Weekend Read

Weekend Read

As I write this it is becoming evident that the lockdown will continue for some time yet.  With the days rolling into weeks and the weeks rolling into months, there is a force for the better good bringing us all even closer and so it was last Sunday evening, Easter Sunday.  At 6 pm, live from Duomo di Milano, Andrea Bocelli gave an evocative solo performance representing a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.  It was streamed live on YouTube and it was as if the world stood still for a moment of time.  Music is so often the embodiment of unity and is profoundly healing.  And so are words.

It is in this mode that I write.  As I have said so many times over the years, writing is a huge responsibility and I will take it right to the edge if I have to.  When you make a stand for the truth, there is no fear because nobody can ever argue with the truth.  I wrote something similar last week, but this week we have received numerous emails from several of you who have been frightened by either emails or social media posts, all of which are untrue, but claim to be from authorized sources or from professionals in the medical field.

I cannot begin to understand the psyche of these people who instigate these missives, but it needs to be said again that if scientists have little or no understanding of the Covid-19 virus, then who on earth are these people to say they do.  Who are they to say what we should or shouldn’t eat, who are they to say that a certain medicine or supplement will prevent any of us catching the virus.  Who are they to spread fear.  Who are they indeed.  Low.

And so I will say what I and we believe to be the truth.  It is of utmost importance that we protect and build our immune systems.  None of these supplements will prevent you from catching the virus, but we have to do the very best we can, with the most cutting-edge supplements that we can and this will be ongoing throughout this year.  We may need to jump around a bit because of the inevitable product shortages, but I will continue writing about the status of all things on here.  It’s all I can do under increasingly difficult, and often untenable, circumstances, so please understand and please, please can you also understand that we are doing our very best. Each and every email enquiring about the status of your order prevents us from helping the people who need us the most, such as the most vulnerable.  This unseen part of VH is what drives me.  Please allow us to do our work.  We haven’t forgotten about any of you.  Or the wait lists.

Right, so let’s do it and of course I am going to start with Daily Immunity.  I said last week that all things being equal Daily Immunity would arrive after the Easter break, and so it has.  As I’m writing this, a sector of our team have once again come away from our daily orders to process and send all those on the Daily Immunity wait list.  There are a lot of you, so please bear with as this is going to take several days, but get through it we will.  As things stand, as of this moment, I believe we have enough Daily Immunity to cover all orders, but it’s a close-run thing.  I am therefore going to keep Daily Immunity on its ‘pre-order only’ status for the time being because we have another consignment scheduled towards the end of the month, but of course anything can happen so don’t hold me to that.  Another wait list virtually done and dusted.  The relief is palpable because this is such an important supplement.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules

Tick Tock.  Tick Tock.  News of another huge wait list conquered.  And this time it’s Alive Once Daily Multivitamin Ultra Potency.  Shabir loves this product and I’m blaming him for the wait list because he is constantly recommending it.  He has done that for a long time, but now, more than ever, it is on his crucial list of recommended supplements.  Of course I have a whole list of crucial things, such as The Tweezy, which I wrote about last week, but before I digress, which I easily could, let me tell you that he loves it because it is a whole food energizer featuring 26 fruits and vegetables, green foods, mushrooms, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Delivering essential vitamins and minerals that help support bones, the colon, energy, eyes, heart and immunity, I am flagging up another one of Shabir’s archived articles, basically because it makes my life easier, it is in stock and I’m on a strict self-imposed word count.  For the rest of my VH life it would seem.  A sweepstake on how long that will be.  Perhaps.
VH Editorial:  Are All Multivitamins The Same; Alive Once Daily Multivitamin Ultra Potency £29 for 60 Tablets; The Tweezy Facial Hair Remover £10 (last weekend’s bestselling product – not surprised!)

I now need to bring you up to speed on another big wait list.  This time it’s about Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C and the current status.  As I wrote last week, we were expecting two staggered deliveries, which we received.  My thoughts at that time were that these deliveries would barely make a dent in the wait list and that is exactly what happened.  We processed and sent as many as we could, but unfortunately, once again, we have come to a standstill and there is nothing I can do about it.  So as it is, we sit here waiting for news, but I have none to impart at this juncture.

We will of course keep all those who have ordered on a wait list, but in the meantime we remain fully stocked of Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki and Liposomal Vitamin C by Aurora Nutrascience.  Once again, please don’t shoot the messenger, which would be me and if you would like to switch your order over to either of the afore-mentioned Liposomal C products, then do of course let our customer care team know and this will be done for you.  A final few words.  We have not taken any monies from your account, we never do until your order is processed and sent, which means there are no refunds to give.  This saves us from having a big, fat mess.  There is a God.  The God of Neatness.
Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki £39.99 for 30 x 15 ml Sachets; Liposomal Vitamin C by Aurora Nutrascience £45 for 480 ml

To continue, as most of you know by now, each week I am taking a common health concern offering advice and support at a time when so many essential services are unable to function either at full capacity, or indeed, in several cases, at all.  So today I want to talk about having an overactive bladder, which truly affects so many.  As Shabir writes, losing control of your bladder can be a very embarrassing concern with widespread ramifications.  People who have bladder control problems have trouble stopping the flow or urine, which is classified as urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder.  For others it may just be a case of a constant urge to urinate, which is often termed as a sensitive bladder.  Two supplements of note here, Water-Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract, which has successfully helped so many and a new product, Organic Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract.  The research and development continues unabated.
VH Editorial: Treating An Overactive Bladder; Water-Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract by Life Extension £18 for 60 Capsules; Organic Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract by Viridian £29.50 for 30 Capsules

It is all I can do to help keep us all sane and my sanity comes in the shape of very many different things.  One of those would be High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Capsules because no matter what, my face is not going to slide south, which would make me miserable.  Given that I am vehemently against the knife and needles, I am not looking to be rescued by either when this is all over.  Look, in the scheme of things this may seem a bit shallow, but actually not only does HA help plump up the skin, but it also provides the cushioning between joints and helps dry eye syndrome too.  I have taken it for about 20 years and I’m not giving up any time soon.  Or ever actually.

I think you will have guessed that this is all leading to a treat.  And quite rightly too because I would be bereft if I couldn’t share something each week.  So from this moment, until tomorrow night (Sunday 19 April), if you buy High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, you will also receive the travel size (even though nobody is actually travelling) of HA.  This is worth £17.50 and each pot contains 15 capsules.  This will show up on your order confirmation, but please be patient, we will work as hard as we can to get these out to you.  Let’s help prevent the slide.  Together.
VH Editorial:  Hyaluronic Acid – The Anti-Ageing Nutrient; High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Capsules £35 for 30 Capsules (Including Travel Size HA: 15 Capsules Worth £17.50)

Over the past few weeks I have continually written about the importance of Vitamin D.  In each and every moment new research and studies are being published confirming Vitamin D’s importance in the body’s immune response.  The very latest recommendations are to supplement 20-50UG per day of Vitamin D, which equates to 800iu-2000iu for those vulnerable to respiratory problems. This is the latest information we have and the study was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  It identified a higher rate of change to Vitamin D status within the deficient and insufficient groups, with the greatest change observed in people with the lowest baseline Vitamin D, resulting in a replete status within 21 days of supplementation. Best in class.  DLux 3000.  In stock. And spritz please.  It matters.
VH Editorial: The Benefits of Vitamin D; DLux 3000 by Better You £7.95 for 15 ml

Let’s do a touch of lighter news and some updates on all the latest happenings.  You will have seen above that The Tweezy was the bestselling product on last Saturday’s Weekend Read, but it was a close call because the Foot File was only an inch behind and with thanks to Lisa Armstrong who wrote about at-home pedicures in The Telegraph last weekend, we are all seem to be on THE (that would be all of us) nail and foot care regimens.  Variously and together, this includes the ongoing use of Fulvic Acid Nail Cream, the Super Shiner Buffer (deeply satisfying) and now the Foot File and Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food, which I’m kind of addicted to. The naked stance.  Fingers. And. Toes. Ongoing it would seem.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml; Super Shiner Buffer by Margaret Dabbs £7; Foot File by Alida £11.95; Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food £15.95 for 50 ml

If you don’t mind, I want to talk about skincare, but most particularly lockdown skincare.  Interestingly I am watching a steady growth of all SPF products, which can only mean that most of us were sunbathing in our gardens last weekend.  My favourite SPF, for what it’s worth, is still iS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF 30.  I know it’s quite expensive but I only ever use it on my face and less is actually more.  An indulgence.  Yes maybe, but I have yet to find an SPF that I love more.  And in the midst of all of this, suddenly a product we have stocked forever seems to have gone viral.  I do not have a clue where it has been featured, but Maui Babe is rocking all over the place.  It will rock out of stock soon.  Another headache in a whole long line of them.  More ordered.
Extreme Protect SPF 30 by iS Clinical £64 for 100 grams; Maui Babe Browning Lotion £19.95 for 236 ml

Anyway, anyway, back to the lockdown stuff and it is in these moments that I am so thankful for two wonderful things.  The first would be my LED Face Mask.  I continue to use it most days.  I do double sessions if I’m particularly strung out because it helps take the stress out of me in a rather profound way.  I’d like one to cover my entire body actually, but for that we need to revert to the wonderful Magnesium Oil Original Flakes, which I wrote about last week.  Don’t tell Shabir, but when the going gets tough, I pour the entire 1 kg bag into a single bath.  I mean what’s he going to do.  Sack me.  Actually he can’t. Secondly, a little prayer goes up for Sarah Chapman’s Pro Pore Refiner.  You may remember that I wrote about it incessantly for weeks on end when it launched.  I loved it then.  I love it now.  I will always love it.  Sucking out the grime.  Magnificent.
Boost At-Home LED Treatment Mask by The Light Salon £395; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg; Pro Pore Refiner by Sarah Chapman £128

In further news, C-Deep remains the bestselling Garden of Wisdom Product, but you know that doesn’t surprise me.  What also doesn’t surprise me is that Neurophroline is in second place, but then this is the serum that is clinically proven to help take stress out of our skin, which I would say is an absolute requisite for so many of us.  In third place, 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil.  I think most of you know why.  And suddenly, I feel another treat coming all over me and I’m wondering if I should sedate Shabir so he doesn’t see this.  Buy any two of these products and we (make that I) will include one of my favourite Garden of Wisdom products, Pore Cleaning Powder, which is worth £12.

I think this is one of those iconic products, but never mind what I think, I just need to tell you that it will be automatically included in your order, alongside two of the above-mentioned products and this will not show up on your invoice.  Only one gift per customer, whilst stocks last, which will hopefully be over the entire weekend.  I think I’m running the risk of being ‘over’ too.  Don’t care.
C-Deep Vitamin C Serum £18 for 30 ml; Neurophroline Serum £18 for 30 ml; 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil £20 for 30 ml (Pore Cleaning Powder £12 for 50 grams)

So who is ‘flying point’ this week.  Well it’s Jo Fairley and this is the article where Jo talks about her love of letters.  I think each of us find that the most simplistic things in life are so often the most profound.  Having been the recipient of many of Jo’s postcards and letters over the years, I have kept every single one of them.  They touch me deeply, as I know they would touch so many of you.  And perhaps, one day soon, a collective return to the sacred art of letter writing.  If we let it be.
Love Of Letters by Jo Fairley

I started this bulletin by talking about the importance and responsibility of words.  Words touch us and words are not forgotten.  So with total respect, because I know it is a small minority, please can you refrain from sending abusive emails or abusing members of the VH team on the phone.  I am astounded by the aggression and importance of ‘self’ at a time when it is so important to be positive in our hopes and dreams, not only for ourselves, but for others too.  And if your order takes time to be delivered after it has been processed, it would be because we are in the midst of a global pandemic and our delivery services are desperately struggling, alongside so many other key workers.  I’m sorry, but I had no choice other than to speak my truth, which aligns with the vast majority of yours.  That much I know.  I have always known.

Continuously in my thoughts, please stay safe and be well.

With love

Gill x