Weekend Read 25 July 2020

Weekend Read 25 July 2020

Another Saturday morning and I continue to lurch from one drama to another.  I should probably change the name of this missive to The Life and Times of VH (and Shabir); however we’ll stay as we are at the moment, but all names and thoughts are encompassed in this thing that we are doing together.  I mean literally from one day to the next anything and everything can turn upside down and inside out.  It’s like being on a roller-coaster ride, but we’ll take it as it comes and I’ll continue reporting on the things that matter.  And the things that are not essential to life, but they make us happy anyway.  Let’s go:

Look, I can’t help it, I’m way too emotional for my own good, because yet again I feel bad.  Let me explain.  As most of you know, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Fulvic Acid Elixir treat.  I did it because, as I wrote at the time, I wanted the world to take Fulvic for a whole multitude of reasons, but basically because I believe it to be the core supplement we should all be taking for optimum health and wellbeing.  And then the emails.  What about Ionicell.  And the guilt hit in.  I think I was born guilty, seriously.

Most of you know that I take Fulvic Acid Elixir and Ionicell.  A lot of you do the same, but quite honestly we launched Ionicell first and then followed through with the Elixir because we wanted to give you a choice.  Capsules or liquid.  You really don’t need both, but I double up because I can.  Notwithstanding that, I don’t want to be seen favouring one over the other.  So a Saturday only treat is about to descend.  And it’s the Ionicell Twin Pack.  Ionicell is £20 for 60 VegiCaps.  The twin pack is £30, so that’s a saving of £10.  This offer will end at midnight (Saturday 25 July). 

Given that Ionicell has been clinically proven to help our bodies generate more collagen, re-hydrate cells and is totally brilliant for the health of our hair and stronger nails, I think you might want to hit that keyboard rather rapidly.  On the nail front, let me tell you that Ionicell, and Fulvic Elixir, are pretty extraordinary for the reincarnation of healthy nails, but the marriage made in heaven is when you use the Fulvic Acid Nail Cream in conjunction with the supplementation.  I know, I know, I’m always talking about Fulvic Nail.  Shabir keeps asking why I do this.  Because it’s transformative.  That’s why.  Men.
Ionicell Twin Pack £30 (saving £10); Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml

I’m a little bit excited.  Actually make that rather a lot excited because I have two brilliant new products to tell you about.  As many of you will have read last weekend, The Tweezy was one of our top-three bestselling products over the past few months, basically because it is a facial hair remover extraordinaire.  It saved so many of us from the horrors of sprouting dark hairs and it will continue to do so ad infinitum.   I once wrote that I found it quite therapeutic, but then it’s the simple things in life that thrill me the most.  And now two more products to add to the collection from Tweezy.
The Tweezy Facial Hair Remover £10

The first is an eyelash curler.  A mini eyelash curler.  Why is it mini.  So that it doesn’t take up all the space in your make-up bag.  But don’t think it doesn’t perform as well as a regular eyelash curler, because it does and it’s only 58 mm in length.  Put to the test, it performed rather magnificently and then there was a fight in the office because we only had one and everybody wanted it.  And with the advent of mandatory mask-wearing, the eyes have it.  With or without mascara, when you curl your lashes they open up your eyes, which is probably quite a good thing in the scheme of things.  Like looking half-human.  And cute.  Full instructions on the product page.  Come curl with me.
Mini Eyelash Curler £8.99

Several years ago I had Dermaplaning.  I loved the results and heaven only knows why I haven’t had it done since.  Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that gently removes the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.  Once the dead skin cells and hair, commonly called ‘peach fuzz’, are removed, skincare products can be absorbed far more effectively and make-up sits better on your skin. 

Anyway, I had it done in America and the aesthetician said it could take years off me; obviously I couldn’t get onto her bed quickly enough.  And it does just that.  It actually does.  Behold all the wonders of the world.  And my younger, smoother, brighter skin.  There are of course many myths surrounding Dermaplaning.  So we’ll dispel them now.  Dermaplaning does not make your hair grow back faster or coarser.  It is perfectly safe doing it at home, it is pain free and the only caution is that you should not Dermaplane if you have a compromised skin condition such as acne, eczema or rosacea.  That aside we can all do it. 

One more thing.  This tool is a brow-shaper too.  Yep, and even I can do this after my statement a few weeks ago that I’m rubbish with brow-shapers.  It’s all in the touch.  A quick glide under your brows and it’s done.  Dependent upon use, this new love should last approximately three months, which is a whole lot easier than having to keep replacing blades.  That kind of thing drives me mad.  A lot of things drive me mad.  One day I’ll do the list.
Brow Shaper/Dermaplaner £8.99

We are on a roll with new products.  So let’s continue with the announcement that Ameliorate’s Intensive Hand Therapy is now available in a Rose Edition.  For those who love the original Intensive Hand Therapy, and so many of you do, this is now scented with a new delicate rose fragrance to help enhance and uplift the senses.  As with the original, this intensive treatment product is loaded with ingredients to deeply hydrate, exfoliate and relieve dry, rough hands.  No need to say anything else.  Except I know these will fly.  Out the door.  Hope they don’t hit Shabir’s head on the way out.
Intensive Hand Therapy – Rose Edition by Ameliorate £15 for 75 ml

Bloating has always been an issue for so many of us and that was before the pandemic landed upon us.  And now, it would appear, there is a bloating pandemic, so let’s take a look at this.  Falling into two different categories, occasional bloating may be attributable to over-eating or consuming foods that don’t agree with you.  However, constant bloating is far more common and can be associated with hormonal insufficiency, food intolerances, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and high stress levels.  Stress.  So let’s sort this thing.  Shabir does the lowdown in his article linked below which explains why digestive enzymes are so crucial.  We both recommend Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes.  I say both because I take it.  And so do most of my friends.  No names.
Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes by Life Extension £23.25 for 60 Capsules; Do You Experience Gas, Bloating or Indigestion?

In this week’s Health Notes, Sarah writes that leading experts in nutrition are challenging the guidelines that say we should go low-fat/no-fat to lower our risk of heart disease.  Furthermore they are saying that cheese, eggs and chocolate are pretty good for us.  I got rather over-excited when Sarah told me this as I thought I could legitimize Dairy Milk as a health enhancer.  Except the experts don’t mean milk chocolate.  They mean dark chocolate.  That will make the Empress (Jo Fairley) happy.  She co-founded Green & Blacks.  With Craig.
Let’s Feast On Cheese, Choccy and Eggs by Sarah Stacey

Let’s do a treat.  I have often written about my love for The Wet Brush.  I have one or two (I daren’t admit to having more, Shabir’s reading this) and I use them every single day, but that would be because I wash my hair every single day.  I would be lost without them and nothing else really does it for wet hair in the way The Wet Brush does.  So do go and take a look at the range of styles and colours of the full size brushes.  There is a reason.  And that reason is that if you buy an original brush (from £11.99), we will automatically include a free Mini Detangler Wet Brush in Purple worth £7.99.  There is only one free gift per customer and this offer will not show up on your order confirmation or invoice, it will automatically be included.  This is a limited time offer, but should last the entire weekend and perhaps beyond.  Who knows.  Not me.  Go.
The Wet Brush from £11.99

If we are talking wet hair, then I have to tell you that we have sent out thousands of It’s A Ten Miracle Leave-In Spray as a free gift with every It’s a Ten Order.  If you have managed to miss what I’ve been writing over the past three weeks, then this is the bestselling product from the Leave-In range of products, it’s worth £11 and because I love a challenge, I am trying to beat the US (a girl can dream) where they sell over 13 million bottles of the Leave-In products every year.  This is an ongoing gift and I laughed my head off a couple of weeks ago when Trinny (trinnylondon.com) declared total love on Facebook and walked us into her shower where her tub of Miracle Hair Mask resides.  I also spotted a jar of Sugar Buff from Temple Spa in her shower.  I’m coming back as a spy in my next life.
It’s A Ten; It’s A Ten by Jo Fairley; Sugar Buff – Mediterranean Body Scrub by Temple Spa £23 for 185 grams

A rather happy moment.  After last week’s focus on Garden of Wisdom’s two Vitamin C products, I was beyond thrilled to receive the news that Sytenol A Bakuchiol has been selected as the ‘2020 Effective Ingredients Winner’ by Ringier Trade Media in their Technology Innovation Awards.  Sytenol A Bakuchiol is of course the ingredient Shabir used when formulating our Super Bakuchiol Serum, which has been hailed as the natural alternative to retinol.  I think it is important to note here that not all Bakuchiols are the same, but more than that, rather a lot of Bakuchiol products have been using the clinicals established by Sytheon, the innovators of Sytenol A, to market their own products.  I think it best I don’t say anything else.  Instead I will quote the following from Sytheon:

‘While many ingredients in the market claim to be an alternative to retinol, only Sytenol A Bakuchiol has the scientific data (genomic, proteomic, in-vitro and cell-based assays) and clinical studies to demonstrate its ability to match, and in certain respects, out-perform the performance of retinol.  For example, a recent study published in the British J Dermatology has shown Sytenol A Bakuchiol as being capable of matching the established benefits of retinol.  Specifically, in that study, esteemed UC-Davis dermatologists concluded that Bakuchiol is comparable to retinol in its ability to improve photoaging and is better tolerated than retinol’.  Case rested. 

Anyway, the bottom line here is that I do not like using acids on my skin anyway; occasionally is fine, but not ongoing.  It is a personal thing I suppose because most of the beauty world loves an acid.  I don’t mind standing alone in my belief because heaven only knows what will happen to skin with long-term-daily-use of acids.  I have said this for many years.  Shabir’s written the article.  I use the product.  Naturally.
Super Bakuchiol Serum by GoW for VH £15 for 30 ml; Bakuchiol – A Natural Alternative To Retinol

If you have been following these weekly bulletins, you may well remember that at the very beginning of the pandemic we got over-excited when we saw a delivery van.  Not a lot has changed since that time and the excitement is still there because it could well mean the demolition of another wait list.  And so it was this week when we received another Derma E delivery.   It was so needed because after I wrote that the rather fabulous Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches were back in stock, they went out of stock for the fourth time.  They are now back, so sorry for the wait and perhaps I need to examine my head when I’m doing the next order.  And add a few zeros.  Seems they have become an obsession.  And so have the Healing Patches.  I am on countdown to the next delivery.  And so are several hundred of you.  Hurry up Healing Patches.  We need you to help mend our pain.  Now would be good.
Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches £20 for 60 Gel Patches; Healing Patches by Ross J. Barr £15 for Five Patches

Before everything went completely haywire, Shabir was in the middle of writing a series of articles about which supplements we each need to take for each decade of our lives.  He got as far as the 50’s and then chaos descended.  And it’s far from over yet.  So one of these days he will continue into the 60’s and on, but I’m not promising another article from him on any subject anytime soon.  If you missed them, they are linked below.  I give thanks for archived articles.  I’m working my way through!
Supplements To Take In Your 20s; Supplements To Take In Your 30s; Supplements To Take In Your 40s; Supplements To Take In Your 50s

Nearly there, and it’s time for the Saturday only treat.  With every order placed today (Saturday 25 July) for £20 (excluding p&p) and over, we will automatically include Magnesium Oil Original Spray (15 ml) for you to try.  Providing transdermal magnesium chloride, this topical use spray feels like an oil and has numerous benefits including helping to alleviate sore joints, knee pain and it can also encourage restful sleep.  As ever, this will not show up on your confirmation or invoice, so with thanks to Andy Thomas, Founder of Better You, we share.

Whether you’ve always been an outdoorsy type, or the confines of the recent pandemic has led you to embrace new al fresco activities, there has never been a better time to connect with nature, writes Becci Vallis.  For starters, it’s now proven to have positive effects on your mental wellbeing.  Becci takes a look at what could happen if you went down to the woods today.
100 Things To Do In The Forest by Becci Vallis

Finally, you know that Bruce Springsteen song Born To Run.  I’m singing it.
You would be too if you could see our wait lists.

I’m doing a ritualistic product dance, across way too many brands at the moment.
So please accept my ongoing apologies, but these things are out of our control.

Have a restful weekend.
Be well and a huge, big thank you for your understanding and support.

Gill x



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