August Newsletter 2013

August Newsletter 2013

Welcome to the August newsletter where we introduce you to a new probiotic skincare brand, we take an in-depth look at ‘Taurine’, the ingredient included in many ‘high performance’ energy drinks and Shabir investigates Athletes Foot. We announce two new colours from Root Cover Up by Color Wow, we take a look at all the latest news and feedback and I jump onto The Podium for two and a half minutes. Additionally, by popular demand, we bring back ‘Fabulous Skin’ for a two week stint and we also announce the demise of a brand and the death of a product. Lord above! We kick off with a treat and for all followers of Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis range, please read carefully because there is a gift there too. Let’s go:

Dancing Hormones – Peri-menopause and Menopause

It may be an inevitable ‘rite of passage’ but for many women approaching menopause, the thought of sleepless nights, hot flushes and unwanted weight gain is enough to motivate a thorough investigation into the natural remedies that can support the body through these changes and help alleviate the associated symptoms. As the ovaries begin to shut down, which invariably starts at the age of 35, some of their work is taken on by the hormone-controlling adrenal glands, so a comprehensive approach to a natural regimen should help address the additional burden on these hardworking glands, which I will refer to later.

The first thing to say is that it’s really not cute when your hormones decide to have a party and start dancing around. I have often written about this subject and we strongly believe that from the age of 35 every woman should start a preventative course of action. Although we are all different, many years ago I made the bold statement that I refused to allow my hormones to send me into a spin and I managed to avoid the whole scenario by the dedicated use of supplementation.

Sage Complex is an all-natural and powerful female hormone balancing supplement containing natural herbs that help mimic the female hormones, thereby helping to alleviate common menopausal concerns including hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. Blended with ten natural herbs, including Wild Yam, Dong Quai, Red Clover, Chaste Berry, Sage Leaf powder, Hops powder and Siberian Ginseng, Sage Complex is one of the most comprehensive supplements available to help address the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. Oh, and it’s pretty great for PMS too.

The Treat: Because I believe, I have put together two x Sage Complex and taken £9 off as a girl-to-girl treat. The regular price for Sage Complex is £24.50 and this offer will run for the duration of this newsletter, or whilst stocks last! For the sake of peace and sanity, get-on-them!
Sage Complex Treat £40 (Two x Sage Complex); Sage Complex £24.50 for 90 Capsules
VH Editorial: Hormone Mimicking Supplements

Adrenal Stress

Following on from the above, just to explain adrenal stress in a bit more detail, because although most of us don’t realize it, many of us suffer from adrenal stress and it remains virtually ‘un-tagged’ as a health concern. Although it is often linked to menopausal symptoms, Adrenal Stress (or Adrenal Fatigue) can also arise during or after acute or chronic infections and as the name suggests, its paramount symptom is fatigue that is not relieved by sleep.

This syndrome has been known by many other names throughout the past century, such as non-Addison’s hypoadrenia, sub-clinical hypoadrenia, adrenal apathy and adrenal exhaustion. If you feel tired all the time, sweat excessively or wake and up and cannot get back to sleep, you may be suffering from adrenal stress. Other symptoms include a craving for sweet and salty snacks (eeeek, that’s me!) and feeling generally run-down and overwhelmed.

The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and pump out the hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which help keep you on your feet throughout the day. At times of stress, whether physical, hormonal or environmental, these glands can no longer secrete normal levels of any of these hormones and often over-secrete cortisol. Mood swings, symptoms of stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, emotional stress and lower immunity are just some of the concerns associated with higher than normal levels of cortisol, so this is not a hormone you want circulating in abundance.

Reducing stress levels is of course paramount and we recommend Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, our bestselling supplement for helping to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Magnolia extracts have been shown to physically relax muscles and nerves as well as helping to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body, which is of course key in helping to combat adrenal stress.
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules
VH Editorial: How to Combat Stress Effectively

Fabulous Skin

Earlier this year, this appeared on one of the newsletters and since that time we have been inundated with requests to run this feature again. So out comes my ‘sharing gene’ again and this ties in with an article, Nourish Your Skin, written by Shabir, which you can read here. The ageing of skin is a multi-faceted process, which is impacted by lifestyle dietary choices and genetics. The cells of our bodies are programmed to have a finite lifespan. Each time a cell divides, some genetic material is lost, so that on average thirty to forty cell divisions are usually the maximum and after this the cell is considered to be aged.

The market is flooded with thousands of supplements that claim to have anti-ageing properties, including a variety of marine-based extracts, countless antioxidants and several vitamins and minerals. In order to maintain healthy and radiant skin, you have to protect, nourish and help prevent damage to the cells of skin.

In his article, Shabir recommends three supplements that work synergistically to help nourish the skin, plump it up and help prevent the slide ‘south’. These are Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the most crucial of anti-ageing supplements in our opinion, Skin Restoring Phytoceramides which I love and adore with a big passion and Astaxanthin, a brilliant antioxidant. I have taken all three supplements since they were launched and quite honestly I owe my skin to them!

So here comes the treat; we have put HA and Skin Restoring Ceramides together and then thrown in Astaxanthin as a gift to each of you. Together all three products would normally cost £77, but out of the kindness of my beating heart (!), I am making it £60, which will give you a saving of £17. All you need to do is type ‘Fabulous Skin’ into our search, or click the link below, and the treat will appear! This is a limited time offer and will be available until midnight on Friday 16 August 2013.

Finally, I just want to refer to an article about HA. You can read it here and once you have read it, you will understand just why I continually write about the importance of taking this supplement, in the correct therapeutic dosage, of course. All HA supplementation is not created equally, so I hope you enjoy the treat and now go get great skin!
Fabulous Skin £60 (includes Hyaluronic Capsules High Strength £35; Skin Restoring Phytoceramides £25 and Astaxanthin £17)

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Before I launch into telling you about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, we have another ‘all-change’ scenario as I report that NUDE skincare is no longer available on our site. I am beyond understanding what is happening with the brand, but I think it may be having yet another re-formulation in a long line of them. As many of you know, I threw a miniature (actually it was pretty major!) fit when NUDE discontinued their bestselling product, Replenishing Night Oil and despite me trying to ascertain what on earth is going on with the brand, I am still in the dark. So what to do – replace it with a next-generation probiotic brand, not just for the sake of it because I would have listed Aurelia Probiotic Skincare anyway, but because of its powerful, scientifically proven age preventative products.

I’m not going to go into the background behind the brand, but just to say that the products fuse probiotic, repair and peptide technologies with BioOrganic botanicals; here is the line-up:

Miracle Cleanser: We have quite a few products listed on our site that use the word ‘miracle’ and unless they live up to that billing, I would refuse to write about them. This cleanser is worthy of its title and it has of course been tested rigorously. This aromatic, creamy infusion glides onto the skin and helps lift off all impurities and make-up. It fuses probiotic and peptide technologies with plant and flower essences to help hydrate and soothe dull and dehydrated skin. This creamy cleanser, along with its soft antibacterial bamboo muslin cloth, buffs away dead skin cells, whilst helping to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. To achieve ultimate results apply the cleanser to dry skin and massage deeply with fingertips to help lift daily grime and then remove the cleanser with the cloth to gently exfoliate. Pat dry and follow with Revitalise & Glow Serum, coming next!
Miracle Cleanser £34 for 120 ml

Revitalise & Glow Serum: A lightweight and easily absorbed potent age prevention fluid, this works on the dermis layer within the skin, depositing probiotics, peptides and antioxidants where they are most needed. Naturally fragranced with a delicate blend of Jasmine, Plumeria, Tuberose and Mandarin, this serum works hard to help hydrate and soothe dull and dehydrated skin, promoting a luminous, dewy and radiant glow whilst helping to prevent skin ageing. You can use Revitalise & Glow Serum day and/or night either as a stand-alone or under the Cell Revitalise moisturisers, or prior to applying their Cell Repair Night Oil.
Revitalise & Glow Serum £47 for 30 ml; Cell Repair Night Oil £45 for 50 ml

Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser: This lightly whipped, clinically advanced cream has been formulated to help hydrate and soothe dull and dehydrated skin. The concentrated botanicals include Baobab, rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, soothing and firming Kigelia Africana and Hibiscus to help fight oxidative stress, Borage oil to help lock in moisture and regenerative Mongongo oil, offering abundant level of natural Vitamin E. This moisturiser also acts as a make-up primer thanks to the potent levels of peptides, which work to help leave the skin’s surface hydrated and photo-finish smooth. Use after Miracle Cleanser and the Revitalise & Glow Serum. The Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser partners this product and for very dry skin apply over the Cell Repair Night Oil for even deeper hydration.
Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser £42 for 60 ml; Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser £42 for 60 ml

Phylia Update

The first thing to say is that Kazu Namise, the creator of Phylia de M has just been in London on a flying visit. It is the first time she has been in London since we launched the brand just over a year ago and although I am not going to give you a detailed report about our schedule (you really don’t want to know!), just to say that every time we get together, I am astounded by her knowledge and passion, which is incredibly infectious and I remain in total and increasing awe of one of the most profound brands we have ever launched on VH.

The second thing to tell you is that Phylia has just been featured in the August edition of US Vogue, which is testimony to the brilliance of the products and the strength of the science behind the brand. Recognition of niche brands is important to all of us as the mission to radically help change the way we view hair care is paramount. Phylia is not about hair ‘dressing’, it is about hair ‘health’ and unless this perspective is addressed, there is little point in wasting money on hair products that promise the sun, the moon and the stars and then fail to deliver.

Phylia Top Tip: Clean: You have to dig in deep and massage your scalp for optimum results, so please don’t just shampoo your ‘hair’, the cleansing of your scalp will powerfully help increase the integrity and health of your hair.
Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45; Re-Connect £60; The Three Step Kit (Clean, Condition and Connect) £103

Athletes Foot

One of the most common areas affected by fungi and bacteria are the feet. Athlete’s foot gets its name because these fungi and bacteria thrive in warm, moist and dark environments such as swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms, showers and of course shoes. Not just limited to athletes, this concern is more common in males than females, affecting roughly one out of ten people. Shabir now gives us the lowdown:

There are three types of Athlete’s foot which are:

Toe Web (Inter-digital): The most common type of infection found between the toes, especially between the fourth and fifth toes.

Moccasin-Type: This affects the soles of the feet which become tender, dry and flaky.

Acute Vesicular: This is the least common type of Athletes Foot; painful blisters appear suddenly due to an allergic reaction to the fungus often accompanied by a bacterial infection.

The usual symptoms of toe web infections include scaling and peeling of skin between the toes, mild pain, odour, blistering and the itching of skin. If left untreated, this type of infection can become severe leading to extreme pain, bleeding, large amounts of scaling, painful blisters and can also spread to other parts of the body, especially if accompanied by a bacterial infection.

Like most diseases, Athlete’s Foot is best treated upon early detection and the results are often quick and positive. Anti-fungal creams are obtainable from over-the-counter or in worse cases, stronger creams may need to be prescribed. Whilst of great benefit in eradicating the fungi, these creams do not offer relief from itching or inflammation and neither do they encourage the healing of cracks and blisters.

It is for this reason that we often recommend Hydrosol Silver Gel to be used morning and evening. Silver displays potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Additionally, silver creams have been used in the treatment of inflammatory skin concerns such as acne, rosacea and eczema. This is because silver helps to calm inflammation, easing the symptoms of itchy skin and encouraging the healing of skin tissues; all of these symptoms are present in Athlete’s Foot.

For those suffering from severe Athlete’s Foot infections or recurring infections, it may be prudent to use an anti-fungal supplement and we recommend Horopito and Aniseed capsules. In 1982, scientists at the University of Canterbury discovered that horopito was more effective at destroying Candida albicans than the powerful pharmaceutical anti-Candida drug, Amphotericin B.

Many people resort to the use of Tea Tree oil products, Tea Tree should not be used directly onto the skin unless it has been diluted down since it can cause further drying of skin. Whilst there is no doubt that Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties, I prefer the use of Lemon Myrtle oil. Studies at Charles Sturt University in Australia have shown Lemon Myrtle oil to have 30% more anti-bacterial activity than Tea Tree oil. In topical use Lemon Myrtle oil should be diluted with a carrier oil at a level of one drop to 10ml carrier oil. This diluted oil can be used for various skin conditions and fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot.
Hydrosol Silver Gel £12.95 for 44 ml; Horopito & Aniseed £22 for 60 Capsules; Organic Lemon Myrtle Oil £5.95 for 10 ml

Skinesis by Sarah Chapman

Many of you are massive Sarah Chapman devotees, the multi-award winning aesthetician with an award-winning skincare range. The first thing I am going to say here is that I recently interviewed Sarah, so if you want to read more about the girl behind the brand, her passion, her skincare philosophy and what inspires her and how she sees the future, then do take time to read Gill meets Sarah Chapman.
VH Editorial: Gill meets Sarah Chapman

With a skincare brand featuring many outstanding products, I suppose it was a bit mean of me to push her to tell me what her hero product was, most especially because we all love Instant Miracle Mask, Sculpting Chin and Jaw Lift and Overnight Hand & Nail Treatment, because they are all pretty legendary, but I wouldn’t let her off the hook, I needed to know and know you are going to know too! In Sarah’s words:

‘I love all my products; each one I have developed and nurtured from the initial concept to the final product being approved, tested and bottled. However IF I had to choose, then it would be my much loved Overnight Facial. Overnight Facial is by far our bestseller and a favourite with so many of my clients. It captures the product range philosophy and the essence of my firming and brightening skin rejuvenating facials.

It is a cashmere textured serum-oil, which on first contact feels like a traditional aromatherapy oil, but transforms into a unique silky moisturiser. This was my original idea, to combine powerful cosmeceutical actives in a botanical delicious oil. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, my signature skin-brightening complex, skin firming peptides and essential oils of Jasmine, Rose, Frangipani and Tuberose. It has a superior drying time so it transforms into a moisturiser as it disappears into the skin. We also use this to massage in all of our facials’.
Overnight Facial £45 for 15 ml

The Treat: The first 50 people to buy Overnight Facial will receive the Facialift, a rather fabulous gizmo which incorporates eight massage heads with 48 nodules that help re-shape, refine and tone the skin. The Facialift helps drain toxins, helps reduce puffiness and helps boost blood circulation to bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Many of us have been ‘rolling’ our skin with the Facialift since it was first launched and the love continues as it helps release stress too, which is always good!
The Facialift £25

In The Press

I’m doing this section slightly differently this month and I’ve chosen two items of press where we have received almost immediate feedback, which I will also include. The third press article leads onto a profound piece of journalism, which touched me deeply, I wanted to share this with you, so do please read on:

Symprove Original – As seen in YOU magazine

A reader wrote that her husband, aged 45, had been diagnosed with diverticular disease and questioned whether probiotics would help. In response, Sarah Stacey, Health Editor of YOU magazine wrote:

“Diverticular disease occurs when diverticula – small pouches – form on the colon and affects about 25% of men and women by the age of 60. It probably occurs because of not eating enough fibre. The symptoms of diverticular disease are intermittent, lower abdominal pain and/or bloating. Some people experience diarrhoea or constipation, and others pass mucus with their stools, according to gastroenterologist Professor Ingvar Bjarnason, at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Research is ongoing into a new type of probiotic called Symprove, which restores the balance of friendly gut bacteria. Professor Bjarnason advises your husband to try Symprove, ‘as it has been clinically proven to treat IBS and it could help his symptoms, which are similar. A three month course would be recommended; he may need a maintenance course from time to time’.”

The Feedback: ‘I have just ordered my third pack of Symprove Original. This is the most astoundingly effective product I have come across and it has released me from years of agony cause by IBS and all the ailments associated with IBS’.
Symprove Original £21.95 for 500 ml; Symprove Mango & Passionfruit £21.95 for 500 ml

Selexir Peace Bath – As seen in The Sunday Times Style magazine

‘There is nothing like a good soak after a long stressful day. While fragrant bubble baths are a delight, sometimes we need a little more help, particularly if our skin also feels stressed after a day spent in a stuffy, overheated office. Selexir Peace Bath: Instant Serenity Bath Salts are packed with minerals to soothe sensitive skin, and magnesium, which is a muscle relaxant (particularly good for Restless Leg Syndrome and night cramps) and a sleep aid’.

The Feedback: Before I give you the feedback, just to say that we launched Selexir Peace Bath on the July newsletter, after launching Selexir Peace Balm on the June newsletter. This review from a VH Addict includes both products:

‘I’ve been applying Peace Balm to my three year old son’s eczema patches. One patch disappeared overnight after just one application and the other is so much improved, it’s hard to believe it was bleeding the day before. I have also been using Peace Balm on my lips with great results. I’ve been suffering from dry cracked lips – it was so bad that it hurt when I smiled. In a moment of inspiration, I rubbed a tiny amount of Peace Balm to my lips before sleeping and voila, I woke up with lovely soft lips, the cracked bits had healed and no more peeling either. I think Peace Balm should be re-named Miracle Balm!

I’ve also used the Peace Bath Salts and am amazed at the results. It really reduces the eczema itching and when I apply Peace Balm afterwards, the results are dramatic’.
Peace Balm £39 for 30 ml; Peace Bath Instant Serenity Bath Salts £29 for 300 grams

E-EPA 90 – As seen in The Sunday Times Style magazine

‘I have a depressive illness and GPs always ask if I take fish oils, by which they mean omega 3. Its remedial ingredient is EPA, which can help stabilise mood, but only if your intake is 1g a day. High-street brands often contain negligible amounts and I worry about contamination because of fish-farming methods, so I am pleased to have found one that is high potency and ultra-distilled’.
Pharmepa E-EPA 90 – Restore £29.99 for 60 Capsules

The above article was written by Sally Brampton and she wrote it from her own personal experience, as she is bi-polar. Sally is often quoted across the national and international press, most recently after Stephen Fry admitted he had tried to kill himself. Known as the ‘poster girl’ for depressive illness, her honesty is deeply moving and profoundly significant in today’s high-tech stressful world, where anxiety, stress and depression are reaching epidemic proportions.

In this exceptional piece of journalism, Sally talks about suicide and takes us on her own personal journey, which I wanted to share with you. It is not an easy read, but like so many, I can relate to her pain and our fervent wish is that it may help wipe the stigma of depressive illness.
Suicide by Sally Brampton

The Podium

I’m not quite sure how I can follow that, so I’m just going to leap onto The Podium for a moment to tell you that we have just won another award. InStyle magazine have bequeathed upon our heads the award for ‘Best in Health and Beauty’, so I just want to say a great big thank you to them for the recognition; we are honoured, humbled and grateful.

I think more than anything, being a multi-award winning website speaks volumes about the products we support and choose to list on our site. The real honour must of course go to the brands that continually research and develop new ingredients and formulations. These are the products that make a positive difference to our health and wellbeing and once again in this newsletter, I must ‘hero-out’ the importance of niche brands such as Phylia, who do not have a PR budget or money to advertise. Together we hold hands in our support and belief in pioneering, cutting edge products and of course I thank each and every one of you for also believing and trusting.

The Multiple Benefits of Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that was once labelled as non-essential, simply because it is manufactured by our bodies, therefore the need for it as a supplement was not necessary. Today, Taurine is considered an essential amino acid, which is vital for many of the processes carried out within our bodies.

Amino acids are compounds that are derived from a protein diet such as fish, chicken and meat. The body breaks protein down into numerous amino acids, which are then utilised to re-build our body proteins. Amino acids are also required for cell function, cell re-generation, the immune system and for hormone and enzyme production.

In effect they are equally important as vitamins and minerals and in this far-reaching article, Shabir takes a look at the benefits of Taurine in relation to weight loss, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol reduction and several other health concerns.
VH Editorial: The Multiple Benefits of Taurine; Taurine by Life Extension £12.95 for 50 Capsules

News and Feedback

Root Cover Up by Color Wow: The success of this very clever product just goes on and on. This is the unique professional powder styling compound that adheres to hair and dramatically extends the time between colouring as it camouflages roots instantly. The breaking news here is that there are now two new colours, Platinum Blonde and Darkest Brown/Black, to add to the original four colours, so check them out and let me tell you, if you are going away, this is a life-saving beauty must-have for the suitcase if you colour your hair and you don’t want your roots making an unwanted appearance!
Root Cover Up by Color Wow £28.50 (now available in six shades)

The Eye Doctor: When I received this email from a VH Addict, I burst out laughing, mostly because there is nothing like a good sense of humour:

‘Where the hell have the bags under my eyes gone??!! I keep staring in the rear view mirror on the school run in disbelief. If you hear of an accident on the A6 near Bakewell, it’s probably me. That Eye Doctor mask is something else. That is all!’
The Eye Doctor £19.95

Chillicious by Temple Spa: I’m writing this newsletter in the stifling heat, so I just want to say that sales of Chillicious have soared over the past couple of weeks as the heat wave continues. Known as ‘air-conditioning in a bottle’, Chillicious is a revolutionary lightweight gel-balm with an ice-cool formula that instantly chills the skin and gradually reduces body temperature over a prolonged period. Helping to eliminate sweat and stickiness, it also contains a blend of essential oils that help calm anxious feelings. By the time you read this, it could be raining, but never mind that, it is great for taking on holiday and if you suffer night sweats, keep a bottle of this by the side of your bed.
Chillicious by Temple Spa £18 for 100 ml

More news from Temple Spa: For those of you who are avid fans of Temple Spa’s Golden Delicious, Immediate Response Bronzing Gel, please note that this product has now been replaced by Lovely Day. Lovely Day, known as ‘liquid sunshine’, has been formulated to give you the ultimate summer glow and should be applied after exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising your face. Just dot onto the skin and massage in using upward and outwards movements. Please remember to wash your hands after application and double cleanse to remove the residue. I’m a big fan of double cleansing, just in case anybody is interested!
Lovely Day by Temple Spa £25 for 50 ml

Daily Energy: I hope you don’t mind, but I just want to say how amazing Daily Energy is. This is of course the new supplement we launched on the July newsletter. If you missed what I wrote, then please click here, but I just want to tell you that when I was originally writing about it, I was experiencing a rather dramatic mood elevation. At the time I was worried that I was hallucinating, but actually it is now factual, I’ve given it enough time. Therefore I hereby declare that Daily Energy is a ‘double whammy’ product, increasing energy levels significantly, it also falls into the ‘happy pill’ genre, which in turn makes me happier, most especially because it can help make you happier too. Happy together!
Daily Energy £25 for 60 Capsules

The Death of a Product – Miracle Glo: I have literally just been told that Miracle Glo is being withdrawn from the market. I’m not too sure of the reasons why, but I promise you it isn’t because of anything horrible as far as I can ascertain! I really love this product and have often written about it, so I’m kind of sad, so just to say that if you are a Miracle Glo fan, get it whilst you can. We have a limited volume of stock, so once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Sigh!!
Miracle Glo £40 for 60 ml (with brush); Miracle Glo £33 for 60 ml (without brush)

VH Editorial

In ‘Arms Heading South’ Jo Fairley writes that most women she knows who look at news footage of the US president are transfixed by Barack Obama. But not Jo, who generally spends the whole time examining Michele Obama’s upper arms, which are very often but a few feet away from Barack’s side. Searching for the merest jiggle or wobble, that might make her feel better about her own arms, Jo goes on to write about ‘Upper Arm Anxiety’, so do check it out for her top tips.
Arms Heading South by Jo Fairley

In other editorial features, Catherine Turner looks at Making Connections and the Beauty Bible girls go ‘Nuts About Coconuts.’
VH Editorial

Five Tips for Holiday

Miracle Lotion: Not only brilliant for dry skin, but this acts as one of the best after-sun products ever. Multi-tasking magic!
Miracle Lotion £15 for 237 ml

Beauty Bible Lip Balm: I carry this wherever I go and I love everything about it, including the fact that it helps clear up summer cold sores. This also happens to be the one and only product the Beauty Bible girls have ever put their name to, which kind of speaks volumes.
Beauty Bible Lip Balm £6

Phylia Holiday Tips: If you use the Phylia range, then you wouldn’t go anywhere without Clean, Condition and Connect. So Clean can double up as a cleanser, Condition doubles up as a body cream and Connect is brilliant for insect bites. Thought you might like to know!
Clean £28; Condition £30; Connect £45; The Three Step Kit £103

Ultrasun Sensitive Sun Glimmer 20: Loved by beauty editors, the tiny golden ‘glimmers’ raise protection by deflecting the sun’s rays and then add a rather attractive golden glow to the surface of your skin. Clever and smart.
Ultrasun Sensitive Sun Glimmer 20 £18 for 100 ml

Altitude Oil: Inhale it, burn it, drop it onto your pillow. The beginning, middle and end!
Altitude Oil by de Mamiel £22 for 10 ml

That’s a wrap! We have come to the end of another newsletter and all that remains is to thank you, together with Shabir and the VH team, for your ongoing support and loyalty.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making some changes to our website; I hope that the transition will be smooth and that you will not be affected by the changes, but I just thought I would let you know just in case something looks a bit weird. It will just be a work in progress, so please bear with us.

I hope you have a fabulous August and if you are travelling, please travel safe.

With love

Gill x