Weekend Read

Weekend Read

Last Saturday I wrote that I will be sending out weekly bulletins in order to keep each of you fully informed of the ever-changing landscape, relative to each of us, so here it is.  In each and every moment more measures are instigated and yet throughout I still remain pragmatic and determined that we will get through this together.  It is our duty and responsibility to do the best we possibly can, and that is what we shall continue doing.

Earlier this week health stores, both online and bricks and mortar, were classified by the Government as a ‘listed exception’ and it was further confirmed that manufacturers and distribution companies supplying health businesses could also continue to operate, having been designated ‘key sector’ businesses. However, running parallel it remains that there is a critical shortage of raw ingredients and on from that, products.

Notwithstanding this, we are still receiving deliveries, albeit with varying delays, but in most cases we are not receiving the volume we require and furthermore we don’t have confirmed dates on anything, which of course creates difficulties in fulfilling our orders in a timely fashion.  Most of you know that under normal circumstances we process and send our orders out within 24-48 hours, but that, together with most other things, has gone flying out the window. As I write this we are several days behind because of the high volume of orders, but we will get there, wherever ‘there’ is!

I am so sorry to repeat this again, but our customer care team are under extreme pressure and our first priority remains the same, to help support and advise the people who need us the most.  Please be mindful of this and refrain from calling or mailing about your order.  Information is sketchy at best, and non-existent in so many cases.  That said, and as mentioned above, we are still receiving deliveries and we are quietly fulfilling all the orders that we can in strict date and time order.

I find it quite interesting that things I said last week, have little or no relevance seven days later.  Actually they had little relevance within 24 hours, but I’m not going to flood you with my daily thoughts, even though I could practically write an opus each day!  At that time I wrote that I would be abandoning the monthly newsletter (more on that towards the end of this bulletin) and would spread out new product launches over the next few weeks on these bulletins.  But I’ve changed my mind on that and I’m putting all new launches on hold for the foreseeable future because it just doesn’t feel appropriate right now.

For the most part I am talking about skincare launches and my view is that we are enough and we have enough.  Several years ago I wrote that I didn’t care if we didn’t do a skincare launch for two years because I was perfectly happy with the skincare brands we list, that still stands.  No doubt having just made that statement, the most amazing product will land before me, it’s the way it rolls, but seriously the only new products I want to be talking about at the moment are either health related (there is one further down) or the health/beauty crossover, which is the category that I still find fascinating after all these years.

So let’s do it.  Let’s take a look at some of the most relevant products as of this moment.  As I write this, they are all currently in stock, but anything can happen and it usually does, so once again, please bear with.  I think it is vitally important to repeat here that there is not a product, in any category, that will prevent COVID-19.  If there was the world would know about it, so once again I will say that we are recommending taking immunity supplementation at this time.  These products serve to support, not prevent contagious diseases, but our view remains unchanged; we must do all we can to help strengthen our immunity at this time.  Here we go:

Shabir is having a moment or two about Life Drink and don’t we all know, because he talks about it all the time.  I talk about other things, which are coming soon, but the reason he loves it so much is because it removes the guess work out of choosing the correct supplementation and offers a deeply nourishing drink containing a range of vegetable proteins, power algae, power greens, berries and mushroom, together with digestive enzymes, omega essential fatty acids, as well as pre and probiotics.

Traditional methods of preserving the nutrients contained in botanicals and phytonutrient-rich food, such as air, oven and spray drying, can degrade important compounds and alter a plant’s delicate biochemical balance.  A fresh freeze-dried method is adopted here which protects and retains the plant’s potency, biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity.  The biochemical profile of these freeze dried botanicals closely resembles the profile of the original plant, but in much greater concentration.  Happily, Life Drink is available in three sizes, as below.
Life Drink by Terranova £28.65 for 227 grams; Life Drink Family Size £49 for 454 grams; Life Drink Sachets 15 Sachets (12 grams each) £31.50

It won’t surprise any of you who follow us regularly that I’m going to talk about Fulvic Acid Elixir.  I once described it as my desert-island-supplement and I have been taking Fulvic supplementation for the past eight years because I believe it has astounding health benefits.  Such is my belief, I have put every member of the VH team on it, together with Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which we still believe is in a class of its own for helping anxiety and mild-depression that is so prevalent at this time.

Anyway, anyway, I’m not writing reams because I will refer you instead to Shabir’s article below, which covers all you need to know.  One more thing here.  I have been prowling our shelves looking for things to share with you and behold, I discovered a stash of the 240 ml version of Fulvic Acid Elixir, which is worth £15.  So whilst we can, with every bottle of Fulvic Acid Elixir (480 ml), we will send you the 240 ml size free of charge.  I have no idea how long these will last, but all I will say here is that this will not show up on your invoice and will automatically be included with your order.  In the spirit of sharing, please give this to somebody who you think will benefit from taking this.
** Sorry this promotion has now ended **
VH Editorial: The Elixir of LifeFulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

And here is the new product that I referred to earlier.  It’s Sinol-D and it has been formulated to help give fast relief from sinus and allergy issues.  Non-habit forming, it will help clear nasal congestion rapidly and will also help reduce headaches stemming from sinus pain.
Sinol D All-Natural Nasal Spray Decongestant £14.95 for 15 ml (114 Sprays) (Vegan)

A mention here for the Saltpipe Inhaler.  I think this is relevant because it was created for those suffering from breathing difficulties and respiratory disorders, such as asthma and hay fever.  A few minutes of regular daily use will help you breathe more easily and will also help cleanse the respiratory system.  Once again, this will not prevent any of us catching the COVID-19 virus, but I believe it will help bring a modicum of comfort to some.  It is also important to note that at first use you may experience some coughing or sneezing as your system clears.  This is perfectly normal, so please don’t panic.  Its effectiveness has been proven in clinical trials and it is a registered Class 1 medical device.  The active ingredients of the inhaler will last for approximately five years.
The Saltpipe Inhaler by Higher Nature £29.95

Onwards from last week’s bulletin, we are still in stock of some of our essential products, which would include DermSafethe clinically proven hand sanitiser, DLux 3000 Sprayto help reinforce immunity and Mega Probiotic NDwhich we believe is a must-take supplement.  We have always believed that, so I think it is prudent to put a link to Shabir’s article on probiotics once again.
VH Editorial: Probiotics: The Most Important Supplement For The Whole FamilyMega Probiotic ND £19.50 for 60 Capsules; DermSafe Hand Sanitiser £14 for 59 ml; Dermsafe Family Pack Hand Sanitisers £35 (Three x 59 ml)

Let’s lighten this up because heaven knows we all need it.  In this space of non-essential things, I would like to announce to the world (well the VH world) that I have cut my nails off and filed them right the way down.  Naked, short nails are the way forward right now for so many different reasons, including hygiene.  If anybody at all is remotely interested, I still have my favourite red polish on my toenails, except nobody can see them.  Never mind that, after a lifetime (well almost a lifetime) of wearing polish, I have now taken to massaging Fulvic Acid Nail Cream into my hands and nails at least twice a day.  Nail recovery alert perhaps, but in any event I am keeping the price at £10, instead of the normal £12.  And onwards!
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml

If I may, I am going to write a non-essential section on each of these bulletins just to keep me sane, if nothing else.  It is at this point that I need to tell you that we continue to be overwhelmed with your love, support and encouragement.  After last week’s bulletin we were, once again, flooded with emails.  I think that I have personally responded to each of you, but forgive me if one or two got lost somewhere in the ether.  I remain human, although Shabir would disagree.

Through all of this, communication remains key and I’m actually wondering whether or not to continue writing the monthly newsletters.  So many people have said to me that they prefer the weekly bulletins; it could well be that I have written my last newsletter, but I am going to take your lead on this and no doubt many of you will tell me exactly what you think.  From my point of view, it keeps us closer and I think I prefer that.  Anyway, I will go with the general consensus and will of course report back next week.

Just a couple of logistical things because I like being neat.  As so many orders are still pending, it may well be that your delivery address is now incorrect.  As I mentioned above, we are still receiving deliveries (will Daily Immunity ever arrive!) and of course we want you to receive your order just as soon as we can get it to you.  If your delivery address is currently invalid, please mail (not phone!) us on customercare@www.victoriahealth.com.  As we receive an inordinate amount of emails, please put the words ‘change of address’ as the subject matter as this will enable us to work through the list far quicker.

I also need each of you to know that we have implemented multiple preventative health measures above and beyond the current World Health Organisation recommendations for each member of the VH team.  A fuller statement is on the front of our website, but it goes without saying that it is for the health and safety not only of us, but for each of you too.

Finally, I was going to make Shabir one of those sandwich boards to wear with the words ‘I Am A Pharmacist’ daubed all over it, but I thought better of it.  However, he is walking around wearing a mask and clutching his official documentation from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.  I am so tempted to write a whole scenario around this, but best not because it would degenerate rapidly, so for all of our sakes, not least Shabir’s, this section is officially over!

But it’s not quite over, because there is one more thing.  In line with my promise, this week’s feature article is entitled ‘I Come From A Different World’ by Jackie Annesley.  I so relate to this, as many of you will too.  My thanks to Jackie, with a promise that we will always roll together, no matter what.
I Come From A Different World by Jackie Annesley

Before I end this, my thanks go to each of you for your continued loyalty and support throughout these difficult times.  It goes without saying that Shabir and I are blessed to have a team who know how to pull together in times of need, but my thanks also to all of the delivery drivers who are doing the best they possibly can and a most special mention to Royal Mail for trying to maintain a regular service.  For sure, there are understandable delays in the postal system, but they need to be applauded for all that they do.

I wish all good things to each of you.
Please try and have a restful weekend.
Be safe.  Be well.

Gill x