Weekend Read

Weekend Read

Can we please talk about Saturday mornings.  I think it is now beyond obvious that I will never write another monthly newsletter. The VH newsletters were synonymous of an era; I used them as launch pads for so many brands, amongst other things, and although I have some extraordinary memories, that was then and this is now.  I have always felt that nothing in life can remain static and perhaps as we move through these difficult times, we are able to adapt and embrace change together.

So Saturday mornings.  I think by now each of you know that I much prefer writing weekly.  My initial thoughts were based on the hope that it would bring us closer together when we needed it the most.  And now it has grown into something completely different.  I don’t really know what to call it, but it has taken on a life of its own (mine too) and with each passing week, the evolvement is interesting to watch.  The one thing I do know is that it is vital to remain health focused, but of course I will throw a bit of beauty in here and there for the sake of sanity, yours and mine.

Before anything, let me bring you up to speed on where we are at.  As I’m writing this we are still a few days behind on our daily orders, but of course that can change if we receive a ‘wait list’ delivery as I mentioned last week.  Also, and I’m sorry to keep saying it, there is an inevitable time lag between processing and sending orders to actual receipt.  I know I sound like a broken record, but please allow Royal Mail the time and space needed to do their vital work.  Their workforce continues to be depleted, but that would be because they are human, just like the rest of us, and COVID-19 is affecting their efficiency.  Disruption is global.  We are not immune.

As anticipated, we received another delivery of Daily Immunity this week, so we are now fully stocked with another consignment scheduled, but at the moment without an expected date.  There are several products which I am referring to as ‘comfort blankets’ and this is certainly one of them.  Another would be Fulvic Acid Elixir, and I’ll talk about all things Fulvic in a minute.  We have also received another delivery of Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C, but unfortunately, yet again it barely made a dent in the wait list.  I am so sorry, but this remains out of our control. Each day I send up a prayer for more stock. I’m waiting for the day it is answered.  In abundance.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules

Fulvic.  Having been accused by Shabir of being soft in the head, even I couldn’t believe the response to last Saturday’s Fulvic Face Cream offer.  I knew by 9 am that we were going to be in deep trouble.  By 10 am I had almost lost the will to live, by 10.15 am my willpower had been crushed and I was sitting under my desk mainlining Dairy Milk and Diet Coke.  Yes, yes, I know we are health, but I’m not an earnest angel.  Shabir would say I’m far from that, but never mind what he thinks.  By 10.45 am it was all over, we had gone through all the Fulvic Acid Elixir and rather than end the offer, I wrote in BIG bold words across the product page that we would substitute the Elixir for another Fulvic Acid Mist.  And then, thankfully, the weekend ended.

My apologies obviously, but my intention was to share something of significance with you, so to some degree I am happy to have done that. I promise you that sometime in the future, I will come back to this, but at the moment we don’t have the stock levels to support another Fulvic treat and I am mindful of Shabir’s blood pressure.  What I will say here is that you all know how important I believe Fulvic Acid Elixir to be.  And now that a large number of you do have the Elixir, I will remind you that VH regulars have dubbed this as ‘The Libido Elixir’.  I wrote about it on a couple of newsletters last year.  See, see, we had our moments.  Memorable, or otherwise. More moments will come.  That much I know.
Fulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml

Having just mentioned Shabir’s blood pressure, I think we’ll talk about that next week (the condition, not Shabir), but for now I want to take a look at another very common health concern, heartburn.  Most people at one time or another will either suffer from heartburn, or will have suffered from heartburn.  Heartburn is usually caused by some foods and heartburn symptoms are frequently described as a burning sensation in the chest.  In a short article, Shabir takes a look at what causes heartburn and why he recommends Centaurium Tincture and Mega Probiotic ND for this health concern.  On the subject of Mega Probiotic ND, another consignment has just arrived. Just as well really, it’s our bestselling probiotic and I couldn’t face a Mega P famine right now.
VH Editorial: Heartburn RemediesCentaurium Tincture by A Vogel £10.50 for 50 ml; Mega Probiotic ND £19.50 for 60 Capsules

I think it is understandable that so many are experiencing an overwhelming sense of fatigue and a lack of energy.  So perhaps a good old dose of Sibergin could help.  Siberian Ginseng’s multiple benefits have been known for centuries with the Chinese, who use it for tonic purposes and it is a well-known adaptogen.  An adaptogen refers to a substance which promotes adaptation by the body to all kinds of stressors, whether physical, emotive or environmental.  Siberian Ginseng is used to help regulate adrenal hormones, it also supports the central nervous system, which may help restore proper neurological function after long-term stress.

However, the biggest single use of Siberian Ginseng is its ability to increase energy and it does that rather well.  So well in fact that many, many years ago Sarah (Stacey), Jo (Fairley) and I used to call Sibergin our ‘rocket fuel’; we used it in the moments when, and those moments still exist for each of us.  So please, if you don’t already know about the wonders of Sibergin, do read Shabir’s article, linked below.  And just by way of coincidence, Sarah has also written about Sibergin this week.  More on that soon.
VH Editorial: The Benefits of Siberian GinsengSibergin £15.99 for 30 Capsules

As you will have read over the past few weeks, the importance and relevance of Vitamin D3 is a hot topic.  It continues to receive intense media coverage and as most of you know, I continue to work closely with Andy Thomas, Founder and Managing Director of Better You. There is a lot of fascinating background behind both Andy and the formation of Better You in 2006.  I don’t have the space here, but one day soon, I will do an interview with him (he’ll probably run to the hills when he reads this) because I believe relationships are important and I want to share ours.

So if I may, I want to talk about two significant landmarks regarding Vitamin D and Better You.  The first was in 2009 when together we launched the original DLux. This was the world’s first intra-oral Vitamin D Spray, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is best-in-class.  The second landmark came in 2012 when Better You started campaigning for a greater public awareness across Vitamin D deficiency.  I had the privilege to work alongside this campaign with Andy and it has been ongoing since that time.  It’s tough to gain acceptance, but when you truly believe in something and you are on a mission, somehow the breakthrough comes, even though at times people think you are quite mad.  Never mind that.  It goes with the territory.

This week we have received more news with the discovery that there are two international clinical studies being undertaken investigating Vitamin D3’s role in the resistance of COVID-19.  Obviously it is going to take some time for the findings of the clinicals to come through and just to add to that, they seem to have taken a large volume of the D3 supply for said clinicals. Vitamin D is not going away, states Andy, and I agree with him. I will just add that I hope our supply won’t go away otherwise I will personally transport him to the hills.  And leave him there.
DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml

Back to Sarah, and I will just tell you that Sarah is still writing Health Notes, as she always has. Perhaps it is somewhat remiss of me not to have mentioned this over the past few weeks, so I’m correcting that now and will refer you to Sarah’s dedicated Health Notes section, where she continues to probe and investigate as only Sarah can.  I rather like it that some of my closest friends are award-winning journalists (AWJs).  One more AWJ at the end of all of this. But that’s a given these days.  We stand together.  We always have.
Health Notes by Sarah Stacey

Over the weeks, there have been occurrences with products that I just can’t write about.  Their mere mention would send everything into a spin and so, for the best possible reasons, I omit them from these missives.  One such incidence would be when India Knight wrote about Gloves In A Bottle in The Sunday Times a few weeks ago.  It all went a bit haywire and before I could blink we were out of stock with yet another huge wait list.  With all back orders now fulfilled thankfully, and with another consignment just received, I can now write about this magical little gem, which has been a bestselling product for more than a decade.  Or could it be longer. Actually I think it is.  Anyway Gloves In A Bottle is one of those epic products.  It’s like wearing an invisible pair of gloves, but that’s because it is a shielding lotion, giving up to four hours locked-in moisture for our hands.  Our poor hands.  They so deserve love.  And Gloves.
Gloves In A Bottle £10.50 for 250 ml; Gloves In A Bottle Handbag Size £5.15 for 60 ml

Time for a treat. Having written about Sibergin for energy, as above, I felt it would be rather neat if we matched it with an uplifting bathing experience.  Temple Spa’s ‘In Good Spirits’ is an energizing bathing and massage oil blended with over 30 Mediterranean essential oils, including lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, ginger and peppermint.  It helps restore equilibrium, so use it as a body oil, or pour it into your bath and watch it transform into a luxurious milk bath.  And then absorb the intention behind the name.

Right, so this is what we are going to do.  In Good Spirits retails for £25, but because I like spreading all good things, I am waving my magic wand and taking £10 off, which means that for a limited time only, it becomes £15.  A couple of caveats, because I must.  This is a limited time offer and we have a limited volume of stock.  Once it has gone, it has gone and quite honestly I don’t know when that will be, but I will keep an eye on it and adjust our site accordingly if I need to.  If it happens sooner, rather than later, please don’t berate me.  I really don’t want to spend another weekend hiding under my desk.
In Good Spirits by Temple Spa £15 for 100 ml (Limited Time Offer)

Over the past few weeks I have written about some essential, in my humble opinion, beauty products, which would include Fulvic Acid Nail Cream and the Super Shiner Buffer from Margaret Dabbs for naked nails, the most fabulous Foot File in the world because we are all doing home pedicures, the outstanding Tweezy, because I don’t want to be sprouting dark facial hair and neither do you. And then last week, another triumphant product, Sarah Chapman’s Facialift for upliftment, which of course sold out, so my apologies for creating another wait list.  Perhaps I should invest in a crystal ball.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml; Super Shiner Buffer by Margaret Dabbs £7; Foot File by Alida £11.95; Tweezy Facial Hair Remover £10

This week I want to talk about lips.  Naked lips.  I am going to refer you to an article about lips, written a couple of months ago by Inge basically because she talks about my all-time favourite lip product, iS Clinical’s Youth Lip Elixir.  I think it’s important to bring small pockets of joy and happiness wherever and whenever we can.  So let’s throw the focus on our lips this week so they remain healthy and plump for our re-emergence into the world.  Whenever that will be.  I also adore iS Clinical’s Lip Polish.  So another ritual to observe together.  The Lip Ritual.
Lip Fillers In A Tube? by Ingeborg van Lotringen; Lip Polish by iS Clinical £32 for 15 grams; Youth Lip Elixir by iS Clinical £52 for 3.5 grams (a little goes a long way)

A quick paragraph count (I’m getting paranoid about writing too much) and I’m on track to be able to write about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  This can only be a good thing.  So on this 19th paragraph I will just say that ACV is probably one of the most chronicled natural remedies throughout history.  The health and beauty benefits are numerous and that includes helping acid reflux and helping to support the immune system on the health side.  On the health/beauty crossover, it is often used to help fight acne and when applied topically it can help in eradicating warts.  Shabir has it all covered in his article linked below and recommends his two favourite ACV products, one of which has been the subject of many wait lists over the past few months.  That would be the Apple Cider Gummies, but thankfully we are fully stocked.  For now.
VH Editorial:  The Health & Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider VinegarOrganic Apple Cider Vinegar by Higher Nature £7.50 for 350 ml; Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies by Goli Nutrition £15 for 60 Gummies

A moment of extreme happiness.  Many of you will know that Beat The Blues is the bestselling product from ilapothecary.  Legendary in its own short lifetime, it is actually a room spray, but everybody I know also uses it as a fragrance.  If ever there was a product for these difficult times, Beat The Blues would come high on the list, after supplements of course.  It is blended with powerful essential oils to help elevate emotions and help banish feelings of melancholy.  I always have a bottle on my desk, both in the office and at home because I’m besotted with it.  But that bottle has changed.

I think it must have something to do with packaging issues, but the regular size of Beat The Blues is out of stock, with no known date for its return.  For sure, we have a wait list, but there is a solution and that comes in the shape of the Travel Size Beat The Blues.  As I said last week, forget travelling, none of us are going anywhere, but with love and relief in my heart, this smaller version hits all the right spots and I would far rather have it than not.  Join me as we elevate together.  Always together.
Beat The Blues Room Spray £10 for 15 ml

Is it just me, or has this pandemic radically shortened our attention spans asks Tina Gaudoin.  This week Tina takes a look at this as in the light of the aforementioned, she has developed a range of displacement and time wasting activities, so honed that they would surely qualify as an art form.  As a former contributing editor of Style for the Wall Street Journal Europe, founder and Editor-in-Chief of WSJ, its glossy magazine, Tina has also edited five magazines, including The Times Luxx.  I hope you enjoy the read.
Timewasters Inc by Tina Gaudoin

And as I write this, there is yet another huge drama going on around another product.  I’ll tell you about it next week, should I survive the onslaught.  For some unknown reason, I really dislike alcohol, but if I did, I promise you I would be hitting the Gin bottle and it’s not even 9 am on Thursday morning.  The End.

As ever, and with Shabir, Lara and the entire VH Team, our thoughts are with you during this increasingly difficult time.
Be safe.

With love

Gill x