Weekend Read 25 April 2020

Weekend Read 25 April 2020

And behold.  An uprising.  You have spoken your truth, as I have spoken mine.  Together we stand strongly in our condemnation of abuse, all forms of abuse, and I thank each and every one of you who took the time to email about my final paragraph on last Saturday’s WR.  Together we are intrepid, we always have been and here’s the thing, collective energy and thought will help get us through.  Such is the importance of the collective, I stand humbled by your love and support.  Light prevails over dark.  It always does.  In the end.

It’s interesting through all of this to observe changed behavior. I’m talking about the simple things.  In the course of a normal business day, we receive several deliveries.  With the ongoing circumstances, a delivery is now a big event because we know that we could perhaps conquer another wait list or, at the very least, be able to continue processing our daily orders.  As I write this, we are a few days behind on our regular orders, basically because we are still coming away from fulfilling these orders when a wait list product arrives.  The excitement and relief reaches epic proportions when this happens.  This week’s peak excitement, the arrival of Maui Babe Browning Lotion.  All the way from Hawaii!
Maui Babe Browning Lotion £19.95 for 236 ml

If I may, I just want to clear up a logistical point, which could save a few hundred emails or so.  We are currently sending out orders on a partial basis where we can.  We take the view that sending some products is better than sending none.  It is in this moment that if a product is out of stock, you will automatically be put on the wait list.  When that wait list product comes in, it will be sent to you and hopefully, in many cases, this will complete your order.  I would like to make it clear that you will not be charged p&p again.  In most instances p&p is not applicable, but where it is, we are absorbing the cost because it’s not your fault the product is unavailable.  It’s nobody’s fault actually, but this has always been our way, it is just far more pronounced at the moment.  As all things are.  Onwards we march.

Right let’s do it.  This week many of you may have seen numerous articles across the media (also see my final paragraph) about Vitamin D3.  If ever there was a buzz supplement at this moment, then D3 is right up there, but then so is Daily Immunity, which we are recommending taking on an ongoing basis, and certainly throughout this year.  As I write weekly, these products will not prevent you from catching the virus, but we believe will go a long way to help protect and strengthen your immune system.  The caveat remains.  It has to.

So with the wait list smashed (glory hallelujah!) on Daily Immunity and with another consignment due to land in the next few days, many of you have asked for our recommendation about taking Daily Immunity and DLux 3000 together.  The dosage of Daily Immunity at two capsules daily provides the Recommended Daily Amount of 400iu of Vitamin D3.  This RDA still remains at the moment, although scientists strongly believe that we all need more D3, not only because of immunity, but because of the fact that it is involved in numerous other important processes carried out within the body.  I could write a thesis on the subject, but I won’t, and certainly not for you to read on a Saturday morning!  Instead I will just say that we are gradually moving the amounts of D3 required to what is termed SDA, which is a Suggested Daily Amount of around 1000iu.  Thus we are recommending taking both supplements at this time. If you can.

Meanwhile, Shabir believes that Daily Immunity is one of  the most complete immune supporting supplements currently available, but then (with a tra-la-la) he did formulate it with strict adherence to cutting-edge ingredients symbiotically working together. With another one of Shabir’s famous formulations further down this bulletin (this is where he questions my sanity), may I also just wave to India Knight who wrote about Vitamin D3 in The Sunday Times. The article is In The Press.  My love. My thanks.  And in India’s words. Let’s squirt.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules; DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml

With so many of us mainlining Dairy Milk, which would include me (whispering Family Bar), perhaps it would be good, in the whole scheme of things, if there was a chocolate shortage, but of course there isn’t.  Refined sugar is ubiquitous in our culture and now, more than ever, we are consuming far more.  It’s understandable, but even omitting the obvious sources of refined sugar such as confectionary and many carbonated drinks, sugar is the most common ingredient in food today, especially in processed foods.

In a far-reaching article, Shabir takes a look at sugar addiction and how it impacts our health and wellbeing, not least because it can suppress immunity.  High consumption of refined sugar is also linked to anxiety, together with numerous other concerns.  Ongoing research has shown that chromium supplements may effectively control blood sugar levels and also that a deficiency of chromium can directly contribute to high blood sugar levels.  Staggeringly it is thought that one in three of the adult population are believed to be chromium deficient.  I think it is important to talk about this.  I also think I need to stop mainlining Dairy Milk.  I will, I will. It will not age me.
VH Editorial: Refined Sugar Ages Our BodyOptimised Chromium with Crominex 3+ by Life Extension £10.75 for 60 Capsules

Continuing the theme of writing about one common health concern each week, today I want to talk about digestive enzymes.  Studies indicate that the body’s natural digestive enzyme production starts to decline by the time you reach 20.  These studies further indicate that digestive enzyme production decreases by an average of 12% with every ten years of age, so that by the time you reach your forties, it is roughly 25% of when you were younger.  To make matters worse, hydrochloric acid production in the stomach also declines with age and this is crucial for activating all of the stomach’s digestive enzymes.  This digestive enzyme depletion can not only result in many of the digestive concerns such as bloating and gas, but it can also result in nutrient depletion.

Bloating is a big concern for so many of us, so delving back into the archive again, I implore you to read Shabir’s article, linked below, which I hope answers many of your questions. Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes is one of my must-have-must-take supplements and has been for several years.  It’s all about jeans and muffin tops really.  And so many other things.  It always is.  Check it out.
VH Editorial: Do You Experience Bloating, Gas or Indigestion?Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes by Life Extension £23.25 for 60 Capsules

Let’s talk about Netflix.  It has been reported this week that Netflix has added 15.77m new subscribers over the last three months. We have all gone box set crazy.  And suddenly a thought.  Upliftment is so important and there are many ways to achieve it, mentally, physically and emotionally.  When I was writing about The Tweezy, I mentioned that although we launched it many years ago, it had now become rather heroic and I considered it therapeutic.  So too Sarah Chapman’s Facialift.  What joy to sit and watch Homeland (not Netflix, but about to end forever) and other stuff, rolling my face upwards.  Facialift is a precision massage tool that will help reshape, refine, firm and tone the face and neck.  And so the upliftment.  It makes me happy.  These things do.
Facialift by Sarah Chapman £30; The Tweezy Facial Hair Remover £10

I wrote about many things last Saturday, so a bit of an update.  We still don’t have any news about Altrient Vitamin C.  I’m so sorry, but there really is nothing more we can do.  The wait list is going back several weeks and so I will say again that we remain fully stocked of Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki and Liposomal Vitamin C by Aurora Nutrascience.  If you would like to switch your order over to either of the afore-mentioned Liposomal C products, then do of course let our customer care team know and this will be done for you.  Also several Zinc supplements are out of stock, there has been a Zinc rush.  The very latest information I have is that we may be able to resolve this shortly, although we don’t have any confirmed dates.  Up goes another prayer.  Bring Zinc.  Please.
Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki £39.99 for 30 x 15 ml Sachets; Liposomal Vitamin C by Aurora Nutrascience £45 for 480 ml

I think by now that most of you know the struggle we are having with the availability of products, and that goes across health and beauty.  Thankfully, and as I wrote last week, Alive Once Daily Multivitamin is finally back in stock.  This is Shabir’s favourite multivitamin and it remains on his crucial list of supplements.  Raw ingredient issues are one thing, product famines are quite another and I will take the blame here.  Read on:

A product famine of a different kind is when supply and demand goes a bit pear-shaped via self-creation.  This happened with the Super Shiner Buffer by Margaret Dabbs.  I wrote that it was deeply satisfying, which it is, and within a mere blink of an eyelid, they were all gone.  My apologies if you had to wait, we are now fully in stock, all back orders have been sent out and can I just say that the miraculous and epic Foot File is rocking its way into most of your bathrooms.  Hard skin.  Gone.  No famine.  Yet.
Alive Once Daily Multivitamin Ultra Potency £29 for 60 Tablets; Super Shiner Buffer by Margaret Dabbs £7; Foot File by Alida £11.95

This is it.  A treat. No preamble from me, save to say that Shabir thinks I’ve gone soft in the head.  My love of all things Fulvic is pretty obvious, I write about it all the time.  I consider Fulvic Acid Elixir to be my all-time base supplement, for all the reasons you know about, but also because one of its functions is to make cells more permeable to nutrients, which in turn prevents deficiencies and increases the efficacy of all other supplementation, which is no small thing.  The Fulvic Acid Shampoo, Conditioner and Mist all remain bestselling products, basically because they deliver.  And so too Fulvic Face Cream, otherwise known as my dream product.

Shabir formulated Fulvic Face Cream for me; it took the best part of last year, but then I’m fussy and I was categoric that it had to be best-in-class, it also had to be luxurious, which it is.  We launched it at the end of last year to huge acclaim; many of you consider it to be ‘your all and everything’ and certainly it is one of mine.  I think that moisturisers are an absolute necessity at the moment; it’s all about feeding your skin and keeping it supple, which Fulvic Face Cream does rather magnificently.  So, because I can, a treat of epic proportions.  Shabir may well emigrate after this.  No wait.  He can’t.  There is nowhere to run.

So, here we go.  If you buy Fulvic Face Cream, which is £30 for 60 ml, you will also receive Fulvic Acid Shampoo (60 ml), Fulvic Acid Conditioner (60 ml), Fulvic Acid Mist (60 ml) and Fulvic Acid Elixir (120 ml).  In other words, the ‘Full Fulvic’, bar the Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.  As most of you know, I am on a one-girl Fulvic mission and have been for many years.  In its category, nothing, but nothing touches Fulvic Acid, which actually isn’t an ‘acid’ per se, so here is an opportunity to join me.  This offer will end at midnight on Sunday GMT (26 April). All I ask is that you use the link below to access this offer, otherwise mayhem could hit in.  Only one Fulvic Face Cream Promotion per customer. Keyboard time!
Fulvic Face Cream Promotion £30; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml

Update:  Saturday 25 April: 10.45 am.  Mayhem has set in.  Of epic proportions.  The demand for the Fulvic Face Cream Promotion is totally unprecedented and my head is hurting badly!  We have completely run out of the Fulvic Acid Elixir, which was part of the offer.  Rather than end the promotion immediately, we will substitute the Fulvic Acid Elixir with another bottle of the Fulvic Acid Mist, which means you will get two bottles of the Mist.  Please don’t email me.  I’m hiding under my desk eating chocolate.  Zero willpower.  Sorry, but hope you understand.  Gx  

In January of this year, we launched Annee de Mamiel’s exquisite Altitude Bath Soak.  It seems a veritable lifetime ago, but it was a Limited Edition and at the time I wrote that once it was gone, it really was gone.  In a way, it was a partner product to Altitude Oil, which is probably one of Annee’s bestselling products of all time.  Blended with a range of powerful, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic ingredients formulated to help protect the immune system when travelling, it is, in and of itself, coming into its own once again as it also helps clear your head and is great for colds and sinus congestion.

Anyway, back to the Altitude Bath Soak and I can announce, with total joy, that it is back once again. Designed to help the body re-establish equilibrium when it feels out of balance, it is the ideal antidote to stress and hydrates and nourishes skin, whilst fortifying the body and mind to help restore energy levels.  I don’t know how long it will be back for, but I’m hoping it stays forever.  If ever there was perfect gift.  Unto ourselves and others. A thing of beauty.  In every sense of the word.
Altitude Bath Soak £42 for 400 grams; Altitude Oil £30 for 10 ml

There is a weird confusion of time in the age of coronavirus, which seems to be affecting all of us.  This week Jackie Annesley leads our editorial team with her current thoughts on ‘time’.  I hope you enjoy reading it, and yes, somehow Netflix is mentioned too.  Is it controlling us.  I mean surely I’m not the only one who gets several emails a day reminding me that I haven’t finished watching something.  Thank you.  Yes I know Netflix.  But I’m working actually.  I digress, but can you imagine if I sent you an email telling you to take your supplements each morning.  Let’s not go there.  I give you Jackie.
Wait – What Day Is It Anyway? by Jackie Annesley

It is early Thursday morning as I finish writing this.  All is relatively peaceful until Lisa (Armstrong) tells me that Vitamin D has just been featured on Radio 4.  Prepare for a deluge, she said.  I don’t think I’m prepared at all. I’ve just looked at our order screen, so with my head in my hands, please be gentle because I know what’s coming next.  And I don’t need a crystal ball to predict the very predictable Vitamin D global shortage.  Here it comes.  Somebody send an angel.  A Vitamin D angel.  Like right now would be good. Nothing more to say.

As ever, each of you are continuously in my thoughts at such a difficult time.

Be safe.  Be well.

Gill x


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