Weekend Read 11 April 2020

Weekend Read 11 April 2020

In the words of the late great Bill Withers, ‘we all need somebody to lean on’ and it is in this mode that I need to tell you that the short article, The Goose Formation, which I shared with you last weekend, has now gone viral.  Not a lot could actually make me happier because both the lyrics of ‘Lean On Me’ and the fundamental truth of that article serve to exemplify that we are all in this together.  The truth is raw, truth often is, but there is also one more thing about the truth, it is often simplistic and always profound.  It is in this space that I write this bulletin, with my thanks, as ever, to each of you who have written to me, sharing your thoughts about life; we have a lot to share and a lot to give.

So let’s do this and the first thing I need to do is to bring you up to date on the things I know, which unfortunately isn’t that much.  As I was writing the last Weekend Read, I think I was writing from a different planet.  On that planet I totally forgot that this weekend was Easter and I didn’t realise until it was too late to amend anything.  The knock-on effect is of course that I now don’t expect Daily Immunity to arrive until after the Easter break, but it remains, as things stand, that we will still have enough for each of you, although obviously, in every moment, the wait list increases.  Please don’t shoot the messenger, which would be me, because I’m rather taken by writing weekly and actually I’d quite like to continue this new way of being.
Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules

And as I continue, I also need to say that there is a time lag between me writing this and its actual publication each Saturday morning.  Given that the lag is approximately two to three days, that can actually be a veritable lifetime in terms of news and updates.  Happily there are instances where this works out well.  An example of this would be that we were fully stocked with Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki last Saturday.  Despite me writing that it was on pre-order only, it actually wasn’t by that time.  But that’s a good thing and because we are currently recommending Liposomal versions of Vitamin C, I can further tell you that we remain fully stocked of both this and the economy size of Liposomal Vitamin C by Aurora Nutrascience. For the most part, this helps address the Vitamin C shortage.  At the moment anyway.  It’s all about the moment.
Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki £39.99 for 30 x 15 ml Sachets; Liposomal Vitamin C by Aurora Nutrascience £45 for 480 ml

On from that, we list a myriad of Vitamin C products, we always have done, so please allow me to give you an update on Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C because the wait list is making my mind boggle.  I think two deliveries are imminent, but, and this is a big but, indications are that we will not receive anywhere near the volume we actually need.  Like so many other things, this leaves us in limbo and my early suspicions are that so many of you are going to be disappointed.  I have no control over this whatsoever, other than to tell it as it is.

So this is what will happen.  As soon as we receive our two staggered deliveries of Altrient Vitamin C, we will fulfill, in date and time order, as many orders as we can.  It is only at that point that I will know where we stand and be in a position to advise further. Standby.

Generically, I want to say a few more things about your orders, if I may.  The volume of orders we are currently receiving remains extraordinarily high.  It is worth repeating here that under normal circumstances, we process and send all orders within 24 to 48 hours, but we are really up against it.  It would be a dream scenario if we were able to continue working the way we have always worked, but that is impossible, as virtually everything is right now.  The fundamental principle of processing orders as we receive them is far removed from how we are able to work at the moment.  With huge delays across our deliveries, wait lists build up.  As deliveries are received, a section of our team come away from our daily orders in order to process and send out the products that were on wait lists.  We can work in no other way because we need to clear as many wait lists as we can, as quickly as we can.

That said, we are currently about seven days behind on general orders, but in each moment we are gaining momentum.  What I will also say here is that we are noticing that although we send all orders by Royal Mail First Class post, international orders included, it can take several days (and sometimes far longer) to actually reach you, although you will have received a dispatch notification from us sometime prior to actual receipt.

As I have said before, I have the utmost respect for Royal Mail and all other delivery services who are working day and night with drastically reduced work forces running alongside other severe  obstacles.  This Easter break will further compound these issues.  That much I know.  Time is a very precious commodity.  Please allow each of us that. In every sense.

Onwards, and as promised, I continue to offer practical solutions to some common health concerns we may be facing over the coming weeks, so let’s talk about ear issues first, namely ear infections and earache. Plantago Tincture is a traditional herbal remedy which, alongside the treatment of sinus congestion and catarrh, is also recommended for ear infections. Plantago is one of the few herbs that is able to penetrate the middle and inner ear canal. Its natural antibacterial properties helps to counter all infections and it may also help to alleviate the suffering of tinnitus.  Plantago is one of those all-singing-all-dancing products because it is also useful in the treatment of post-nasal drop.  Another one for the ever-expanding medicine cabinet and three of Shabir’s articles can be found on the product page. Got to love archived articles.  They are coming into their own.
Plantago Tincture by A Vogel £10.50 for 50 ml

Secondly, I think it may help if we take a look at urinary tract infections, which are often incredibly painful.  The single most common complaint is an intense burning sensation when trying to urinate.  Over the years the most common and popular self-treatment has been the use of cranberry juice.  Shabir believes there is a problem with cranberry juices, not least because of their high sugar content.  Please read on.

For brevity, I will allow Shabir’s article, linked below, to talk about UTI’s in full detail, but I will tell you that for the longest time, we have been recommending Cysticlean, which has been the subject of several scientific studies and clinicals.  Helping to prevent cystitis and recurrent urinary tract issues, Cysticlean is loaded with Proanthocyanidins (PACs), the clinically proven ingredient which works hard to dislodge bacteria that adhere to the bladder wall. Cysticlean is also beneficial for prostatitis, which is inflammation associated with bacteria in the prostate gland.  It also happens to have the highest levels of actives currently available in the UK.  In each health category, certain products shine.  This is best in class and beaming.
VH Editorial:  Is Drinking Cranberry Juice A Myth; Cysticlean 240mg PAC £24.99 for 30 capsules; Cysticlean 240mg PAC £39.99 for 60 Capsules

It’s light relief time and If you don’t mind, I want to shift away from supplements for a few paragraphs, and tell you that quite some years ago several of us (girls) made a pact. Swearing allegiance, we promised that if ever we were to see a dark sprouting facial hair (let alone a crop), we would tell that person.  This is where I am so thankful for some of the products we list, and although we launched The Tweezy many years ago, suddenly it’s a hero product again.

The Tweezy is a facial hair removal device, which is really effective.  With results lasting up to six weeks, it is incredibly easy to use and on from that I think it’s really therapeutic (yes I’m weird!). So in the absence of salon laser treatments, threading and wax pots, let’s collectively isolate and do this together.  I do not want to be THE sprouting one.  Small pleasures.  Much needed.
Tweezy – Facial Hair Removal £10

For those who have been following the life and times of VH for several years, you may remember that I did a ritualistic dance of happiness when I discovered The Rainbow Volume S Brush in Hong Kong.  For those who weren’t with us at that time, I need to tell you that this gem of a product jumped in front of me (well not literally) because it looked totally ridiculous and I’m drawn to ridiculous things.  And then I used it.  It was in that moment, that I came over all Dusty Springfield with beehive hair and nothing was ever the same again.

Back then, I don’t think there was a newspaper or magazine that didn’t feature it. We all loved it and were truly thankful for the mirror on the back of the brush.  The copies of the brush came and went, but this remains the original and because we need to spread all the joy and happiness that we can, here comes a treat.

I’m sharing my ongoing love for the Rainbow Volume S Brush with my love of all things Fulvic, in this case the Fulvic Acid Shampoo and the Fulvic Acid Conditioner.  Together with so many of you, I am besotted with Fulvic Acid Shampoo because in its creation, we (er, Shabir) put the health and wellbeing of your scalp and your hair above all else.  And it works. The Fulvic Acid Conditioner magnificently doubles up as a hair mask if you leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes.  Or longer.

So keeping it simple, if you buy either the Fulvic Acid Shampoo or the Fulvic Acid Conditioner, we will automatically throw in The Rainbow Volume S Brush, worth £12, as a gift.  This will not appear on your invoice, but will automatically be included in your order.  There is only one gift per customer, I don’t know how long this offer will last, but then I really don’t know much about anything right now.  Brain-drain. Circumstantial.
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Conditioner £25 for 240 ml; Rainbow Volume S Brush £12

I now want to return to the subject of stress.  I know I have covered it over the past few weeks, but I want to reiterate the vital importance of keeping stress levels down, however difficult and impossible that may seem to some of you.  Stress, as so many of you know, lowers our immunity and an excellent way of helping to address stress is by the use of topical magnesium.

A magnesium-rich body will be more resilient, more flexible, more relaxed and better able to deal with the physical and emotional stresses of the now.  It is also the only mineral consistently reported by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey to help address the gross magnesium deficiency which is prevalent not only in teenagers and the elderly, but with each of us.  It is the third most abundant mineral within our body (after calcium and chloride) and underpins our very existence, yet it is poorly represented within a modern Western diet and is consistently overlooked as a crucial pathway to our health and wellbeing.

The upshot.  During these stressful, emotional and restricted times, my recommendation is to take regular magnesium-rich baths using magnesium chloride.  No other compound has been shown to elevate cellular magnesium levels transdermally with such success.  So a bathing ritual for each of you; drop a generous handful of Magnesium Oil Original Flakes into a bath, climb in and stay there for at least 20 minutes.  After bathing, massage the stress away with Magnesium Skin Body Lotion and then help yourself sleep by spritzing your body with Magnesium Oil GoodNight Spray.  Let’s bathe then.  In a collective kind of way.
Magnesium Oil Original Flakes £9.95 for 1 kg; Magnesium Skin Body Lotion £9.95 for 180 ml; Magnesium Oil GoodNight Spray £12.20 for 100 ml

Before we end, week three of my naked nail saga and they are looking good, although the red polish on my toenails is growing out.  They are going to get THE treatment, aka Fulvic Acid Nail Cream and the Super Shiner Buffer, which, incidentally was one of the most-wanted products last week.  An addition though, the most fabulous foot file ever invented, in my humble opinion, and yes, it’s called the Foot File.  Pretty in pink. That’s the weekend sorted.
Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £10 for 30 ml; Super Shiner Buffer by Margaret Dabbs £7; Foot File by Alida £11.95

I am going to abdicate this final sector to Tina Gaudoin who writes about working from home, with a man in the house.  I don’t think I want to add my own comments, Tina has it covered, but there is one thing.  Can anybody explain to me why men feel the need to open the fridge every other minute of the day.

My son (yes, that would be you Nicholas) would win an award for this.  It is the first thing he does when he walks in and goes on repeat pattern every three minutes.  In the end I scream.  I mean do you actually think anything has changed in my fridge since your previous visit.  Has the food angel delivered more food.  No.  And then the final straw, he decides to eat what I had set aside for dinner that night.  Anyway, I give you my gorgeous friend Tina, lest I carry on.  Which I easily could.
Working From Home by Tina Gaudoin

Wishing each of you a restful and peaceful weekend.
Be safe.  Be well.

Gill x


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