Weekend Read

Weekend Read

Throughout the past few weeks we have shared many things together and as I write this, things continue to ease on all fronts.  It is in this space that I continue to write about the products that we believe make a real difference, across health and beauty.  So with two new launches and two treats, I welcome you to Saturday morning and all that it brings.  Joy for you and me.  And another few eye rolls from Shabir.  Let them roll and let us rock and roll.  Here we go.  Hold my hand:

Over the recent past I have had to be really careful about the products I write about, lest I create another nightmare scenario in a whole long line of them.  Since this pandemic entered our world we have been struggling with supply and demand and there are still wait lists across several product lines, such as Altrient Vitamin C and others.  I’m not sure whether you will have noticed, but after initially writing about the importance of Zinc, I haven’t written about it since because although we list various different Zinc products, they have been really difficult to get hold of, most especially our bestselling Zinc product, Zinc Caps.

As I write this, the wait list is huge, but a delivery is scheduled for Monday, and all things being equal, we should have excess stock. This allows me to tell you that Shabir has always called Zinc ‘the traffic policeman’ as it has the ability to go to the parts of the body that need it the most.  Zinc has numerous health benefits, but it plays a crucial role in supporting optimal immune system function and is often recommended for fighting colds and flu.  Of course I will write my normal caveat here that we are using supplementation to enhance and support our immunity as best we can, but together with all other supplementation, Zinc will not prevent any of us from catching the Covid-19 virus.  Meanwhile, Shabir has it covered in his archived article, linked below.
VH Editorial: Zinc Supplements Uses, Side Effects and BenefitsZinc Caps by Life Extension £8 for 90 Capsules

Let’s talk about hair.  Actually I want to talk about hair health because it is so important.  This is of course the health/beauty crossover and with stress levels understandably peaking, this, in and of itself, creates hair loss issues that so many of you are now experiencing.  Stress results in the over-production of cortisol, a hormone that causes underlying inflammation within the scalp disturbing the signals of hair production.  This resultant thinning and loss of hair hits us on so many levels, including our emotions.  We need to do something about it.  And so we will.  In the form of a treat.

It has always been recognised that, stress aside, there is a link between hair loss and the menopause, so I am listing below another one of Shabir’s archived articles, which covers this subject extensively.  This of course brings us to Superior Hair, our bestselling supplement for hair loss.  We believe that it is one of the most comprehensive natural supplements currently available containing scientifically researched ingredients that work synergistically to help support the repair of damaged hair follicles as well as helping to promote the healthy growth of hair.

So let’s take Superior Hair and let’s also take Fulvic Acid Mist, which I love, adore and worship.  I think you know that. Fulvic Acid Mist is a potent, rejuvenating and invigorating treatment for hair loss and thinning hair.  Working hard to help renew cell life and keratin function in our scalp, follicles and hair, it is a transformative haircare product.  In this context we will include a free bottle of Fulvic Acid Mist (60 ml), which is worth £12.50, with every purchase of Superior Hair.  This is a weekend only offer and it will end at midnight GMT on Sunday 31 May, or whilst stock lasts.  Please use the link below to receive the Fulvic Acid Mist.  It makes life easier.

In other contexts, you can use the mist in conjunction with Fulvic Acid Nail Cream (nail cream first, mist second) and I have sprayed the mist on my face forever and a day.  I do this after cleansing and before Neurophroline (it’s all about taking those cortisol levels down) and Fulvic Face Cream, which is a whole different story.  A love story.  Continuing somewhere soon.  Like on here.  In a few weeks.  A new Fulvic product.  I am beyond excited.  I’ve digressed.  Sorry.  All hail Superior Hair.  Thank you.
VH Editorial: Addressing Menopausal Hair LossSuperior Hair Treat £28.50 (90 Capsules + Fulvic Acid Mist 60 ml); Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml; Neurophroline Serum £18 for 30 ml; Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml

With the welcome news that we are easing out of lockdown over the next few weeks, it does of course remain that we must stay vigilant at all times, which means many things to many people.  The fundamental fact also remains that nothing has changed in our recommendations and for so many of you who have been in isolation, this next phase may be daunting.  I understand that, and I also understand that we must do this collectively wherever we can, however we can.  And so another treat.  But it is a Saturday only treat.

Many of you will recall that when the pandemic first hit in, I had just returned from LA and Vegas clutching a hand sanitizer.  That hand sanitizer was DermSafe, a clinically tested highly effective formulation which actively protected hands for up to six hours.  Several stampedes later, I feel the need to give back and share.  So it goes like this.  With every order placed today (Saturday 30 May) for £20 and above, we will automatically include a bottle of DermSafe (59 ml) worth £14, whilst stock lasts, hopefully until midnight tonight.  There is only one gift per customer and this will not show up on your order confirmation.  Take it as a given that it will be included. Thanks.
DermSafe £14 for 59 ml; DermSafe Family Pack £35 (3 x 59 ml)

Let’s do a new product launch. It’s from Derma E and most of you will have read my words last week when I was singing the praises of this skincare brand.  And quite rightly so, because in a series of new product launches from Derma E, I am going first with their Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches, which are amazing.  And they are loaded with all the right ingredients.  Vitamin C and B3 work to visibly brighten the look of dark circles, while Caffeine de-puffs and Allantoin and Aloe (God, I love Aloe) combine to help soothe under-eye skin.  I put them just under my brow too, basically because I always test every which way, and why not. It makes me smile.  It makes me happy.

Anyway, open the orange and white Derma E pot and you will find glimmering, golden eye patches, which are way too glamorous to be eye patches, but that’s what they are; they are even better if you keep them in the fridge, although you don’t have to.  See the thing is that nothing beats an ice-cold patch, in my humble opinion and these patches tick every known box on so many other levels too. I will further add that I cannot use many Vitamin C products because my skin is so sensitive, but I can use these and I can use C-Deep, which I tell everybody Shabir formulated for me, but actually I don’t think he did.  But that’s another story.  Anyway, back to these eye patches.  I think you need to discover them.  I’m hooked.  I think Shabir is too.  He loves an eye product. I bet he has these stashed in his bathroom.  If we don’t have enough, I’m blaming him.
Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches by Derma E £20 For 60 Gel PatchesC-Deep Vitamin C Serum £18 for 30 ml

I am now following through with a very common health concern, Dry Eye Syndrome. This predominantly affects people aged over 40 and is greater in women (please give us a break) than men.  Some of the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome include dryness, redness, grittiness, blurred vision and a stinging sensation.  Also on the list are light sensitivity issues, excess watering and contact lens intolerance.  Shabir always recommends two products for Dry Eye Syndrome, Tear Support and Hycosan Extra Eye Drops.  These two products have helped so many of you and you can read about them in depth in Shabir’s article, which also explains the whole concern.
VH Editorial: Symptoms Of Dry EyesTear Support With MaquiBright £18 for 30 Capsules; Hycosan Extra Eye Drops £10.95 for 7.5 ml

If I may, I would like to tell you about a little known product, except after this, it could almost become famous.  It is called ‘Breath of Life’ and it is a rather stunning aromatherapy inhalation essence.  Formulated to help you breathe more easily, it contains essential oils of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, which are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  The blend also includes Lavender and a heady note of Menthol. Love Menthol.  On the health front it helps clear a blocked nose and helps ward off germs.  I’m absolutely not saying it wards off Covid-19, but what I am saying is that I keep one on my desk and one in my bag.  You can sniff it straight from the bottle, which is pretty useful when you are crashing a trolley around a supermarket.  The accompanying song.  Don’t Stand So Close To Me.  Sniff.
Breath of Life by Temple Spa £12 for 10 ml

And here is the second new product launch.  And I am saying ‘all change’.  Actually there is no choice because Shabir (I am a pharmacist) has formulated a new Azelaic Acid and the original has gone to product heaven. Most regular Azelaic Acids are associated with grittiness, however finely they are milled.  We wanted to come away from that, so we have.  So please allow me to introduce you to Garden of Wisdom’s Azelaic Acid which combines the clinically proven Azelaic Acid with the super hydrating amino acid, glycine.

The result is Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, a water-soluble, super smooth, super hydrating Azelaic Acid serum that displays anti-acne, skin brightening, oil-regulating and pore cleansing benefits without grittiness.  This water-gel based product gets deep into the pores to help unclog and inhibit bacteria which causes spots, whilst calming any redness; it also helps improve the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Consider it launched.
Azelaic Acid £14 for 30 ml

I love retro products.  I always have done.  They totally fascinate me, mostly because of their simplicity.  Zam-Buk is one such product.  First appearing on chemists’ shelves in 1903, and in a time before antibiotics, Zam-Buk was an important first-aid medicine for any cuts or abrasions of the skin, helping to prevent infection.  Loaded with Eucalyptus, Pine and Thyme Oil, it is also useful for chilblains and many other ailments.  By the middle of the 20th century, with the invention of penicillin and other antibiotics, Zam-Buk had disappeared from medicine cupboards, but a few years ago it re-appeared.  So I thought I would tell you about it.  There is a caveat across this.  We don’t have that many in stock because the tin is being changed.  Except I like this tin.  So get it whilst you can.  In one of my ‘Wall Street’ moments, I bought all remaining stock.  I quite like doing that.  For the love of a tin.
Zam-Buk Antiseptic Ointment £3.99 for 20 grams

If we are talking about buying stock in bulk, I did that a couple of weeks ago with Pukka’s Castor Oil.  It had been out of stock for weeks, so I held back from writing about its brilliance for helping the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes until we received our stock.  Except it wasn’t enough.  And of course it had to be a Bank Holiday weekend last week, so instead of sitting under my desk eating Dairy Milk because I couldn’t get hold of anybody for three days, I resorted to ice-cream.  And as I write this, I have just been told that another delivery is imminent, which is just as well because I was going to find that Sebastian Pole (co-founder of Pukka Herbs) and have a discussion.  Love Sebastian.  But perhaps I love his Organic Castor Oil a touch more.  And it’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream for the record.
Organic Castor Oil by Pukka Herbs £9.95 for 250 ml

I’m not writing anything about D3 this weekend, other than to say please keep taking it because the evidence is becoming ever stronger that it really does play a major role in our ongoing health and wellbeing.  What I will write about is the brilliance of Trek Natural; the feedback has been overwhelming, but then this is the insect repellant that ticks every box possible for efficacy.  I’ve been writing about it for the past three weeks or so, but then I will always bang on about outstanding products.  It’s who I am.  And it’s in the genes.  It goes across everything.  Like Fulvic Acid Nail Cream too, which could actually be our product of the year. Except it’s only May.
DLux+Vitamin D+K2 Spray by Better You £9.95 for 12 ml; DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml; Trek Natural £9.50 for 100 ml; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml

I think it is really important to discuss the varying forms of stress and adrenal stress is one of the most misunderstood syndromes of our time.  Stress, whether physical, emotional or environmental, can stimulate a cascade of hormone production by the adrenals, which includes adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.  The problem with adrenal stress is that most of us don’t know we have it.  Tiredness, fatigue and lack of sleep are amongst the symptoms, but do take time to read Shabir’s article explaining this very common health concern and the measures you can take to help control it.
VH Editorial: Adrenal StressMagnolia Rhodiola Complex £28 for 60 Capsules; Multi-Guard ADR by Lamberts £27.95 for 120 Tablets

And one more thing from me.  And that is to introduce you to Jane Cunningham. Jane founded BritishBeautyBlogger.com 13 years ago while working as a beauty journalist. She is known for her straight-down-the-line reviews and consumer-first stance in an online world where clarity is often missing.  She lives in South-East London and likes pink wine and yoga, sometimes together.  In an article named ‘Look After Your Selfie’, Jane takes a look at how Covid-19 has affected social media and, of course, the beauty industry in general.
Look After Your Selfie by Jane Cunningham

Finally, together with Shabir, Lara and the entire VH team, I would like to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support. It’s all we can do to stay close as we continue to walk together.

Be safe.  Be well.
Have a restful weekend.

With love

Gill x