Weekend Read 26 September 2020

Weekend Read 26 September 2020

As the weeks roll by, we are faced with continuing global uncertainty across all things.  It is for this very reason that I started to write weekly at the beginning of this pandemic, so as I welcome you to another Weekend Read, a few things to say.  We will get through this and whatever it looks like, we hold hands as we always have done.  The certainties, in this uncertain world, are that the inevitable ingredient shortages will continue, some products may disappear and manufacturers will start hiking up their prices, which we will absorb wherever we can, until the day we can’t.

But of course we are more than products, we always have been. I will not under-estimate the importance of sharing the things that really matter in our lives.  As I thank you once again for an abundance of emails regarding mental health, bullying and the dangers of social media, I will continue on theme, and other themes at the end of these missives. I feel strongly that we must continue to make a stand for the truth, now more than ever, and I am of course guided by each of you and your responses.  Nothing in life remains static and if I need to alter my focus each week, that is exactly what I will do.  It matters.  More later.  Let’s go:

Unusually, or otherwise, I am going to lead with an article. An article written by Shabir.  He wrote it because it is important.  It is all about ‘Inflammaging’, which essentially is low-grade inflammation and it affects all of us at some point in our lives. Several studies have indicated that the ageing process is usually accompanied by constant low-grade inflammation associated with cellular ageing.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of inflammaging and as you will read, the most common reason is that stress disrupts the body’s hormone systems, with some of the stress hormones, such as cortisol, compounding the issue because they are of course inflammatory by nature.  Shabir believes that Turmeric is the optimum herb that should be taken to help reduce inflammation.  It is the most clinically studied ingredient in its genre and it contains powerful antioxidants, called curcuminoids.  Please read all about it, it is important.  And I haven’t forgotten this week’s lead treat, it’s coming next!
VH Editorial: InflammagingCurcumin Elite Turmeric Extract £29.50 for 60 Capsules; Mega Probiotic ND £19.50 for 60 Capsules 

To some extent, I think most of you can predict what I’m about to do.  Keeping all things relative, wherever I can, having just written about stress and inflammation via supplementation, I am about to extend that to a topical product.  And of course that topical product is Neurophroline which in studies has been shown to take down cortisol levels in skin by about 70% in a few hours.  As I have written numerous times, I use Neurophroline every single day and if ever there was a hero product, this is it.  I know I have several hero products in my life, but I will not have a stressed face, will not, will not, will not!

Might as well go straight in, so Neurophroline is normally £18 for 30 ml, but for one day only, today (Saturday 26 September), I am going to take the price (and your inflammation) down.  The price is £12, whilst stock lasts, and on inflammation I will refer you to two articles about Neurophroline.  The first is from Shabir and the second is from Lisa Armstrong.  Lisa’s article was featured in The Telegraph last year.  Perhaps the heading isn’t entirely accurate as of this moment.   Minor detail.  Saving £6 is the major detail.  In the here and now.  Go. ** This promotional price is no longer available **
Neurophroline by GoW £12 for 30 ml (Whilst Stock Lasts); Stress Ages Our Skin; The Miracle £18 Serum That Promises To Streamline Your Skincare Regime by Lisa Armstrong 

I want to stay on skincare because I am about to tell you about a new product. Once again, I am able to tick the boxes that matter the most to me.  It is a niche brand.  It is suitable for all skin types, but specifically formulated for sensitive skins.  And there is not an essential oil that has gone anywhere near this formulation.  The product is Environmental Moisture Light and the brand is Harborist.

If I may, a few words before I write about the product.  Kate Porter, the founder of Harborist, created the brand for her own sensitive skincare needs against a backdrop of reports stating that as many as 40% of us have sensitive skin.  Of course this is going to sing to me, but there is more.  Kate had been a VH customer for several years before she launched her brand, which is why she allowed me the privilege of launching for her.  And let me tell you it is a privilege to be able to support niche brands, such as Harborist, not least because they deserve every bit of recognition they can get in terms of their unquestionable efficacy and, most importantly, moral decency.

I think I had better tell you about the product now and Environmental Moisture Light is a weightless emulsion, offering soothing hydration for sensitive skin prone to dehydration.  This formulation is enhanced with cell-protecting action, Bio-mimetic antioxidants and Omega-rich Raspberry Seed Extract.  It is the third product in the range, Balm-Gel cleanser was the first, which has been in my bathroom since launch.  Not the same Balm-Gel Cleanser obviously, I can’t remember how many I have gone through, but nobody’s counting.  Actually Shabir probably is.  Like I care.  Let’s rock these niche brands.  Together.
Environmental Moisture Light by Harborist £45 for 50 ml; Balm-Gel Cleanser by Harborist £25 for 100 ml 

Over the past few months, I have written about various eye conditions.  Concerns around eye health continue unabated, which is why I want to write about Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which is the mother of all eye conditions.  Actually it’s Shabir who will be writing about it in yet another archived article.  There are two types of macular degeneration, wet and dry.  Wet Macular Degeneration occurs due to the abnormal formation of blood vessels in the eye.

Dry Macular Degeneration, which affects almost 90% of people suffering Macular Degeneration, is due to deposits of debris in the retina which would normally be carried away by blood vessels.  I have given you the headlines, but there is so much more, which includes looking at the science around Macular Degeneration, the supplementation recommended and the steps that can be taken to help prevent Macular Degeneration.  Shabir does the lowdown.  As ever.
VH Editorial: Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)MacuGuard Ocular Support With Saffron by Life Extension £22 for 60 Softgels 

A strong article from Sarah in this week’s Health Notes, where she asks whether hair dye can increase your risk of cancer.  It is on topic because of the obvious increase in the sale of hair dyes over recent months.  As an investigative health journalist, Sarah reviews the evidence and suggests safeguards.  Her research is impeccable, it always has been.  This is the girl who ploughs her way through an inordinate volume of studies and clinical evidence before she writes one single word.  So please do read her words.  They are important.
Does Hair Dye Increase Your Risk of Cancer by Sarah Stacey 

Let’s lighten up and do a treat.  I’m not too sure how long this will last, but with every order placed for any Lanolips product, we will automatically include a tube of Lemonaid Lip Treatment, worth £8.99.  Containing ultra-pure lanolin, it is blended with organic lemon oil to help naturally exfoliate your lips, leaving them soft and moist.  This will not show up on either your order confirmation or invoice and there is only one gift per customer, whilst stock lasts.  Lovely Lanolips.

Right, let’s do immunity because of course this continues to be headline news, even though I haven’t made it the headline today.  It goes without saying that we have to do all we can to help support and strengthen our immunity as best we can.  I have been writing this all year and we are recommending several supplements, which include Daily Immunity, our bestselling supplement for immune protection, followed by Fulvic Acid Elixir, which, as you know, I take religiously and have done for several years.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

And now a new product.  It’s actually a new zinc product.  Enhanced Zinc Lozenges play a role in contributing to help strengthen immunity and scientific evidence suggests that the best form of zinc for this purpose is zinc acetate.  Releasing 100% of its zinc as positively charged ions (ionic zinc), we recommend these naturally flavoured peppermint lozenges to be used as an adjunct to your chosen immunity supplementation.  Much in the same way as I recommended Tonic Health High Dose Vitamin Drink last weekend.  It then went out of stock for a few days.  It’s back now.  For how long, I really don’t know.
Enhanced Zinc Lozenges by Life Extension £10 for 30 Lozenges; Tonic Health High Dose Vitamin Drink £6.99 for Ten Sachets 

Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.  More news.  It comes from a customer who has been battling a fungal nail infection for 32 years.  Yep, 32 years.  Despite various treatments to help eradicate it, nothing worked and through the years her jagged, discoloured and crumbling toe nails embarrassed her.  Her words, not mine.  You can guess the next part.  After using Fulvic Acid Nail Cream daily, the fungal issue has all but disappeared.  God save our nails.  With Fulvic.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml 

Can we talk about last weekend.  I wrote that I had enough cleansers in my bathroom to wash the egg off my face if the Fulvic Acid Shampoo Treat didn’t last across the weekend.  Well it didn’t last, and by Saturday evening it wasn’t only my face that was covered in egg.  I subsequently put myself in the ‘naughty corner’ before I got sent there by Shabir, who told me this would happen.  Mr Clever Clogs.  Let’s move on.  Towards resolution.

Whenever I write about treats, I always say that the offer is good whilst stock lasts.  Except I was writing about such an emotive subject, hair loss, that I didn’t have the heart to end the offer on Saturday and we let it run until midnight on Sunday.  Knowing that another consignment was on its way, I didn’t put anything across the site and I’m sitting here drumming my nails on my desk waiting for the Fulvic Acid Shampoo to arrive.

We will absolutely honour all orders placed until midnight last Sunday, but the caveat around this is that freight delays are pretty inevitable at the moment.  It may well have arrived by the time you read this, but if it hasn’t, it is a few moments away.  And more than anything, it does of course demonstrate the fact that hair thinning and loss is a huge concern for so many.  My apologies for the wait.
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £25 for 240 ml; The Fulvic Hair Trio £75 (Fulvic Acid Shampoo, Fulvic Acid Conditioner, Fulvic Acid Mist) 

Let’s do a quick round-up on some of the wait lists, although heaven only knows things change in each and every moment.  As far as I can gather, Mrs White’s Unstung Hero is still on the road trundling towards us, there must be a lot of traffic on those roads is what I think; Yacon Syrup is back in stock and you may not have noticed, but Triple Flu Defense+ was momentarily out of stock, but it’s back now.  And thank goodness for that.  We can barely keep it on the shelves.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Insect Repellent £20 for 250 ml; Organic Yacon Syrup £15.99 for 425 ml; Triple Flu Defense+ (2020-2021) by Dr Nenninger £27 for 30 ml

And it’s the Saturday only treat.  With every order placed today (Saturday 26 September) for £25 and over (excluding p&p) we will be gifting you a Botanical Fiber (yes it’s American) Face Mask.  It is called ‘VitaminSea’, it is loaded with seaweed and pearl extract to help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  This will not show up on your order confirmation or invoice, and as ever, this treat is only available whilst stock lasts.

As I promised, I am using this section of the Weekend Read to share your continued feedback on mental health, bullying and the darkness of social media.  Once again, after reading and responding to each of your emails, the hidden depths of the damage caused by incessant cyber-bullying, and in fact all forms of bullying, is so heart-wrenching, that none of us can bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.  As I wrote last week, I will not let this go and there are no boundaries as to what I will write and share with you.

Reading so many of your words, it is no surprise to me that even though incidents of bullying may have happened a very long time ago, the scars are still there and it is difficult, if not impossible in many instances, for those scars to heal, which I completely understand.

The incidents that I wrote about, happened to me approximately three years ago and there have been others since.  I think that somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I always knew that I would have to write about this subject matter one day.  It is only in our sharing that we can try to heal.  That much I know.

And so I will say this.  I know from your emails that the words written made so many of you cry last weekend.  I make no apology for this because I have always believed crying to be a cathartic release, and it is in that release that we can begin to heal.  It also needs to be said that nobody has the right to define who and what we are.  And they never will.

Conversely, the abusive perpetrators are defined by their mental cruelty, which they criminally bestow upon innocent people.  Exactly how many more suicides will it take before this stops.  The world is difficult enough as it is.

To conclude, however cruel and inhumane bullying is, I do know one thing and that is the truth always comes out in the end.  It can often take many years, but the truth is resolute.  It always has been.  It always will be.  And as is so often the case, that truth is our liberation.  In all that we are, we release and we trust.  In our safe space.

I’m not sure where to go from there, so I won’t go anywhere.
Except to say once again, I send you love, gratitude and respect for your extraordinary feedback.
Thank you.

Have a restful weekend.

Gill x


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