August Newsletter 2011

August Newsletter 2011

Welcome to the August newsletter where I introduce you to a whole stash of make-up secrets, high-tech tools and tutorials, which basically means each of us can have pixel-perfect make-up always and forever. We take a look at an innovative peptide tanning collection, I make a call out to our NUDE Skincare customers (er, that would be most of you I guess) and I have something rather wonderful to say about Lulu. Additionally, I give you a sneak preview of things to come, we take a look at some of your feedback and I give thanks and applause to our amazing editorial team. Before we launch into this newsletter, please also take a look at ‘The Podium’ this month, because it is all about something extraordinarily close to my heart and I would like to share this with you. Right, let’s go:

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Samantha Chapman, a professional make-up artist, turned beauty blogger, turned internet phenomenon, who has successfully captured the attention of beauty aficionados around the world through her expert make-up tutorials that demonstrate the step by step techniques to looking fabulous. She earned an online presence with recognition for her renowned tutorials on the ‘Pixiwoo’ YouTube channel, which she created with her sister, Nicola. Taking her acclaimed YouTube videos to the next level, Sam now showcases her expertise with ‘Real Techniques’ cosmetic brushes and if you follow the link below, you can watch each and every one of them, and let me tell you they are completely brilliant.

Real Techniques – The Tutorials

The mission behind the range is very simple: high-tech brushes and industry-quality make-up tutorials that can make you the expert. Real Techniques brushes combine premium materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever, including the ever popular ‘smoky eye’. Each brush has ultra plush taklon bristles, which are cruelty free and hand cut for pristine performance, the brush name for easy reference and they are colour coded, i.e flawless base (orange), enhanced eyes (purple) and the perfect finish (pink).

The Core Collection: Released in America earlier this year and achieving unbelievable accolades, this is the #1 bestseller, which is no surprise to me because these are the brushes that help create a flawless foundation. The Core Collection includes a Detailer Brush, precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas (or use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition); a Pointed Foundation Brush to use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage (even under harsh lights!); a Buffing Brush, which is ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation and a Contour Brush, which delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft focus finish. Sold separately, the Powder Brush and the angled Foundation Brush build coverage for an air-brushed look – yes! Bring them right on!

The Core Collection £20.99; Powder Brush £10.99; Foundation Brush £8.99

The Starter Set: Coming a close second to The Core Collection is The Starter Set, which help boost your make-up with effortlessly enhanced eyes, so make sure you watch the tutorial to learn how to create amazing eye make-up. The Starter Set has five brushes including a Base Shadow Brush, which applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour; a Deluxe Crease Brush with a soft, oversized design for effortless contouring; an Accent Brush designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging (love a smudge, really I do!); a Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush, which is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application and a Brow Brush to help easily define eyebrows. Available separately is the Shading Brush, the quintessential eye brush taking subtle eye make-up one step up to dramatic eye make-up, which of course appeals greatly to me because I live for drama, of the good kind you understand!

The Starter Set £20.99; Shading Brush £6.99

Travel Essentials: The final collection is the Travel Essentials kit to optimize a look on the go. It contains the Essential Foundation Brush to help build flawless coverage with liquid foundation or concealer; a Multi-Task Brush for effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer and a Domed Shadow Brush for smoothly shading and defining the eye. Sold separately and completing the Real Techniques collection are the Stippling Brush, the dual-fibre trade secret to perfect air-brushed results; the Kabuki brush, a two-in-one tool that can be used for powder when closed and for colour when unfolded and the Lash-Brow Groomer for defined separated lashes and beautiful brows.

Travel Essentials £20.99; Stippling Brush £10.99; Kabuki Brush £10.99; Lash-Brow Groomer £6.99

Just to round this section off, I will save you the time of looking through each set by telling you that there are no duplications, i.e if you were to buy all three sets, you wouldn’t get two of the same brush. The other thing is that armed with these brushes, you can watch the tutorials and achieve a dramatic ‘new you’ without having to visit the cosmetic counters (I’m going to be loved for that statement!). Seriously, just get out all the make-up you have ever used and never used (ahem!) get to it and gift your girlfriends too. It’s good to share! Tra la la and onto the next section, which I ask you to read carefully!

NUDE Skincare

In the entire history of VH, I’m not sure that I have ever continually written and praised a skincare brand as I have been doing over the past few months about NUDE Skincare. I completely understand that not every product will work for everybody, but the feedback we have received about NUDE is quite exemplary. I am completely passionate about NUDE, I use the products myself and in a sneak preview from the new edition of Beauty Bible (, this is what Sarah has written about NUDE’s Age Defence Moisturiser:

Age Defence Moisturiser: ‘So the word on the Beauty Bible block this edition is clearly ‘Nude’! Having (rather shamingly) been a bit ho-hum about Nude Skincare when it first appeared, I am now such a fan I simply want to tell the world. It’s the brainchild of Ali Hewson, wife to uber-star Bono, and Bryan Meehan, founder of Fresh & Wild (the first great natural health stores in London) and is more natural than the day. It also, and I think this may be one of the reasons it works so brilliantly, contains a probiotic complex, as well as milk peptides, hyaluronic acid and orchid to firm, tone and hydrate. Our Beauty Bible testers gave Nude Replenishing Night Oil the highest average score we’ve ever had in 15 years of testing. I love that too. But I am blown away by this moisturiser, which makes my skin more even-toned and brighter as well as dewy and supple. I could go on, but you’ve got the message. Just go Nude!’

Age Defence Moisturiser £54 for 40 ml; Replenishing Night Oil £44 for 15 ml

Five People Wanted! On the July newsletter I wrote all about NUDE’s global bestseller, Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum (ACRS), which I think is completely stunning. If you missed what I wrote then please click here to read what I said. Now, please read this next part carefully. If you have bought the Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum from us and you are using it, or you are about to order and use it, then please mail us with your name, address and telephone number by Friday 12 August. We will electronically select five of you to take part in a very special NUDE testing event (in your own home) and that is all I can say at this moment, other than you cannot remain anonymous and I will need to write about you! So, please send your emails to and I hope you love ACRS as much as I do and that your skin is looking pretty damn fabulous, because mine is!

Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum £68 for 30 ml

Lulu’s Operation Glam

If you follow us on Facebook (if not, why not!), then you would have seen a post I made last week announcing that I would be writing about a rather remarkable ‘happening’ on this newsletter involving Lulu. By the end of July, two very lucky people will have won a haircut with Lulu’s hairdresser, Kevin (and his magic scissors) at John Frieda, but I have another treat this month and so I ask you to read the following very carefully:

It is a well-known fact that I often host tiara tea parties. This is where we stick £2 tiaras on our heads (provided by me), have sandwiches, cake and jelly and generally behave rather badly, just because we can. Some of the tea parties are small and intimate and others are outrageously big and loud, so it’s just as well that these are ‘girls only’ events because Shabir’s eyes would roll up to heaven and back again if he saw some of our performances, but perhaps best if I don’t write about them here. So without wishing to create too much of a frenzy, I am going to invite four of you to join Lulu, the Beauty Bible girls, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey, and me (if the wind is blowing in the right direction) to a very special Tiara Tea Party, which will take place on Wednesday 14 September at 3.30 pm in London. Read on:

All you have to do is buy any of Lulu’s hair care products between now and the end of August and your name will automatically be entered into a prize draw. Four names will be electronically selected, so when you are making an order can you please ensure that you enter your full contact details including a telephone number and your email address. If you are selected then we will inform you where you need to go and I’m not announcing it here because otherwise you will all turn up and my name will be mud! Unfortunately we cannot pay travel expenses, so that will be your responsibility, but we will of course be sending you home with a gorgeous goody bag.

I wrote all about Lulu’s products on the July newsletter, but in the latest edition of Beauty Bible, Jo and Sarah also throw the focus on Lulu and her products. So, I am now going to put my feet up on my desk and without any shame whatsoever, I am stealing what they have written, so here we go and they can have an extra egg sandwich for this:

We thought you ought to know that the pretty-darned-miraculous hair range from our friend Lulu has landed at VH. What you also need to know is that Operation Glam was created by the cosmetic science genius, Joe Cincotta, who used to be at John Frieda and came up with breakthroughs like the long-lost, much-lamented Funky Chunky, Sheer Blonde, the famous Frizz-Ease range, and more. Lulu savvily recruited him to develop her hair care and anybody who has tried this range rave, rave, rave about it.

Glammunition Thickening Elixir is the true ‘hero’ of the range (and has put a smile back on the face of many women who were addicted to Funky Chunky – because actually this works even better!). Thickening Elixir has the same power to add volume and thickness to hair, even helping to reduce the appearance of thinning hair. What’s so clever, though, is that it doesn’t make it feel or look stiff. Just genius.

Glammunition Thickening Elixir £18 for 100 ml

Larger-Than-Life Shampoo & Larger-Than-Life Conditioner: Fine-haired women everywhere need to know about this duo: sulphate-free, non-irritating (and great for caring for coloured hair), its real USP is a special peptide complex that not only boosts condition and shine, but makes hair look thicker. This is an absolute godsend for women who are noticing that their hair just doesn’t have the ‘oomph’ it used to. Gill (er, name-check, that’s me!) is ADDICTED, and so are our other friends who wouldn’t normally spend this much on a shampoo and conditioner, but have found they don’t need to wash their hair every day now, making it worth every penny.

Larger-than-Life Shampoo £16.50 for 250 ml; Larger-than-Life Conditioner £16.50 for 250 ml

Lock Star Shampoo & Lock Star Conditioner: This is the other bounce-boosting shampoo and conditioner: ultra-moisturising and designed to restore smoothness and shine, making it excellent for coloured hair or for grey hair, whose texture has changed. Look for renewed elasticity and ‘bounce’, thanks to a unique blend of silk protein, keratin and argan oil (we love argan!), plus a vitamin peptide complex. We’d say this is true ‘anti-ageing’ hair care.

Lock Star Shampoo £16.50 for 250 ml; Lock Star Conditioner £16.50 for 250 ml

High Profile Thicken + Lift Spray: Another stupendous styling essential: simply spritz into fine, limp hair and this thickening resin provides dramatic lift, but hair doesn’t feel brittle or sticky, unlike traditional thickeners. Brilliant also for any hair S.O.S. when it looks a bit flat between styling, simply spritz this onto roots and hey, presto! Instant volume.

High Profile Thicken + Lift Spray £16.50 for 150 ml

Strike A Pose Modeling Hairspray: We generally loathe and despise hairspray, because it creates ‘helmet hair’, or makes hair look flat – but this is something else entirely, because it has plenty of ‘play-time’ so that you can work hair into the style you want. And then when you re-apply again at some point, it magically liquefies, so you can tweak your hair once again. A real professional backstage must-have, this, and great for adding shine too. Your Operation Glam ‘finishing touch’.

Strike A Pose Modeling Hairspray £16.50 for 200 ml

To wrap this section, two things. Firstly, in this month’s editorial, Lulu writes about ‘The Art of Hair Styling’, so if you want further tips out of the mouth of the babe herself, then do read this and secondly a television crew has been following Lulu around for the past few months and a documentary about her life is scheduled to be screened on the BBC at the end of August. At the time of writing, we don’t have a definite date, but as soon as we know I will post it on Facebook. All I can say is that I’m extraordinarily grateful that the documentary crew weren’t around when Lulu, Jo, Sarah and I had tea recently. Lu (as we call her) made a big mistake and asked the waiter to describe the cakes; his pain-staking explanation for each cake (there were a lot) almost spanned longer than her amazing 47 year career and I didn’t get home until midnight!

VH Editorial: The Art of Hair Styling by Lulu

New Products

Optimized Cran-Max with UTIRose: The anatomy of the female urinary tract differs greatly from men, resulting in the need for additional nutritional support for women. Urinary tracts infections (UTIs) are the most common form of bacterial infection, and statistics show one third of all women will contract a UTI by the age of 24. Once a woman has contracted a UTI, her risk of recurrence is 20%. A wealth of published studies indicates that cranberry polyphenols (antioxidants, which help eliminate free radicals) may help to support a healthy urinary tract.

Recent clinical date suggests that the molecular features of the cranberry specifically promote urinary system health, and in a significant advance, Life Extension (an American based global authority on nutrition, health and wellbeing) has identified a unique compound that provides a synergistic complement to the cranberry, Hibiscus sabdariffa.

Native to Africa and Asia, Hibiscus sabdariffa has been used in some cultures to support bladder and kidney health. Traditional African practitioners use tea brewed from the Hibiscus plant to acidify and deodorize urine and protect against UTIs and kidney stones. Hibiscus boasts a range of powerful compounds that help prevent E.Coli from adhering to the urinary tracts and bladder wall linings. According to in vitro research, hibiscus also reduces Candida albicans, the fungus responsible for yeast infections. So the bottom line here is that this is a brilliant new supplement, which will help control numerous bladder infections and Shabir thinks it is an amazing formulation!

Optimized Cran-Max with UTIRose £20 for 60 Capsules

Acqua D’Alfresco is a natural luxury anti-insect product, whose secret lies in its sweet/spicy fragrance which is loved by humans and hated by insects. When I first sniffed it I actually thought it was perfume, so this clever product gets a great big endorsement from me for smelling divine. It contains botanical extracts of Geranium, Lavender and Melissa in a fragrant blend of 22 essential oils that help to repel insects without repelling humans. All you need do is spray liberally, every three hours, particularly around the neck, ankles and exposed areas, taking care around the eye area. Because I love the fragrance, I also spray it on my pillow, which ensures that I won’t be bitten by some horrid mosquito beastly thing in the middle of the night.

Acqua D’Alfresco £30 for 4 x 7.5ml sprays

Original Sole

Original Sole is an Australian owned company specialising in unique and innovative shoe accessories and was developed to fill a need in the market solutions for wearing stylish shoes. There are currently two main products, Shoe Sole Grips and Heel Huggers, although we are told that more exciting products are on their way.

Non-Slip Shoe Sole Grips: The shoe grips were developed to help women (and men I suppose!) walk with confidence in their shoes, because whether they are completely flat shoes, wedges, boots or seven inch stilettos, the base of most shoe soles are made with little or no grip and most of us have embarrassing slipping stories to tell. The Shoe Grips work best on smooth, hard, flat surfaced shoe soles. If they already have a grip or have a textured base, they may not adhere as they should and they should not be used on rubber soled shoes either. Just ensure that the soles of the shoe are clean and dry, remove the backing paper, position the grip on the outer sole of the shoe and press firmly for approximately 30 seconds. Then walk with confidence! My personal favourites are the Red Hearts, but they are also available in a Black Petal or Clear Petal design. Kind of wish I had these on my boots a couple of weeks ago when I was running like a complete loon out of the O2 to get on a boat after a concert (Neil Diamond if you must know) and went flying down the wretched gang-plank. Smart!

Non-Slip Shoe Sole Grips – Red Heart £7.95; Non-Slip Shoe Sole Grips – Clear Petal or Black £7.95

Heel Huggers: How many times have you worn a new pair of shoes and immediately scuffed the heel, or gone down a crack in the pavement? Heel Huggers are a patent pending clever invention and offer invisible protection suitable for any type of heel material or colour. Heel Huggers shrink to your heel size for an invisible fit and all you need do is apply heat from a hairdryer to secure them in place. Each packet includes three tubes in three sizes and will cover up to six pairs of heels per packet. Literally just cut to the length you wish to protect, then shrink. Use clear Heel Huggers for all coloured heels and black Heel Huggers for black heels.

Heel Huggers Black £12.95; Heel Huggers Clear £12.95

Coming Soon

I have to say that I get rather over-excited about new products, most especially when I know that they are going to make a big difference in their specific field. I get even more excited when we are given global exclusives, which means that you are the very first to know about them and will be the first to get your hands on them. So over the next couple of months, we have a few global exclusives and several new products to launch. I wish I could write about them now, but I can’t!

All I will say at this point is that two of them are from Lanolips and such is my devotion to this brand that I got up at 5 am in the morning to go and meet the creator of Lanolips, Kirsten Carriol, in Paris. This new collection is very, very rich; very, very natural and very, very simple. First clue: they are not for your lips. Second clue: each product contains the signature Ultra Pure Medical Grade lanolin. We will be pre-releasing in October and just so that you know, when Shabir saw the formulations he nearly fell off his chair with excitement and told Kirsten they were completely amazing. High praise indeed from the pharmacist! In the meantime let’s just all carry on using and loving Lanolips 101, the award-winning cult lip balm with 101 other uses and if you want to know the colour of the bestselling Lanolips Lip Ointment for the summer months, it is Rose, although I have to say that I’m pretty partial to Apples for a bit of the old ooh la la!

Lanolips 101 Ointment £11; Lanolips Lip Ointment Rose SPF15 £7.99; Lanolips Lip Ointment Apples SPF15 £7.99

The Podium

In a world where we are all touched by human tragedy, poverty and at times great sadness, I think it is particularly relevant to acknowledge the courage and bravery so often demonstrated by some extraordinary people in this life. As many of you may know, I have been a long-time supporter of Women of the Year, which was founded in 1955 to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women, many of whom have triumphed over great adversity. So please allow me to place Women of the Year on this month’s podium.

The Women of the Year Lunch, held annually in October, is the most significant gathering of extraordinary women in the world. Strictly invitation only, each guest is regarded as a ‘Woman of the Year’ and they represent not only themselves, but the millions of extraordinary women who make a difference every day. In a world which often celebrates ‘celebrity’, Women of the Year sets itself apart by honouring real achievement and diversity.

In the words of our current President, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC: ‘I love this lunch – the sheer joy of it, the laughter and the volume of talk. The female cabinet minister sits down with the post-woman, the javelin thrower with the judge, the dress designer with the nurse and the factory worker with the rapper. Everyone leaves uplifted and nourished in the knowledge that women are making a huge difference and that the world can be changed for the better.’

I am writing about Women of the Year at this point because we have just launched a new website and I wanted to share it with all of you, but before that I would just like to acknowledge our wonderful sponsors. If it wasn’t for the amazing support of the sponsors, there would be no Lunch, so please join me in thanking Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Sacla, Lorraine and Good Housekeeping for all that they are and all that they do for Women of the Year. Working closely with them this year is an immense privilege, so if you do visit the new site, just click on each of their logos and take a moment to read just why Women of the Year is as important to them as it is to us.

Women of the Year

Understanding Tiredness, Fatigue and Exhaustion

It is perfectly normal for people to feel tired, especially when they are feeling slightly run down and cannot cope with the pace of life. Often we use the terms tired, fatigue and exhaustion interchangeably for what we are experiencing and yet in medical terms they are very distinct. In a far-reaching article, Shabir explores the reasons why we suffer and what we can do to remedy these conditions, so if you want to know more, please do read this feature.

VH Editorial

Five Travel Essentials

Fast Balance GI: Fast Balance G.I is an exceptional, fast-acting formulation to normalise the G.I Tract where there is digestive upset from spicy foods, excessive alcohol, nervousness and tainted water, as well as being the most advanced product currently available to promote fast relief from the above conditions. Fast Balance contains Mannon oligosaccharides (MOS) which helps to quickly correct alterations in absorption and secretion and helps normalise the function of the G.I Tract. Take one capsule per 50 lbs of body weight. If after 30 minutes symptoms do not lessen, repeat recommended amount.

Fast Balance G.I by Food Science of Vermont £25.95 for 90 Capsules

Zinopin Long Haul: Formulated in Switzerland by Dr John Scurr for long haul travel and for anyone sitting for an extended period of time (2 hours or more), Zinopin is a natural supplement with a unique standardised combination of naturally sourced extracts containing 150 mg standardised Ginger root extract and 100 mg Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract). Zinopin helps to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis on trips over two hours and helps minimise puffy ankles.

Dr Scurr’s Zinopin Long Haul £20.60 for 10 Capsules

The Airogym: This clever invention helps increase the blood circulation in your legs when you are sitting for four hours or more. It is a simple, pocked-sized product, endorsed by consultant vascular surgeon John Scurr (as above), which inflates to an oblong cushion which you pump up and down. As well as being excellent for travel purposes, it can also help the elderly and/or immobile, diabetics (who tend to have poor leg circulation), swollen ankles, especially during pregnancy and people with muscle or joint pains.

The Airogym £11.99

Flight Spray: Flight Spray is the first natural nasal hydration spray formulated specifically for airline travellers. Used to moisten the nasal passages and alleviate nasal dryness, Flight Spray also helps prevent colds, flu and sore throats due to recycled airplane air and close proximity to those with transmittable symptoms. Flight Spray helps to enhance the body’s immune ability to fight against infection and also helps clear sinuses during long flights.

Flight Spray £12.35 for 15 ml

Maui Babe Browning Lotion: I really don’t need to write much about Maui Babe Browning Lotion. Everybody knows that I would never go to the sun without it and it is another example of a brilliant cult product that does what it says on the bottle in the most spectacular way. Just remember to put SPF on first!

Maui Babe Browning Lotion £23

The VH Editorial Team

I am in awe of the VH Editorial Team, I really am. The thing you need to know is that I haven’t whipped any of them into submission and made them do this for us. They do it because they believe and they do it because each of them is driven by a love and passion for the work they do. In their own unique way, with their own unique voice, they are teaching all of us and for that I thank them.

So this month the Beauty Bible girls talk about eye bags; Kate Shapland reveals how she nearly drowned in the name of leg research; Jo Fairley writes about being in the garden; Margaret Dabbs tells us what to do if you get a verruca and Shelley von Strunckel informs us what the heavens have in store for us during the month of August.

VH Editorial

Peptide Tanning by BeautyLab

I really wasn’t going to introduce another sunless tanning range onto our site this year, but when these products landed on my desk I couldn’t help myself, most especially because it is a revolutionary new tanning system and it intrigued me. So ‘Peptide Tanning’ is the buzz and the products incorporate a peptide that is capable of stimulating a higher concentration of melanin, resulting in natural, long lasting colour. There are five products in the range and each can be used as a stand-alone, but I have set out below the recommended Peptide Tanning Step System, which can be repeated daily until the desired tan is reached:

Step 1: Exfoliate with the Pre-Tan Skin Polish.

Step 2: Apply one of the following: Skin Tanning Lotion; Instant Colour Rapid; Instant Colour Mousse

Step 3: Hydrating Tan Extender

Pre-Tan Skin Polish: The Skin Polish is highly recommended and a must for preparing the skin for the perfect holiday tan. It effectively removes dead cells and helps induce new skin formation. Use this before starting the Peptide Tanning regime and it can also be used as a general skin polish without the Peptide Tanning.

Pre-Tan Skin Polish £15 for 200 ml

Skin Tanning Lotion: A deeply hydrating un-tinted self-tanning lotion formulated with a tan inducing peptide to provide a golden sun-kissed and streak-free tan. This is blended with rainforest cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and passion flower with a hint of citrus.

Skin Tanning Lotion £17 for 200 ml

Instant Colour Rapid Tan: An instant skin colouring and deeply hydrating tanning lotion formulated with active peptides, green tea, passion flower, sea algae and citrus fruit. Apply liberally all over the body, allow 2/3 minutes to dry and then wash hands thoroughly.

Instant Colour Rapid Tan £19 for 200 ml

Instant Colour Self Tan Mousse: This mousse is designed to give an instant natural looking tan without the sun. Developed using a blend of natural ingredients and antioxidants, it is suitable for face application and dries quickly.

Instant Colour Mousse £18 for 150 ml

Hydrating Tan Extender: This is a light hydrating lotion with gentle tanning and skin brightening properties. It should be used in between the peptide tanning regime to help extend the tan or you could use it post-holiday to help prolong the tan you have.

Hydrating Tan Extender £15 for 200 ml

So in a nutshell, peptides hydrate the skin and eliminate any orange or red tones normally associated with tanning products. Peptide tanning brings out the natural brown and black tones to give a more natural looking tan. It goes without saying that the more hydrated the skin, the longer the tan lasts, so I really do recommend the Hydrating Tan Extender, which doubles as a moisturiser. Voila!

The Wish List

I’m always pretty intrigued to know what each of you put onto your wish list and so I asked our technical team to push a button and see what the most wanted products were. Here are the top five and they are in order:

Hyaluronic Acid: This doesn’t surprise me at all. HA is our bestselling supplement and the feedback we get is pretty amazing. Recently HA was featured by Sarah Vine in The Times magazine; Sarah wrote that aside from being fabulous for your skin, HA was also hugely beneficial if you suffered with dry eye syndrome. Within days of ordering and taking the supplement, a reader told her that after years of suffering from dry eyes, HA had cleared the condition up and I have to say that I think that is fabulous.

Hyaluronic Acid £35 for 30 Capsules

Femergy: Rocket fuel in a capsule. Since we launched Femergy a few years ago, this superstar of a supplement has always been one of our bestselling products for lack of energy. A few days on this stuff and you will actually wonder how you ever lived without it.

Femergy £10.25 for 60 Vegicaps

Heal Gel: Created by five leading plastic surgeons, Heal Gel is a little pot of magic specifically formulated for post-operative scarring, keloid scars, blemishes and aged scar tissue as well as treating everyday injuries such as sprains, sunburn, bruising and many other inflammatory skin concerns such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also pretty brilliant for rosacea. Hero product!

Heal Gel £33.50 for 30 ml

Miracle Lotion: A good one to wish for! I’ve written about Miracle Lotion so many times, so just to say here that it thrills me that despite its pretty awful packaging, it is so loved and wanted.

Miracle Lotion £14.50 for 237 ml

Bee Sting Lip Plump: Continually in our top five bestselling beauty products, Bee Sting Lip Plump comes in at #5 on the wish list. Still brilliant, still fabulous and still the best lip plump available on the global market according to me and I’ve tested most of them!

Bee Sting Lip Plump by Valerie Beverly Hills £21

The End Bit

In a conversation with one of the VH Addicts last week, I found out that she had been run over by a bicycle in Amsterdam. Literally the bike knocked her down and then cycled right over her. Actually, although it’s not funny, we did have a laugh about it because it’s almost surreal. Thankfully she had packed her Magnesium Oil Original Spray and Magnesium Oil Original Flakes and she swears that it speeded up the healing process no end, so hail the mightily brilliant Magnesium for several hundred reasons, including being smashed to the ground in Amsterdam! The mantra: ache no more.

Magnesium Oil Original Spray £12.30 for 100 ml; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg

At last! The Margaret Dabbs Footcare Discovery Kit is back in stock, so this clever little kit containing four of Margaret’s bestselling products allows you to either take it on holiday, or if you haven’t tried any of her products yet, then this is a brilliant way to discover the range. It contains a 50 ml version of Intensive Foot Lotion and Hydrating Foot Soak, a 30 ml Intensive Treatment Foot Oil (love this!) and a 30 ml Exfoliating Foot Mousse. Perfect feet for everybody and on top of this, the Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File has also arrived, so get to it and you may wish to read Margaret’s article about home pedicures. We’ve got it covered!

Margaret Dabbs Footcare Discovery Kit £30; Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File £24; VH Editorial

Looking back over the first half of this year, I am particularly delighted that the following products have bounced into our lives:

Skin Restoring Ceramides: I’m not sure how I ever lived without this one. Straight onto my must-take supplement list because I swear that I am not going to become a member of the prune family. So taken with the miraculous HA, Skin Restoring Ceramides helps protect my skin from drying out and is pretty sensational if you suffer from compromised skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

Skin Restoring Ceramides £25 for 30 Liquid Capsules

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid: Ooozing with organic lemon oil, we launched Lemonaid as a limited edition product in February, but because it is so loved, it has now become a permanent member of the Lanolips family. The citric acid in the lemon oil acts as a natural exfoliator on dry dead skin and it also contains over 70% of Lanolips’ Medical Grade Lanolin. Fabulous for summer cold sores, Lemonaid offers a natural high gloss, hydrating lip ointment with a hint of shimmer. Nice!

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid £8.99

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible: What to say, other than if ever there was a must-have book this is it and we are the only place in the entire universe where you can get a signed copy, which is all rather wonderful. My copy lives on my desk and it is a constant source of inspiration, most especially when I go blank and don’t know what to write. Trust me, it happens!

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible £12.99 (Recommended Retail Price £19.99)

The Original Japanese Konjac Sponge: A tiny bit of latitude here because I actually introduced these to you at the back-end of last year, but they get onto this newsletter by virtue of the fact that they have revolutionised the way we cleanse our skin. Weird looking things, but they help clean and lift dirt from your skin, with or without a cleanser. I put myself into skincare heaven by using the White Konjac in conjunction with NUDE’s Cleansing Facial Oil and I could write volumes about using these two together, but I’m coming to the end of the newsletter and so I will just say that it is love, in a very, very big way!

Konjac Sponge £12; Cleansing Facial Oil by NUDE Skincare £24 for 100 ml

As we come to the end of another newsletter, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your loyal and amazing support and together with Shabir, the VH Team and the VH Editorial Team, I wish you a very happy August. I will be back with the September newsletter and I will be writing about a Global Exclusive Pre-Launch, which is beyond exciting!

With love

Gill x