Weekend Read 15 August 2020

Weekend Read 15 August 2020

Hello Saturday and hello to each of you.  This week I find myself between a rock and a hard place.  In these strangest of times we ride the waves as best we can and we try to keep it as real as we can, although heaven knows it’s good to dream.  And as I dream, a dilemma.  To do, or not to do, that is the question.  And I’ve chosen to do.  Let me explain.

It’s a fine line. Do I risk creating another monumental wait list or do I share whilst I can and face the wrath if we go out of stock sooner rather than later.  I share.  And the sharing is all about Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength.  As most of you know HA came back into stock a couple of weeks ago and we had to clear the wait list before I could do this.  But I’m ready now.  And being what it is, this is a Saturday only offer and will end at midnight BST tonight (Saturday 15 August) or whilst stock lasts.

I honestly don’t think I need to write much about HA because I did that a couple of weeks ago.  So in the never-ending race to become our bestselling supplement, I have a feeling HA may well topple Ionicell off the top of the list after this announcement.  And the announcement is that I have created the Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength Twin Pack.   So instead of Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength being £35 for 30 Capsules, it now becomes £50 for the Twin Pack, which means you save £20 by clicking on the link below.  God save my face.  And yours.

But there is more.  And Shabir is going to freak when he reads this.  Don’t care.  You know how we are all having a bit of a love-surge with all the new products from Derma E, most especially the Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches.  Well I’ve got another one for you.  And I’ve chosen this because it sits in line with HA Capsules. 

It’s called Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Overnight Facial. It is enriched with HA and pH balancing Alkaline Water.  It will deliver an overnight dose of intense moisture and it’s a pretty perfect solution for those who wake up with dull puffy skin.  Down with the puff and for today only, ending at midnight, or whilst stock lasts, and in line with all the above, I am also reducing the price of Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Overnight from £15 to £12.  I think it’s pretty cool to be able to try new products.  I guess Shabir would think it would be pretty cool to get a new partner.  That’s all.
Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength Twin Pack £50 (60 Capsules); (Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules); Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Overnight Facial £12 for 56 grams (reverts to £15 Sunday 16 August); Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches £20 for 60 Gel Patches;

Rejoice.  The end of another wait list because Superior Joints is now back in stock.  You know there was a time when ‘wait lists’ were ‘manufactured’ by brands to create a buzz around a certain product.  Actually it still happens.  Weirdly, or otherwise, I consider myself to be a consumer more than doing what I do, and if I can see straight the way through the hype, I’m sure you can too.  Do ‘they’ think we’re idiots.  Anyway, with my slight podium (aka rant) moment over, let’s get back to Superior Joints.  And show a bit of love (not too much please) for Shabir because he formulated this rather immaculate formulation. 

He also wrote the article, linked below, and seriously it really is all about Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) and its extraordinary ability to help relieve the pain of arthritis, knee pain, joint pain and backaches.  Superior Joints also contains turmeric, ginger and hyaluronic acid.  And if ever there was a marriage made in heaven, may I recommend that you use Superior Joints in conjunction with the Healing Patches.  They have sold out three times now.  But they are now back in stock and they also happen to be all over Grazia.  Together with that man Ross.  Front cover.  Fame.  His.  Not mine.
Superior Joints £30 for 60 Capsules; Healing Patches by Ross J. Barr £15 for Five Patches; Read This If You Are Taking Glucosamine And Suffer From Painful Joints

If you are of a sensitive disposition, may I suggest you skip to the next section because I am about to write about vibrators.  This is of course nothing new from us.  I think it must be about fifteen years ago when Sarah Stacey, in her then role as Health Editor of the Mail on Sunday YOU magazine, wrote about vibrators on her page.  Trust me, these weren’t any old vibrators, they were heated (just don’t) and they flew (or vibrated) out the door in their droves.  But that was then, and this is now.   And before anybody asks me, the days of those heated vibrators are long gone.

So if I may revert to Grazia once more, it was reported there that in a Vogue tutorial, the singer-songwriter Toni Braxton relies on a certain tool for her face.  That tool is a vibrator.  She calls it her face tingler as she claims it tingles the muscles in her face to get them activated and working.  And her top tip is to pop it into the freezer to keep it cold for an extra skin boost.  And does it work.  Of course it does.  Having launched Smile Makers several years ago, I hereby announce that these vibrators perform perfectly for the occasion.  I’ll leave it there, but of the four vibrators available, I recommend either The Millionaire or perhaps The Tennis Coach to help hollow out the cheek bones.  On full speed.  If you can take it.  I can.
The Millionaire by Smile Makers £39.95; The Tennis Coach by Smile Makers £39.95; The Fireman by Smile Makers £39.95; The Frenchman by Smile Makers £39.95

Moving on and I am now writing retrospectively as I wish to announce a meltdown of a severe magnitude which happened about ten days ago.  More than a meltdown actually.  And Sarah Jossel is to blame.  Mrs White’s Unstung Hero is a legend in its own lifetime.  This mosquito and insect repellent spray has a divine fragrance too.  And literally within three minutes of Sarah talking about it on This Morning, our website crashed.  Literally it died in front of our very eyes because of the sheer volume of people trying to order at the same time.  The power.

We had a pretty high volume of stock, but obviously not enough and as we attempt to conquer all-known wait lists, another one begins.  This product is made in France and as many of you know, most of France closes for the month of August.  And of course it’s August.  As I write this, we are being told that it will be back in stock around mid-September, all things being equal.  I have written to everybody on the wait list letting them know and if a miracle happens and it arrives sooner, we will let you know that too. 

My love and thanks to Sarah, not only for Unstung Hero and my almost, but not quite, heart attack, but for also recognising the brilliance of Annee de Mamiel’s Altitude Oil on This Morning and for her amazing words about GoW’s Vitamin C in The Sunday Times.  It’s In The Press.  As they say.  Linked below.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent £20 for 250 ml (Wait List); Altitude Oil by Annee de Mamiel £30 for 10 ml; Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid by GoW for VH £10 for 30 ml; In the Press 

A new product to tell you about.  It’s called Kids Good Stuff and it is a rather fabulous way to help your children get all the nutrients they need to keep them happy and healthy from the inside out.  Made from real fruit and vegetables, with protein, calcium, probiotics and more, it is the all-in-one nutritional support that growing bodies need.  And, there is zero bad stuff.  The full lowdown is on the product page, but Shabir thinks this is great for children aged four and upwards.  Supporting children’s immunity also, it is available in three different flavours, Vanilla Caramel, Wild Strawberry and Rich Chocolate.  I’d want Chocolate if I was four years old.  How life changes.  All I got at that age was Eden Vale’s Choc Top Yogurt, which was considered ‘healthy’.  It wasn’t.
Kids Good Stuff Vanilla Caramel by Nuzest £29.99 for 225 grams; Kids Good Stuff Wild Strawberry £29.99 for 225 grams; Kids Good Stuff Rich Chocolate £29.99 for 225 grams 

Let’s do a treat.  And it comes in the shape of Ameliorate’s Transforming Body Lotion (30 ml).  I really have no idea how long this offer will last, but because there is only one gift per customer, it stands quite a good chance of lasting over the weekend.  It’s all pretty straightforward.  If you buy any Ameliorate product(s) for £15 and above, you will automatically receive the Transforming Body Lotion (30 ml). This will not show up on your order confirmation or invoice, but it will be there nestling somewhere in your order.  Nothing to add except to say that this is Ameliorate’s bestselling product.  It has always been that way.

I have a statement to make.  So let me tell you this.  If you are with me, and most of you are, then you will also be experiencing the skin benefits of dermaplaning.  And now I have something to add.  I spritz my skin with Fulvic Acid Mist immediately after dermaplaning because it helps hydrate and protect skin, which is a rather good thing to do.  In fact it is a brilliant thing to do.  And it’s loaded with peptides too.

In all other circumstances, I have sprayed Fulvic on my skin for many years, generally after cleansing, but it has become somewhat of a hero for another reason recently.  This heat.  If I am going to spray anything onto my skin then let it be Fulvic.  I now keep mine in the fridge and it has elevated itself to my all and everything.  I spritz morning, noon and night.  And anytime in-between.  Because it is a very fine mist, one bottle lasts forever.  Which is just as well because I’m up to at least six spritz moments a day.  Be gone my thirsty, hot skin.  Singing.  Feel The Need.  In Me.
Brow Shaper/Dermaplaner £8.99; Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml 

Can we talk about cold sores please.  Most especially summer cold sores, which are rather prevalent and annoying.  Cold sores are a condition caused by the infection of the herpes simplex virus.  Most of us have this virus in our bodies and it normally remains dormant where it resides in the sensory nerve cells near the site of the infection.  Until it doesn’t.  The best way to help prevent and treat a cold sore is to take L-Lysine. 

Numerous studies indicate that Lysine supplementation can help to speed the recovery from cold sores and also help prevent them recurring.  Lysine itself has anti-viral properties, but it plays an additional role by blocking the uptake of arginine, an amino acid that is known to promote viral growth.  We also recommend Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm, a rich lip moisturiser that helps hydrate, soothe and protects lips.  Actually, you don’t need to have a cold sore to use this lip balm.  Its won awards.  Beauty Bible awards actually.  Not paid for.
L-Lysine by Lamberts £10.95 for 120 Tablets; Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm SPF20 £13 for 10 ml

A call-out for blondes.  I am receiving some rather sensational feedback about It’s A Ten Miracle Clay Mask For Blondes.  But not only the mask, the Miracle Brightening Shampoo For Blondes and the Miracle Leave-In For Blondes.  I am being told that it’s like getting a new head of hair.   Well. I’m certainly up for that.  Except I’m not blonde.  So I’m with the Miracle Hair Mask, which is giving the same brilliant results for those of us who are not blonde.  And yes, we are still sending out a free Miracle Leave-In Spray, which is worth £11, with every order placed for It’s A Ten.  On a mission.
It’s A Ten

A nail update.  It had to happen.  As so many of you know, I started writing about my nails right at the beginning of the pandemic.  In an attempt to lighten things up, when all around seemed so dreadfully dark, I gave you a week by week report on the state of my nails and most of you joined me as we massaged Fulvic Acid Nail Cream onto and into our naked nails and cuticles. 

Mine were wrecked.  Having had silk wraps for almost an entire lifetime, there was little hope.  Until there was.  Week by week my nails recovered and after several weeks I announced that my naked nails had been reincarnated to a state I just didn’t believe was possible.  My nails are now healthy and strong and they no longer split, which is somewhat of a miracle.  But there is more. 

However taken I was with naked nails, and let me tell you I was, I decided to have them painted red.  My default colour.  I had that manicure four weeks ago.  The polish has not moved, has not chipped and the one and only reason I am about to have another manicure is because my nails now grow really fast, so I have got slightly more than a half-moon look at the base of them.  I don’t know myself.  Even when they were wrapped (never, ever again), they often didn’t last more than a week and sometimes less.  Do you think I will ever stop using Fulvic Acid Nail Cream.  A categoric no.  From me.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml 

And so it’s the Saturday only treat.  With every order placed today (Saturday 15 August) for £25 and over (excluding p&p), we will automatically send you a bottle of MediPlus Hand Sanitiser (100 ml), whilst stock lasts.  It contains 70% alcohol, but it also incorporates glycerine, which helps to prevent dry hands.  Once again this will not show up on your order confirmation or invoice.  No need to fret.

Finally, as many will have read last week, I shared an article written by Nigella.  I did this because it resonated strongly with me and with so many of you, so I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your own beautiful words with us.  But that’s not the reason I am mentioning it again.  The reason is because I am an idiot.  I don’t know whether the heat got to my head or my excitement about Nigella’s new book, Cook, Eat, Repeat, got to me as I was writing about it.  Whatever. 

The realisation came to me after I received several emails asking if we were going to list Nigella’s book.  Actually we are not.  It is listed on Amazon and you can pre-order now.  The link is below.  I’m rather looking forward to her Brown Butter Colcannon and Rice Pudding Cake, in no particular order. 

And the other thing is of course that Nigella is one of us.  So do you think that together we can send her to the top of the bestseller list.  Shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  And just so you know, she doesn’t know I’ve written this.  Morning Nigella.  A love letter.  Reciprocated.
Cook, Eat, Repeat: Ingredients, recipes and stories by Nigella Lawson

I think I’ve gone over my self-imposed paragraph limit. Shoot me for not knowing when to stop.
All that remains is for me to wish each of you a restful weekend.
Be safe.  As ever.

My love

Gill x


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