perfect for travelling. Together they would normally cost £45, but for now, and I don’t know how long ‘now’ will actually be, they are £35, so you save £10.
Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion Bonus Pack £35 (Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion 200 ml + Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion 100 ml) Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion £27.50 for 200 ml; Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion £17.50 for 100 ml

VH Editorial

Having written above about Shabir’s feature articles, here come the final articles of the year from the girls; I just want to say a personal thank you to each of them for sharing their thoughts, often on a deep level. If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you will know that they each have the complete freedom to write whatever they want to write about; they are award-winning journalists and my only brief is that I don’t want product-led articles every month.

There are times when they do write about products, notably this month the Beauty Bible girls share their best Christmas gifts; Carolyn Asome writes about maternity clothes (basically because she is pregnant and third time round she sees things rather differently); Jo Fairley investigates Sound Therapy and Tibetan Singing Bowls and Catherine Turner looks at a new kind of stress that is bombarding all of us, Feeling Frazzled is the title of her article.
Christmas Gifts by The Beauty Bible Girls; Maternity Wear by Carolyn Asome; Good Vibrations by Jo Fairley; Feeling Frazzled by Catherine Turner

I wrote about Sally Brampton on the November newsletter, but I just can’t end the year without mentioning her once again. She was one of us. We lost her. This month’s re-published article is Secrets and Lies. It remains as powerful as the day she wrote it. That’s all.
Secrets and Lies by Sally Brampton

The Wrap

Just a few things to wrap here:

I think I was in some kind of trance earlier in the newsletter, or perhaps I am still in one. Anyway, I forgot to mention that we will also be releasing Retinol 1% by The Ordinary very shortly. I think the wait list must have knocked all the sense out of me; it is massive and I’m thinking of ordering bunk beds for the office; commuting seems pointless.
Retinol 1% £5.80 for 30 ml

The stock issues we are having with Phylia have been ongoing for most of this year; I really don’t know what to say other than I’m so sorry, which seems rather futile under the circumstances, most especially when there are times when we have been out of stock for more than twelve weeks. That said, if you love Phylia, you love Phylia and so many of you do. So many of you also love Fulphyl and the Limited Edition Fulphyl travel size is now available. It is £30 for 60 ml and I feel so much better when it is in my life.
VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of LifeFulphyl Travel £30 for 60 ml

Thank you for all your emails about Mastic Must by NIOD. Too many accolades to mention here, but now it seems we are all using it on our hands, following through with Hand Chemistry for that teenage-hand-syndrome. And then it occurred to me to use it on my feet, so I did and followed through with Heel Hydration Complex. I could go on, but I don’t really want to tell you what happened next. Suppose you could guess really …..
Mastic Must by NIOD £27 for 90 ml; Hand Chemistry £19 for 100 ml; Heel Hydration Complex £14.99 for 100 ml

The End Bit

As we come to the end of this newsletter and the year closes I just want to say that none of us can do this on our own, so together with Shabir, my thanks first to each of you for trusting and believing. We can only do this thing because of you and your ongoing loyalty.

I feel so extraordinarily privileged to be on this journey; it has always mattered to me that whatever we did, we had to make a stance for the truth in all things. I know I have written this over and over again, but it remains of paramount importance and I will never, ever under-estimate the responsibility this brings.

Together with Brandon, I thank you. Each new brand, each new product, each new concept carries its own special energy and message. Neither of us could have predicted the magnitude of any of this; all I can say is we had individual and separate missions to change everything in the health and beauty industry and then we met. Oh!

All that remains is to wish each of you a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year from the entire VH team. And I collapse……!

With love

Gill x