Could The #60SecondRule Give You Your Best Skin?

Could The #60SecondRule Give You Your Best Skin?

Cleansing is a fundamental step to any healthy skincare routine, but have you ever questioned how long you should spend massaging the formula into your skin? No? Well, a couple of months back US based aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith caused a stir on social media with her hashtag #60SecondRule. 

On Twitter, Roberts-Smith posted: “Cleansing your face (with your fingers) for 60 seconds allows the ingredients in the cleanser to actually work. Most ppl wash their face for like 15 seconds max. It softens the skin & dissolves sebum blockages better. Texture & overall evenness improves. #60SecondRule.

It got a lot of people talking, but does cleansing your skin for one minute twice a day really offer you your best skin yet? In general it depends on your skin type, as Dr Raj from The Face Bible explains, “If you have oily skin then a 60 second cleanse would be important to ensure all the dirt and excess oils have been removed, but if those who have dry skin might find this leaves their skin feeling tight and irritated.”

Either way though, Dr Raj recommends giving the technique a go at least once to see how your skin fairs because a thorough cleanse is a key step in any regimen. If you wear a lot of make-up the #60SecondRule will ensure that you remove any hint of foundation. Plus, if you’re double cleansing already, it might be worth trying the approach but using just one of your cleansers – you might find you save on time and product.

While you’re technique is one thing, choosing the right formula shouldn’t be overlooked. If your cleanser is leaving your skin feeling dry and tight, then it could be too stringent and you should opt for a gentler formula, such as GoW Daily Cleanser. Those with dry skin should try Harborist Balm-Gel Cleanser as the duo-texture cleanses and soothes skin without leaving the greasy film that some oil and balm formulas leave.

If you battle with blackheads and breakouts regularly it is worth looking for a formula with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids), which gently exfoliate and help to clean out your pores. Look to Derma E’s Clear Acne Cleansing Wash, which contains 2% salicylic acid.