Dear Santa

Dear Santa

’Tis the season to bestow gifts on friends and family – and personally (perhaps it’s because of our jobs), we like to give gorgeously: bath and beauty goodies which don’t need a) dusting or polishing, b) walking or c) won’t have them wondering how long is a decent interval before they can drop them at the nearest Scope shop. You might not automatically think of Victoria Health as a ‘gift’ destination – but we certainly do. Some of our biggest pressie successes have been things we’ve bagged at VH – and so this month, we thought we’d share some of the ‘finds’ we’ll be wrapping for loved ones any minute now.

Cailyn Cosmetics O Wow! Brush, £20. We have raved about this before. We will rave about it again. And we’ll probably go on raving about this literally life-changing foundation brush until the seas freeze over. We’ve gifted this to several friends in 2015 and their rave reviews mirror our own (which you can read about here). You squeeze/squirt your base onto the back of your hand, pick up the colour with the brush’s microfibre bristles, and then literally ‘smoosh’ into skin (um, it’s a technical term!) for the most flawless finish ever. Truly astonishing and absolutely our Beauty Find of the Year.

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, £25 for 75 ml. The best present we can think of to give to our nearest and dearest is the gift of a better night’s sleep. We both absolutely swear by this (try spritzing on your nightie as well as your pillow!) and in independent trials on 200 people with sleep problems, every single one of them experienced better zzzzzs after using this – deeper sleep, and more hours of rest. Trying is believing.

Aromatherapy Associates The Star, £10 for 9 ml. Pop several of these on the Christmas tree for guests, if you’re feeling generous: little star-shaped boxes with a bath oil by the brand whose aromatherapeutic treats are (along with This Works) the most effective we’ve ever used. Come January when they’re feeling slothful the Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil will put the bounce back in anyone’s step (his or hers).

Temple Spa Relaxation Room, £50. The boxes for Temple Spa gifts really are in a league of their own: satiny, sturdy, truly beautifully-designed and perfect for keepsakes after you’ve removed the contents. They’ve many different boxes on offer this Christmas but this is a favourite, simply because we’re such fans of Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream: a facial moisturiser infused with essential oils which really does help you unwind at the end of the day. In this box they’ve added a cushion-y eye pillow and a CD of relaxing chill-out sounds. And if you’re noticing a r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g theme to our choices, that’s because we feel that in this over-stressed and often scary world, what most people really do want is a little peace on earth. (PS Temple Spa’s Skin Truffle age-defying cream remains one of our highest-scoring miracle treatments in all of Beauty Bible testing history, if you’re looking to gift a friend with a truly effective face cream. Not necessarily what you’d think of giving for Christmas, but this is a delight for the senses – and delivers results.)

Sarah Chapman Facial-In-A-Box, £43 (NB it has a retail value of £65 so you’ll seem even more generous than you are). The next-best-thing to a facial at Sarah Chapman’s Chelsea Skinesis Clinic: some of her most-loved products, to recreate the facial experience at home (along with details of the massage technique which is so key to the effectiveness of the Skinesis treatments). You’ll find useful travel sizes of Eye Recovery, Skinesis Overnight Facial, two sachets of 3D Moisture Mask plus two of the fab facial cleansing mitts. (Flannel mittens, basically.) If you were feeling generous, you’d do well to throw in a Facialift, £25: the knobbly facial massage gadget helps dispel fluid from the face while boosting circulation; OUR Sarah (Stacey) keeps hers by the phone and massages her jaw while taking calls!

Beauty Bible Lip Balm, £6. Every year we’re told this is the most brilliant little stocking filler (it does fit rather neatly in the toe!): the only product we’ve ever put our Beauty Bible name to, because it’s quite simply the best lip balm we’ve ever found: chubby, nourishing, moisturising, soothing, entirely tasteless (in a good way), and the secret of how we keep our lips smooth and chap-free, through till March.

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, £11.99 (a fab price, at VH). Last but not least another little personal plug, here (sorry!)… If you’ve a friend who likes to keep her finger on the pulse of all that’s happening – and most importantly effective – in the world of age-defiance, the latest edition of our book just came out. Funnily enough our publisher didn’t consider it ‘a Christmas book’ but grateful (and youthful-looking) friends tell us otherwise…!!!!