Bright Idea: the Light Salon Boost at Home LED mask

Bright Idea: the Light Salon Boost at Home LED mask

The Daily Telegraph

Let there be lights. Your skin will thank you – By Lisa Armstrong

  • The Light Salon LED Mask

    A few months ago, I tried out a light mask because I thought, one day, these will be the coming thing.

    That day is here. They’re launching on to the market in their droves. If you haven’t seen one in action yet, you’re in for comedy gold. They’re quite large, generally made fromsome kind of plastic or fibreglass – more Darth Vadar than face pack. And the light show… some have green, yellow, blue and white emissions, which all have separate properties. Blue is antimicrobial and good for breakouts and acne. Green, yellow and white are soothing.

    But the biggie is infrared, the benefits of which (mood enhancer, muscle soother, collagen production booster, healer and all-round ally) have been recognised for the best part of a century.

    The Light Salon’s Boost mask is the most comfortable I’ve come across. Made from flexible silicon, it’s light and easy to pack and even easier to wear. It stays in place with a strap and bathes your face and neck in infrared and near-infrared rays while you whip up a smoothie or read a book. Frankie Graddon, of this parish, swears she cooked up a curry while test-driving hers. I’ve been listening to Radio 4’s book of the week – Machines Like Me, Ian McEwan’s latest novel about a robot that gets too human-like for comfort – in mine, which feels highly outfit appropriate.

    Ten to 20 minutes a day three times a week should work wonders. If you want to amp things up, use it in conjunction with The Light Salon’s new Cleanse and Recovery Spray, £18, for a dose of antimicrobial action which should blitz spots.

    Gill Sinclair, co-founder of (which sold out of the first batch of Light Salon Boost Masks in 72 hours) has worn hers over Vice Reversa’s Microneedling patches and reports phenomenal plumped up, radiant results. I tried it out over Nannette de Gaspé’s dry masks. You look temporarily insane, but this is the way beauty’s going. Hi-tech takes beauty treatments to the next level – your family and pets will get used to it. After two weeks of constant jet lag, travelling to the resort shows, the mask has completely revived my skin.

    You can experiment with your own favourite creams and serums (some may dry out, in which case, simply move on). The Light Salon Boost At Home LED mask is £395 from

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