Weekend Read

Weekend Read

I think one of the most apparent aspects of living in the ‘now’ is that none of us can plan anything.  It’s interesting because I have written so many times over the years that I have never created a business plan for VH, mostly because I don’t really look at us as a business, more of a happening.  It is certainly true that life can change in a heartbeat, we have all witnessed that this year, and so before we do anything else, I am going to welcome you to the Weekend Read and tell you that I have a few things to say.  I always seem to have something to say.  On so many different things.

The first thing to say is that we are not doing Black Friday (BF) this year.  There are so many reasons why I don’t feel it is appropriate, but instead of dwelling on those thoughts, I will say that, all things being equal, we will be putting our new website live within the next few weeks.  Primarily, this will be a gentle release and over the coming months we will be initiating the changes that we have waited so long to do.  I will walk you through them as they happen, but I am not up for our new site taking an extreme hammering for a few hours on any given day.  Whatever that day is.

I suppose in some ways we will be continuing the modus operandi of the past six months or so, except we will be upping the ante a bit over the coming weeks as we roll out the things we were going to do on BF.  And so I am starting this today, and of course if I am going to begin anywhere, it would have to be with a Fulvic treat.  I think by now most of you know that we created the Fulvic haircare products as an intensive scalp treatment range to support not only hair loss and thinning hair, but as a trio of products for general haircare and health.  In other words, we can all use it and it goes without saying that it is our bestselling haircare range.

So more or less a month ahead of time, we celebrate Fulvic with the Fulvic Hair Trio.  This includes the full sizes of the  Fulvic Acid Shampoo, Fulvic Acid Conditioner and Fulvic Acid Mist.  The Fulvic Hair Trio is normally £75, but for one day only, until midnight BST tonight (Saturday 24 October), it will become £50, with a saving of £25, whilst stock lasts.  And heaven knows if our stock will last.  If it doesn’t, please blame Shabir.  I’ll probably be in bed with a cold flannel strategically placed across my forehead.  Attempting recovery.
Fulvic Hair Trio £50 (For Today Only: Saturday 24 October)

There are a few new product launches this week and I will work my way through them below, but as most of you will have read, it is now widely accepted that we should all be taking Vitamin D3 to help protect our immunity. I would also like to add that the feedback on Triple Flu Defense+ has been nothing short of phenomenal.  And I think that’s all I really need to say.  Except that this is a symptom related formulation.  Please keep one in your medicine cabinet.  If you haven’t already got one.  I think most of you do.  It’s one of those VH requisites.  This year.
DLux 3000 Spray by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml; Triple Flu Defense+ (2020-2021) £27 for 30 ml

Another Limited Edition launch from Ameliorate.  This time it’s Green Tea Transforming Body Lotion.  This is of course the body lotion that was formulated to help eliminate Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) as well as bumpy, rough skin.  It now comes with the addition of a new zesty and refreshing green tea fragrance with hints of lime, bergamot and jasmine.  This is not a forever product.  It has come.  And it will go.  Probably quite soon.
Limited Edition Green Tea Transforming Body Lotion by Ameliorate £22.50 for 200 ml

Some of you may remember when we launched The Truthbrush, a rather glam-looking bamboo toothbrush with plant-based bristles.  Well now, two new products have been launched into The Truthbrush collection and so please let me introduce you to Truthtabs and Interdental Brushes.

I’m rather taken with the Truthtabs.  They are Wild Mint flavour toothpaste tablets with fluoride, which means they are a zero waste product.  Simply pop one into your mouth, bite and brush.  Truthtabs foam and clean just like toothpaste and the Wild Mint flavour will leave your teeth sparking clean and breath fresh.  I think they are really clever, but please note they are not suitable for children. The Bamboo Interdental Brushes come in two sizes and are ergonomic, therefore easy to grip.  Both come in packs of five.
All Truthbrush ProductsTruthtabs One Month Supply £4.50; Truthtabs Three Month Supply £10; Beautiful Bamboo Interdental Brushes Pack of Five (0.4mm – Pink) £4; Beautiful Bamboo Interdental Pack of Five (0.5mm – Red) £4 

Cracked Heel Treatment Balm is a fabulous pot of gorgeousness that will help transform the most problematic, persistent cracks in the heels of the feet.  Formulated by Margaret Dabbs, it will help relieve, bind and repair cracked heels.  This is a vegan-friendly formulation and it is enriched with moisturising Cocoa and Shea butters, leaving your feet looking and feeling instantly hydrated, soft and smooth.  This is the latest product in a whole long line of wonderful products from Margaret Dabbs.  And I’m a huge fan.
Cracked Heel Treatment Balm by Margaret Dabbs £18 for 30 ml

Last Saturday I wrote that VH was a sharing platform.  I also wrote that I felt extraordinarily privileged to share this platform with so many of my close friends and, of course, with each of you.  It is in this space that together we make a stand for all that we believe in.  It is in this space that we tell it as it is.  And this space not only enables the truth, but allows us to be very real, confronting the considerable issues that face so many of us.

That said, alcohol sales and consumption have risen steeply with Covid bringing problems of dependency and addiction.  In this week’s Health Notes, Sarah bares her soul and recalls her own history with alcohol, suggesting ways to help.  So we carry on standing.  As we must.  As one.
Playing Russian Roulette With Alcohol by Sarah Stacey

Following that, I think the best thing I can do is to talk about a treat.  It is from This Works and perhaps it is more than a touch appropriate because it was Kathy Phillips, founder of This Works, who, simultaneously with Jenny Jordon, first introduced me to Sarah back in the day.  Way, way back in the day actually.  Anyway, before I start writing about the life and times of all of us, please let me tell you that if you buy any product from This Works, we will include a rather special gift.

That gift is Deep Sleep Body Cocoon (100 ml), a multi-tasking beauty sleep solution, which is worth £25.  Because I don’t think this is going to last for very long, there is only one gift per customer.  Please enter the code TW24 in the box provided on the ordering page, when you place your order for any This Works product, to receive the gift.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  And the code will no longer function.  Rather like my brain if this all goes pear-shaped within an hour.  Or less.
This Works

It is perfectly natural for our stomachs to growl every now and then.  However some people find that their stomach growls loudly and frequently, which can be embarrassing, frustrating and difficult to control.  The medical term for stomach growling is borborygmus.  Mostly people associate stomach noises and growling with hunger, but that is not necessarily true.  The noise can occur from the muscles lining the stomach and the intestine when food begins to be broken down.  Shabir gives a full-on explanation.
VH Editorial: Does Your Stomach Growl?Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes by Life Extension £23.25 for 60 Capsules

Let’s take a look at another health concern, or to be factually correct, Shabir takes a look.  And that concern is Osteopenia.  Osteopenia is defined as low bone density, or low bone mass, a condition in which a person experiences a decrease in bone structure that is greater than the normal amount for their relevant age.  If unchecked, Osteopenia can lead to Osteoporosis, a serious condition in which the bone density has deteriorated to such an extent that it increases the risk of breaking or fracturing bones.  Osteopenia is more common that Osteoporosis and it appears to affect millions of young and middle-aged women.
VH Editorial:  What Is Osteopenia?Bone Restore With Vitamin K2 by Life Extension £23 for 120 Capsules

We are a tea-drinking nation, so please allow me to introduce you to two new tea bundles from Pukka Herbs.  The first is the Organic Relax Bundle, which includes a selection of three healthy teas, Night Time, Love and Chamomile Vanilla and Manuka Honey.  The second is the Organic Support Bundle, which has been put together for seasonal wellness.  The teas included are Elderberry and Echinacea, Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey and Turmeric Gold Tea.  And on the subject of Pukka, their current bestselling product, unsurprisingly, is Elderberry Syrup which contains Elderberry, Manuka Honey, Trikatu and Thyme to help alleviate the symptoms of coughs, colds and flu.
Organic Relax Bundle by Pukka Herbs £9.75 For Three Teas; Organic Support Bundle by Pukka Herbs £9.75 For Three Teas; Elderberry Syrup Organic £14.99 for 100 ml

You know how products seem to come and go, most especially in the current climate, well I am here to tell you that Annee de Mamiel’s rather magnificent Altitude Bath Soak is now back in stock and I’m saying get it whilst you can.   What I will also tell you is that Annee has just released her Autumn Facial Oil, which is loaded with Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Echium, the plant source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9.
Altitude Bath Soak by de Mamiel £42 for 400 grams; Autumn Facial Oil by de Mamiel £80 for 20 ml

I want to talk about the Japanese Cleansing Cloud, which we launched last week.  And I want to talk about it because I have now decided it is the personification of joy and happiness.  And I think it touched many of your hearts in the most simplistic of ways.  Not that it is simplistic in formulation, because the beautiful fragrance of Japanese Yuzu envelopes our very being as we use it.  It touched us because it made us smile.  And it touched me to know so many of you gifted a Cloud to somebody you love and care for.  A tribute.  To incredible products.  With meaning.  And messaging.
Japanese Cleansing Cloud £12 for 100 grams

And my thanks to each of you yet again, as Fulvic Body Lotion and the Healing Patches join the Japanese Cleansing Cloud in making up the top three bestselling products from last week.  That does of course exclude the lead treat, but I am just so happy that not only are so many of you now using these products, but your feedback actually makes me quite emotional.  Without an award in sight, basically because I refuse to pay to have a product acknowledged, these are the products that determine their efficacy by their very being.  And that’s enough for me.
Fulvic Body Lotion £20 for 200 ml; Healing Patches by Ross J Barr £15 For Five Patches 

I am so thrilled to be writing about this week’s Saturday treat.  It comes from a brand I love, Temple Spa, and we will automatically include a 50 ml bottle of ‘All Clean’ with every order placed today (Saturday 24 October) for £25 and over (excluding p&p).  All Clean is a moisturising hand sanitiser to help keep pesky germs at bay and your hands fresh and clean.

This will not show up on your order confirmation or invoice and it is only available whilst stocks last.  I think we have enough.  But there are times when my thinking goes a bit wrong.  Guaranteed Shabir always manages to phone when that happens.  So I pretend the line is bad and I can’t hear him.  Works for me.

I’m going to end this Weekend Read with a song dedicated to each of you.
It’s the lead song from Bruce Springsteen’s (I’m die-hard Springsteen) just-released album.
The words say it all.
Letter To You

With so much love and gratitude.

Gill x